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           Dear Partners in Ministry                                                              October 30, 2017

I returned Monday night from a ministry triip to Cuba.  It was an astonishing time of ministry in the midst of shortages and apprehension.

Vignette #1

It was a trip that abounded in miracles.  The first one took place when I went through customs without having 30 study manuals and 30 pounds of meds confiscated.

A week prior to my arrival I emailed to a pastor friend 35 written chapters of a study manual (one chapter at a time), each depicting a miracle of Christ.  Edel Gonzalez of Playa Larga, Cuba, had to go to a specific place in the central plaza searching for a Wi Fi signal in order to download this material to his cell phone.  He would then rush home and print out, in color, each chapter to form the 90 page manual.  Since paper and print toner were not available anywhere close by, Edel had to travel 15 miles to finally find a souce.

Sixty study manuals were printed in order that believers who came from the surrounding area could follow the power point presentations, all of this under a tin roof in sweltering head.  It was a festival of spiritual enjoyment!

Vignette #2

My host happily announced, "I have found eggs for your breakfast!!!'  I was informed that eggs were rationed to 5 per person per month. Anyone caught with a dozen eggs was heavily fined and/or faced a prison sentence.

Aggravated by Hurricane Irma's destruction of basic crops, Cubans scramble daily to meet their families' quota for food.

"My wife has to enter the hospital soon; bring a bed sheet and towel with you for her," requested a pastor friend. I was informed that hospitals, for most of the population, only provide a a mattress.  Each family must provide for their sick one: a bucket for bathing, food, bed sheets, towels, soap, a mop to clean up after the last patient and, above all, the meds that evidentially would be needed.

Vignette #3

 Since the 1959 Revolution, the Communist government has placed numerous restrictions on religious expression. Even so, the Cuban church is thriving despite its limitations.

"Here the church is alive, growing, faithful, and active, persevering through difficulty." asserts a prominent evangelical leader.  "We are working inside Cuba now, and someday we will join everyone else in the missionary activity of the world.  Our church has a robust view of its role as a cross-cultural, missionary-sending church."

An intricate wood carving on a seminary chapel wall captures this global perspective.  The carving shows Cuba with arrows flying out from the island and planting a Christian cross on every continent--including Antarctica.

I am humbled and so grateful for the prayer and financial support that I received to make my days in Cuba a possibility.

On behalf of all those who received biblical teaching during those days, Thank You!  Pray that the seed planted will bring forth spiritual profit to many.

In His grip,


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                                    Cubans at Worship

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"Ever Onward to Victory"         

Once a popular refrain of Cuba's revolution, these words now capture something else:  the single-minded enthusiasm of Cuban believers to win their nation for Christ.

For over 15 years I have had the privilege to equip local churches and pastors in Cuba with resources to help them mature in the faith and learn how to reach their communities for Christ.

October 6-16 will give me another opportunity.  The ticket has been purchased and the 3-month wait for the religious visa is over!

As usual, ministry in this Island always presents a challenge.

This time the challenge has come in the form of the Category 5 Hurricane called Irma. On Friday, September 8, Irma made landfall in Cuba overnight, blasting into seaside towns and causing massive flooding in low-lying areas of the capital, Havana.  Winds of 125mph whipped roofs, cleaned off buildings, ripped trees from the ground, and forced evaculations along the coast.

Most people in the coastal area live in one-story homes, putting them at great risk as floodwaters rose to roof levels in some places  Residents were overwhelmed by the damage and said "recovery will take time!"  Many had left town before the storm hit and all foreigners were urged to evacuate.

In spite of the vast disruption of normal life, local leadership has encouraged me to not cancel my teaching.

Pray for me as I prepare Bible messages and music.  Thank you for joining with me in this great adventure to see God work in needy lives.

Your friend and brother,


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                   Cubans wading down a main street in Havana

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        Dear Partners in Ministry                                                                August 31, 2017

Our delight over the years has been to disciple our students.  This year at the Seminary the Lord placed several into our lives.  We want you to meet a special couple who have won our hearts...

Angel and Nelly Valeriano are from Sucre, Bolivia.  (Picture attached).  Ten years ago, Angel, became a believer during a Bible conference in his church.  Soon the Lord gave him a profound desire to prepare himself for ministry.  He began his studies in a smeinary in Bolivia.

During his first year of study, he met a delightful young lady named Nelly.  Within the year they were married and then accepted a pastorate.  The pay barely covered their necessities ($217 monthly).

After several months of marriage the Lord led them to travel to Guatemala and to become students in our seminary.  This was a huge step for them as family and church ties run deeply.  However, with the blessings of friends, family, and the financial provision of the Lord, they finally made it to Guatemala.

The cultural adaption of life in Guatemala has been extremely difficult and in the midst of all this change in thier lives, Nelly discovered that she was pregnant.

I met Angel and Nelly in my English class and discovered that this talented and dedicated couple was in financial straits.  It has been our priilege to include them in our support list.

Pray for Angel and Nelly!

The ticket is purchased for my next trip to Cuba, October 7-17.  Pray that the Religious Visa will be extended and arrive on time.

Your missionary friends in Guatemala,

Bob, for Ann also

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                        Angel and Nelly Valeriano
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           Dear Partners in Ministry                                                              August 1, 2017

They came; they experienced; and they were conquered!

Recently, 11 members of Peaceful Valley Church from Elk,  Washington, came to us for our Missions Exposure Adventure.  (Photos Attached)

As we travelled throughout Guatemala, we heard the missionary challenge from seasoned missionaries and veteran Guatemalan leaders.  The Lord slowly began a profound work in the hearts of each of the MEA participants.

A highlight was in Santiago, Atitlan, when we were exposed to the translation from the original languages to Tz?utujil.  All the translators were Mayan young people who had been trained by Wycliffe missionaries.  We were informed that they needed to upgrade their software in order to complete the Bible translation.  The upgrade would necessitate 21 new laptops at $1,100 each!

Another unforgettable event was when the team joined 15 young people from our congregation for evangelism in Guatemala City's main plaza.
They used tracts and Evangel Cubes to reach many.

Pray with us that God's perfect will be accomplished in each team member.

After a number of years in preparation, Ann's dissertation has been turned over for review!  We all shouted Hooray!!!!!

Our daughter Teresa's health has returned to normal!  PTL!

As in the past 49 years of ministry in Central America, we thank you for your faithful prayers and involvement in our lives.

In His Grip,

Bob, for Ann also

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                    Peaceful Valley Church Members
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 Dear Partners in Ministry,  June 14, 2017  

The daily headlines say it all.  Venezuela is a failed state.

The legacy of this country's  experement with socialism is quite evident: daily riots and protests have resulted in at least 40 deaths in recent weeks at the hands of government security forces.  There are constant shortages of basic foods and medicines.  Newborn babies are placed in dresser drawers because hospitals have no beds.  Zoo animals are hunted down and butchered for food by the ravenous population. Inflation is estimated at 400 to 800 percent, which has put Venezuela's currency, the Bolivar, into a death spiral.

Falling oil prices have hit Venezuela hard.  Earlier this month, Columbia opened it's border with Venezuela for a span of 12 hours.  An estimated 35,000 Venezuelans swarmed over the border desperate for food and medical supplies, and thousands more have crossed illegally.

In the midst of this despair there is Good News!  The Venezuelan evangelical church is more vibrant than ever!  Six weeks ago a Venezuelan young person enrolled in our seminary in preparation for ministry.  She barely made out of Venezuela when the government decided to close all possibilities for its citizens to leave the contry.

Her name is Sara Garcia (26 years old; picture attached).  She ia from a godly pastor's home.  After obtaining a law degree, Sara realized that her heart was in ministry. She is aiming for a master's degree in counseling.  She is extremely intelligent and has a profound desire to seek a goodly life based on God's Word.  She is taking courses with Ann and is in my English class.  With the Lord's  help,  we have assumed all expences  for her years of study.  PRAY FOR HER!

If you would like to share in assisting her financially by sending a one-time gift or monthly donation, send it to: Camino Global, 8625 La Prada Dr., Dallas,  TX 75228.   Tag your gift: Project 060905 SETECA Sara Garcia

Or, to give via electronic funds transfer, go to: EFT
Always include Project 060905 SETECA Sara Garcia

Can anything good come out of Venezuela?  YES!  The Lord is working through His servants like Sara Garcia!

In His Grip,

Bob, for Ann also

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                                               Sara Garcia
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 Dear Partners in Ministry,   May 25, 2017  

After a brief illness on Sunday, May 21st at 12:00 noon, my mother, Mariana Henriques, age 90, made the angels rejoice as she sliipped into Heaven.

The week before we celebrated Mother's Day with a heart-shaped cake and presents.  She loved the cards that she received.  She almost made it to age 91 (June 2).

For 8 years she lived on our property in Guatemala under our watch care and the loving care of two ladies whose job 24/7 was to cook for her, do her laundry, and provide entertainment.  Above all, they would sing and pray with mother.

Eight years ago, when my father and mother-in-law started showing symptoms of Alzheimer's, Ann and I made the decision to take care of our parents here in Guatemala until they went to Heaven.  Someone once said that the care of elderly parents is one of the last great trials and privileges of life.

When Jesus hung on the cross, he looked at John, his beloved disciple, and asked him to look after his mother. The example of Jesus has been a motivating factor in our lives ever since.

We decided to take care of our parents here in Guatemala.  My father passed away in 2010, then Ann's mother in 2012, and now with my mother, all three are enjoying the presence of the Lord.

This coming Saturday, a memorial service willl be held in our house; all of the folks in Guatemala who knew mother and loved her will be present. 
                                                            Death is God carrying us
                                                     In one of His Arms
                                               While the other flings aside
                                                         Heaven's Door  
                                                    To welcome us to the
                                                   Blazing hearth of home
                                                       While those inside,
                                               Having arrived long before us,
                                                         Rush to the door
                                                  Like glad children, shouting
                                                           "She's Here!!!!" 

                                                Death has a bad name on earth
                                                        But in Heaven it's a
                                                     HOME COMING PARTY,
                                                   Every time the door opens.

Pray that we will adjust to this new reality in life.

May the Lord always find us faithful,
Your friends and family forever,

Bob and Ann 


                         Mariana Henriques  -  With her Lord at age 90
 Dear Partners in Ministry,   May 9, 2017  

Yesterday, Teresa was admitted to the hospital Emergency Room.  Evidently her body is rejecting the steel mesh used in her hernia surgery.  We covet  your prayers for her, her husband John, and son Cade.

Ann is on the homestretch with her dissertation for the Ph.D. in the Theology of Christian Education. Pray for wisdom and for the academic advisors who guide her writing.  The target date for graduation is Oct. 28, 2017.

One of my responsibilities is to provide pastoral counseling for the directors and staff of AMG -- a mission whose charter is to Advance the Ministry of the Gospel in Guatemala through ministries with over 8,000 children and their families, including child sponsorship programs.

Every Monday I meet with 13 directors of AMG.  The theme of study is the "Miracles of Jesus."  We are presently studying #16 of the 34 that are registered in the Gospels.  Along with the secretarial and accounting staff, we are meditating on a Panorama of the Bible, from Genesis to the Revelation.  Pray for renewed commitment.

Thank you for praying. 
Bob, for Ann also
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                                                                                AMG Secretarial & Accounting staff                                                                           

 Dear Partners in Ministry,   April 9, 2017  

It was a daunting assignment to teach adult students in ten 2.5 hour sessions over a period of 3 months. The challenge was to capture the essence of the 42 chapters of Job and to probe the mysteries of Why Good People Suffer? 

The first assignment that I required was a paper on "The most severe time of suffering that the student had experienced." As I read the details of their expressions of severe periods of suffering, I was amazed at the extremely tough times represented in each life.

The late Dr. John Walvoord brought together four scriptural reasons why Christians suffer:

    *Because we have not dealt with sin in our lives,
        2 Col 11:31-32

    *Because God wants us to gain spiritual experience,
        Rom 5:3-5

    *Because God wants to prevent sin in our lives,
        2 Col 12:7-9

    *To increase our efective Christian testimony,
        Phil 1:12-14

As we struggled through 39 chapters of Hebrew poetry in order to understand the discourse between Job and his 4 friends, we also discovered important counseling principles.  How can we provide good counsel and at the same time avoid the pitfalls of appalling counsel sometimes given by well-meaning friends?

Below Bob & Ann's photo is a shot of the 17 students who journeyed with me through the book of Job.  Take a moment to pray for them!

Our daughter, Teresa, is gradually recuperating from her surgery.  Thank you for praying.

Ann and I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the Gospel from the first day until now.  (Phil 1:5)

In His Grip,

Bob, for Ann also

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       Class-Theology of Suffering

 Dear Partners in Ministry,  Feb 15, 2017  

Several days ago one of the Seminary's outstanding Peruvian alumnus was killed in a road-rage crossfire.  He was on his bike going to a Bible study for youth.  Benjamin Shapiama is survied by his wife Damaris, who is his classmate.  She is ten weeks pregnant and has a four-year-old son.

Benjamin had graduated with a master's degree in cross-cultural missions. 

Questions abound! 

Who will take their place as missionaries to the young people in Zacapa, Guatemala, where the laws of drug lords and the revolver still rule? 

Why was this young man taken in the prime of his life?

Truly the Lord's ways can be inscrutable and yet, without error.   Pray for his pregnant wife and child

This death coincides with my class on the "Theology of Suffering" as expressed by the book of Job.

Why do "bad things happen to God's children?"

Pray for me as I endeaver to present an accurate exposition of this tough book to the 17 students in my theology class.

Our daughter, Teresa, is back home again after a second surgery since her hysterectomy.  A drainage pump was inserted to help with the liquid build-up from her incision.  Her husband, John, has been a tremendous help throughout Teresa's 10-year battle with one sickness after another.  Her pain level is gradually decreasing. 

What a significant answer to the prayers of many! 
Once again, you have strengthened us with your intercession! 

Thank you!

Bob, for Ann also

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 Dear Partners in Ministry,  Feb 15, 2017  

I would like for you to meet Pastor Edel Gonzalez, his wife Anadel, two daughters, and a son-in-law (picture attached).

For 20 years this family has ministered in the tourist town of Playa Larga, Cuba.  This city is located on one of the two beaches invaded by US-backed exiles on April, 1961 during the infamous Bay of Pigs Invasion.  It's now a diver's paradise.

His home, where the church meets, is in the outer limits of the city where the poor people live.  It's a very small wooden structure.  The wood slats that make up the outside walls have an inch of space between them that allow ventilation...and the entry of mosquitos!

With his $13 per month salary, he somehow manages life; his wife washes clothes for others to help pay the bills.  Edel said that he would never leave his beloved Cuba for all the money in the world.

His eyes sparkled as he shared with me about the mission church he planted 30 kilometers away.  It takes him 2 days to walk that distance; no others transportation is available.

I held a 5-day family life conference with Edel's congregation.  We met in the backyard under a tin roof.  I can't wait to go back!

Pray for Edel and the many faithful pastors like him who serve in small congregations throughout Cuba.

On Wednesday, February 14th, our daughter, Teresa, was to have a hysterectomy.  Ann and Teresa's sister, Tammy, will be by her side.  Pray for the Lord's healing. 

We are counting on you!

Bob, for Ann Also

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                                     Pastor Edel and His Family

                                Pastor Edel's Church

 Dear Partners in Ministry,  Jan 31, 2017  

I returned from Cuba two days ago, exhausted but very satisfied because I think the Lord used me in the lives of many. I was able to counsel couples and pastors in need.

The Cuban home is in trouble. According to official stastics, 94% of marriages end in divorce, and abortions and suicides are among the highest in the world.

In two cities, Playa Larga and Havana, I had the opportunity to give conferences on the importance of the Christian home. The participants requested that I continue for several more hours each day.  Their desire to hear the exposition of the Word was awesome. They have invited me to come back soon.

Many live in an atmosphere of despair. For over 20 years Cubans have had the "luxury" to immigrate to the US under the promise of "instant residency" if they managed to set foot on American territory. While I was in the country I heard the news that President Obama scrapped that policy. Now only 20,000 Cubans a year can immigrate to the USA. Thousands of people are to be deported who, upon returning to their homeland, will be without money or employment.

The economy is in shambles. A beloved pastor friend receives less than $12.00 monthly! Parents struggle daily to see how they can survive in terms of food, clothing, health care, and education for their family.

A sad moment was when I arrived at the airport, custom officials confiscated the 75 "Messengers" that were donated by the Charles Stanley Ministries.  These small solar powered units (total value of $3,500) carry the entire New Testament in two languages along with many Bible messages. Although I presented all the necessary documents and a special visa, they denied my request to enter the country with them. No doubt the Messengers will eventually be sold on the street. Somehow, they will reach the hands of people in need of the Savior!

Pray for Cuba!

Our daughter, Teresa, has been diagnosed with fibroid tumors in the uterus. A hysterectomy is scheduled on February 14th. 
Do pray for Teresa.

Forever grateful,

Bob, for Ann also

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 Dear Partners in Ministry,  Jan 7, 2017  

In a couple of hours I depart for 10 days of ministry in Cuba. Please pray that my entry into this country will be a success.

I take along ministry and medical supplies. But although the expenses of my airplane ticket and religious visa have been covered, transportation, food, and housing are still pending.
If you wish to donate toward these needs, send your gift to:

    Bob Henriques
    Camino Global
    8625 La Prada Dr.
    Dallas, TX 75228  
    Tag your donation with the words:  Henriques Cuba #062627

Pray that my teaching and evangelism will be powered by the Holy Spirit.  Also pray for our daughter, Teresa, who continues to battle health issues.

Your brother and friend,
Bob, for Ann also

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                         Photo of Cubans in Wo

 Dear Partners in Ministry,  Dec 7, 2016  

The visa that allows me to minister in Cuba is a small green piece of paper about 5” by 8” After months of waiting and praying, this visa finally was extended! Lord willing, I will be in Cuba January 7-17, 2017.

Pray for me as I prepare for my 13th year of visiting this island nation. I go with excitement mixed with apprehension.

My sentiment is captured by the following quote written by Jim Denison, preacher and author: “I have visited Cuba several times during the past 8 years, so the passing of Castro was especially significant to me. When I first visited Cuba, I was shocked by what I encountered. After hearing so much about the persecuted church I expected the church to be struggling and discouraged.

But I found the exact opposite to be true! More than a million Cubans have come to Christ in recent years. In spite of the “Cuban Situation,” Christians serve Jesus with a joy I cannot describe in words. I’ve preached on six continents and can testify that the church in Cuba is more like the church that any I have encountered anywhere. The Cuban church is thriving in spite of many limitations!”

A Health alert!  Our daughter, Teresa, is once again in the hospital with an undiagnosed sickness. She is in extreme pain and the doctors are bewildered regarding treatment. Please pray for her, her husband John and son Cade.

As always, we count on you to do the “heavy lifting” when you are on your knees before the Throne of Grace.

In His eternal grip, Bob, for Ann also

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                              Castro's cremated remains

 Dear Partners in Ministry,  Nov 17, 2016 

Meet Romuló Caná (photo below), a 65 year-old Guatemalan pastor who has an insatiable desire to study God’s Word and use Bible study tools to enhance his ministry.

In 1972, he graduated from the Guatemala Bible Seminary where Ann and I taught for many years.  In the midst of his 43 years in the pastorate, he wanted to “throw in the towel” and leave full-time service.  According to his testimony, he went through 6 months of God’s will in agony of spirit. 

He finally realized that fire was still in his heart to minister the Word to people in need.
Today he continues in the pastorate and even has a ministry reaching out to a group of alcoholics.

Every Saturday afternoon you will find him in the seminary studying Methods of Bible Study with Ann and me.  Although not the sharpest student, his desire to progress in biblical knowledge is a delight to behold.

Pray for Romuló and the other 40 students in our class.

A Religious Visa for me to enter Cuba continues to remain elusive.  Thank you for praying.

There as been some interest in joining our MEA for July 7-17, 2017The invitation is still open!!!"

In His Grip,

Bob, for Ann also

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                            Romuló Caná

 Dear Partners in Ministry, Oct 25, 2016  

On Saturdays, several hundred students from throughout Guatemala City and surrounding cities meet for hour and a half classes at the Central American Theological Seminary.

During this time Ann and I team-teach a course to 41 of these students on Methods of Bible Study. We review how to apply principles of Inductive Bible Study to Scripture. With this as a basis, we help our group of forty-one students develop messages and to minister to many.


Ann uses her study manual, An Exposition On Philippians, to complement the Inductive Bible Study process.

The students have expressed gratefulness; they are eager to apply this knowledge to ministry opportunities. Pray for these believers.

Would you like to expose a group from your church to cross-cultural missions in Guatemala?
There is a time-slot available July 7-17, 2017 for participation in our Missions Exposure Adventure.

Pray that my request for a Visa to enter Cuba will be accepted. The trip is slated for the beginning of January, 2017.

With much gratitude,

Bob, for Ann also

 Dear Partners in Ministry, Sept 18, 2016  

Recently our congregation celebrated a World Missions weekend. The theme was “Discipleship – the key to a successful missions outreach.”

It was emphasized that in the original text, two specific commands from the Great Commission are "…going to all nations" and "...making disciples.”

As we go about our daily lives we should proclaim the Gospel and make sure that new converts identify themselves with Christ and His Church by baptism in water.

The disciples are then taught obedience to the Word of God. Throughout this process, the Lord promises His provision, presence, and power from above.
During the missions conference, I illustrated these great truths by requesting that Mildred and Manolo Padilla present an hour-long concert and intermingle their testimony with song.

As you might recall, 31 years ago Ann and I had the privilege of leading this couple to the Savior. They then became followers of Jesus, were baptized, and the long teaching process began in order to make them knowledgeable disciples.

They have been renowned singers in the showbiz world for years and represented Guatemala at the prestigious music awards ceremony in Spain (OTI).

To this very day, they continue to have an outreach into the lives of many… not for money or fame, but for the Savior’s sake.  Pray for Mildred and Manolo!

Thank you for your generous partnership that helps make disciples among Spanish speakers globally.

Today is my 54th spiritual birthday.   Rejoice with me!

Bob, for Ann also

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      Mildred and Manolo

 Dear Partners in Ministry, Sept 3, 2016  

Today I was supposed to have left for ministry in Cuba, however…

The plans of mice and men oft go astray, so wrote Robert Burns in his poem “Ode to a Mouse” written in 1785. This may be true in the thinking of men and mice, but NOT according to Romans 8:28. God insists that all that happens to us works out for good… for His benefit and for ours.

I asked for you to pray that the religious visa arrive in time for my ministry trip to the suffering Island in the Caribbean. However, for a number of unexplained reasons, this did not happen.

The air ticket is still valid for a year; perhaps the Lord will allow me to travel during the beginning of next year.

For all who gave sacrificially for this effort, rest assured that your donations go into reserve for the next opportunity to travel to Cuba.

As you see, Cuba appears often in the news. PRAY for their political and religious leaders. The Lord’s work continues forward.

Please acknowledge that you received this email.

Forever Grateful,


 Dear Partners in Ministry, Aug 14, 2016  

Lord willing, I will travel to Cuba on September 2nd for two weeks of Bible teaching and evangelis, but I'm not going alone.

Through the generosity of In Touch Ministries (Dr. Charles Stanley), I will be accompanied by 25 "Messengers." These are hand-held devices that do not require batteries or electricity and are loaded with the New Testament, Psalms, Proverbs and more than 60 Bible teaching messages.

The “Messenger” includes an FM radio, expandable memory, and an LED light (picture attached). The “Messenger” is currently available in 115 countries with more than 88 languages, including Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, and Russian.  This innovation will allow believers to reach even more communities around the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In countries that have closed their borders to Christians, it has been a missionary. In places where darkness holds sway, it has been a source of light and hope for many.

Pray as I give The "Messenger” to Cubans who do not have access to a Bible. Pray also, that the religious visa that allows me to preach and teach will arrive on time.

On the home front, Ann requests clarity of thought as she strives to complete the rough draft of her doctoral dissertation.

As always, we count on your prayers.

Your brother and friend,
Bob, for Ann also


P.S. Please drop us a note acknowledging that your received this email.

Bob & Ann

       A Messenger Device Containing the Bible

                                 Cuba's Spectacular Sea Coast                 

 Dear Partners in Ministry, Jul 9, 2016  

From Guatemala on winning Guatemalans one by one… 

Among the varied ministries that the Lord has given me is teaching the English language.

Every Wednesday evening Magdiel Pineda, a 30 year-old bank official, comes to our house to learn English. She is married and the mother of 2 little girls. In her childhood, Magdiel attended an evangelical church with her parents. Years have gone by and she still remembers some of the details of the Gospel; however, she stays home on Sundays and sends her daughters to church with her mother.

Pray that Magdiel will soon become a true believer. Her picture is attached.

A believer in Cuba writes: My country is turning from bad to worse. I need a vacation far from here!

Because of a limited cash flow to purchase low-grade oil from Venezuela, electrical shortages have become a common place in Cuba. Many stoves work on electricity, and water is a scarcity because pumps run on electric current. In the midst of sweltering heat, electric fans cease to function. People are very discouraged and want the freedom to find another place to live.

Continue to pray for Cuba. I leave for Cuba on another ministry trip on September 2nd. Pray for funds for this journey.

For the past 4 days Ann has been in Medellin, Colombia attending a conference on how to evaluate evangelical seminaries in the Hispanic world. She and three other colleagues have been greatly enriched with wise counsel about how to apply this knowledge so that that our seminary’s ministry in Guatemala will be enhanced.

Your participation with us has encouraged us over the years. Thank you.

In His Grip,

Bob, for Ann also

     Magdiel Pineda

 Dear Partners in Ministry, Jun 26, 2016  

Recently Ann and I hosted for lunch 17 students who made up of half of Ann’s second-year New Testament Greek class. 

In this small group the following countries were represented:

     Bolivia       Peru           Guatemala   

     Mexico      Argentina   Chile

      Spain       Ecuador     El Salvador

Our house rocked with laughter and energy emanating from the young people!

As they voraciously devoured Ann’s “world famous” Spanish yellow rice dish, anecdotes were shared (mostly about Greek class), along with testimonies of God’s abundant grace in each life.

Needlessly to say, they have won a niche in our hearts.

As you observe the attached picture, pray for them as they prepare to serve the King of Kings in their home countries.

In His Grip,

Bob, for Ann also

     Hungry Teens Enjoying Ann's Rice!

 Dear Partners in Ministry, Jun 13, 2016  

Placetas and El Roble are two towns in Cuba where I was privileged to minister several weeks ago.  The main means of travel in Placetas is by horse-driven carriages. 

I wish you could have seen the profound desire for knowledge in the 17 Cuban students who attended my classes in order to present the Gospel more effectively.

El Roble is a small village of 250 people 40 minutes outside of Havana.  Eighty people, representing 3 congregations, attended a small church for 4 days.  In the morning we studied 'The Christian Family' and in the afternoon, 'Spiritual Life'.  Their desire to learn from the Lord was insatiable.

Since President Obama renewed diplomatic ties with the Island in December, 2014, Cuba has seen many changes. For example, air traffic from the USA has increased, and Cubans have expanded their private businesses with the help of family members in the States.

One thing that has not changed is the impetus of Cubans who set sail on rickety boats with destinations in the United States. Since October of this year, more than 3,500 Cubans have attempted to come to the USA.  Many were intercepted at sea by the Coast Guard and sent back.

They leave for many reasons, but mainly because life in Cuba remains terribly difficult--especially for those living outside of Havana.  Also, freedom of expression remains limited, and wages may be only $16 to $22 per month.

Because of generous gifts from our donors, I was able to take 20 pounds of much needed medicines, clothing and personal hygiene items.  One lady told me that it was a luxury to keep clean in Cuba.

My next trip to Cuba is in September of this year.  Pray for an enduring impact of the Word in lives and finances to cover expenses.

Our Cuban friends are counting on us!

In His Grip,
Bob, for Ann also
Phone Tampa & it rings in Guatemala
(813) 600-3635
Give us a call!

Postal Address:            
Bob & Ann Henriques
GRO 26
P.O. Box 526150
Miami, FL 33152-6150

                          Placetas, Cuba - Horse Carts


                         El Roble, Cuba

 Young Cubans Studying in order to witness more effectively

 Dear Partners in Ministry, May 4, 2016  

     From Guatemala on “Connecting the Dots” in Bible Study

For three months I was privileged to have led a group of 20 believers from our church in a panoramic study of the Bible, from Genesis 1 to
Revelation 22.

We marveled at how the Holy Spirit led 44 authors over a period of 1,400 years to write 66 books all without contradiction or error.  Last
Wednesday, the study culminated with a study of the Church and its mission in the world today.

Around coffee and cake, many commented how amazed they were that even after attending church for years, they had no idea of the
scope of biblical history, especially regarding the Old Testament books.

The hours invested in creating power point presentations week after week were worth it all.  Pray for the spiritual growth of El Camino Bible Church.
A couple of days ago I had an appointment with my eye doctor.  While I waited three hours for my turn, I invested my time in sharing the Gospel with those around me.

One 75 year-old gentleman, in particular, fascinated me.  When he was a young man, he had studied the Bible for 2 years via a Bible correspondence course.  This provoked keen interest in spiritual things.  He entered a Catholic seminary to be a Jesuit priest, but this was too constraining for him.

Then he studied with a German astrologist in how to study the relative positions of celestial objects as a means for divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events.  When he said this, I realized who he was:  Urbano Madel, who for years wrote daily horoscopes for Prensa Libre, Guatemala’s leading newspaper.

Pray for this man.  He knows bits and pieces regarding the liberating news of the Gospel but is submerged in a demonic pursuit of satisfaction in the wrong places.


Prayer flashes:

    * Our daughter Teresa is on the mend.  Her health has improved tremendously.
    * I am 2 weeks from my ministry trip to Cuba.  Pray for my preparation for teaching.
    * Ann continues to progress with her doctoral dissertation.
In His Grip,
Bob, for Ann also
Phone Tampa & it rings in Guatemala
(813) 600-3635
Give us a call!

Postal Address:
Bob & Ann Henriques
GRO 26
P.O. Box 526150
Miami, FL 33152-6150

 Dear Partners in Ministry, April 17, 2016  

President Obama arrived Sunday, March 21 in Cuba, marking the start of an historic trip in which he tried to further improve U.S. relations with the isolated island country, and encourage its communist leaders to make life better for their citizens.

The three-day visit follows Obama’s announcement roughly a year ago that his administration and the Cuban President Raul Castro's government would try to improve diplomatic relations after roughly a half-century of acrimony.

Ahead of his trip, Obama announced moves to continue to lift U.S. restrictions on Cuba, including easing travel restrictions for Americans and restoring Cuba's access to the global financial system.

For a couple of days, during Obama’s visit, Cubans in Havana set aside conversations about high food prices and complaints about the collapse of transportation and housing.

Thousands of parents across the country are placing on the shoulders of the U.S. president the responsibility of convincing their children not to leave on the makeshift rafts of despair for true freedom in America.

True freedom ultimately is found in the Gospel of our Lord. Pray that this visit will enhance the opportunities to present the Gospel.

I will leave on May 13 for a two-week visit for a ministry of teaching and preaching the Word. Thank you for accompanying me in prayer.

Great News! Our daughter, Teresa, seems to be on the mend from her multiple health issues. Thank you for your faithful prayers on her behalf.

Counting on your prayers,

Bob, for Ann also ...

P.S. Attached is a copy of the religious visa that took 4 months for Bob to acquire!

             Two Presidents ready to shake hands

        Obama & Castro greet each other

 Dear Partners in Ministry, March 21, 2016  

Did you hear what happened when the past, the present and the future walked into a bar? It was tense!

Or did you hear about the fellow who said, “When I was a kid, my English teacher looked my way and said, “Name two pronouns.” I said, “who, me?”

I like the interaction between teacher and student: Teacher: If "can’t" is short for “cannot,” for what is “don’t” short? Pupil: Doughnut.

Every Tuesday, from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m., I teach an English class to seminary teachers and students. For an hour and a half we struggle with sentence structure, parts of speech, vocabulary, the correct pronunciation of conversational English and USA manners and customs.

What role does English grammar play with missions? Plenty.  The students realize that to effectively minister in a world that has English as the international trade language, they need to learn the basics of this very difficult language. They want to be able to use all the English resources in the seminary library and on the Internet.

Opportunities will arise to interpret for non-speaking English speakers in testimonies and messages. As their English improves they will be able to be more effective missionaries around the world where English is understood by many. PRAY for my English class below.

I have hesitated to give updates on Teresa’s health since she has been in the hospital for major surgery for removal of a cancerous cyst on her pancreas, she had to be admitted to the ER seven times. Yesterday, however, the doctors finally determined which bacteria are causing the severe infection. She is now at home resting, and under specific medication. Ann continues to be with her.

Pray that finally Teresa will be able to fully recuperate and enjoy a “normal” life. She is forever grateful for so many who prayed for her. Thank you.

Any day now I will be hearing from Evangelical leadership in Cuba in regards to the Religious Visa that will allow me to legally preach and teach in public. This process usually takes up to 3 months. Thank you for praying.

Your friend and brother,

Bob, for Ann also

Phone Tampa & it rings in Guatemala
(813) 600-3635
Give us a call!

Postal Address:
Bob & Ann Henriques
GRO 26
P.O. Box 526150
Miami, FL 33152-6150

 Dear Partners in Ministry, Mar 9, 2016  

Dear Praying Friends… When the invitation came I was both humbled and challenged. I was asked to be the pastor of 13 directors of AMG Guatemala (Advancing the Ministry of the Gospel). At the moment, I meet with them once a week on Monday mornings. This activity will be in addition to my responsibilities with Camino Global.

For over 35 years AMG Guatemala has been sharing the love of Christ in Guatemala. Currently assisting more than 8,000 children, 600 national workers, with education, health, spiritual guidance, clothing, vocational assistance and a lot of love!

AMG is firmly established in 30 communities across the population belt of Guatemala, bringing hope and walking alongside thousands of families in this beautiful and fascinating country with so many needs.

Pray for:       Brian          Nico         Chad        Lucas         Phil         Mary      Gary
                    Rachel        Nidia        Ruth         Melvin        Karla       Alex

You will find attached a couple of photos of some of the children AMG reaches for the Savior.

Thank you for praying for our daughter Teresa. She has been in and out of the hospital ever since her major surgery. She still has problems with an infection, breathing and a low-grade fever.

Bob, for Ann also

      Contact US:
Phone Tampa & it rings in Guatemala
(813) 600-3635
Give us a call!

Postal Address:
Bob & Ann Henriques
GRO 26
P.O. Box 526150
Miami, FL 33152-6150

          Little girl from a marginal area

                       Boys dressed up as mariachis

            Children from AMG ministries

 Dear Partners in Ministry, Feb 24, 2016  

Update on the condition of Teresa on Wednesday, Feb 24, 2016,

Great News!  
Our daughter, Teresa, was released from the hospital yesterday!

The malignant tumor was removed along with part of her pancreas. Now, she is facing a long period of healing and recuperation. 

She has to use oxygen to help with her breathing and a drainage tube to avoid infection.

Pray that Teresa will be able to heal and recuperate her strength.

Many lessons have been learned regarding the fragility of life and God’s constant care.  He IS our Shepherd!

With thankful hearts,

Bob and Ann Henriques


Attached is a photo of John and Teresa


We know the following regarding Teresa’s health on Feb 18 at 5:00 PM:

She continues to struggle with intense pain, along with a low-grade fever.  A half of a liter of liquid was extracted from her chest area.  The infection is being addressed.

 Also, Teresa is still getting short of breath, so the pulmonologist ordered a CT with dye to rule out a blood clot.

Indications are that the tumor that was removed was cancerous so Teresa will be consulting an oncologist.

Her sister Tammy, who is a nurse’s assistant, is by her side.

We have been overwhelmed by the tremendous outpouring of love and concern from our friends confirming their commitment to pray.  THANK YOU!

In a situation like this that is in constant flux, we will try to keep you informed.  On behalf of Teresa and her family, we are forever grateful for your intercession.

In His Grip, 

Bob and Ann   

Dear Friends with News of Teresa yesterday, 2/17/2016

We asked you to pray for our daughter Teresa last week. A growth was successfully removed from her pancreas and all indications pointed to a successful operation.

However, yesterday she was rushed to the hospital because of an unexpected complication.

John, her husband, writes:  Results from the Xrays show the presence of liquid between her ribs and lungs; infection has set in.  A drainage tube will be inserted to correct this condition.  For some reason, Teresa can’t be sedated during this painful procedure.

Thank you for keeping Teresa and her family before the Throne of Grace…

Bob and Ann


      Contact US:
Phone Tampa & it rings in Guatemala
(813) 600-3635
Give us a call!

Postal Address:
Bob & Ann Henriques
GRO 26
P.O. Box 526150
Miami, FL 33152-6150


Dear Partners in Ministry, [Jan 27, 2016]

José Navichóc Gonzalez was a slim and sickly Cakchiquel Indian boy whom I met thirty-three years ago in one of my ministry trips to San Pedro, La Laguna, Guatemala.

I sensed in him a burning desire to know God more deeply and to study for the ministry. After staying in our home for 2 weeks to regain his health, he began his studies at the Guatemala Bible Seminary.

Since graduating from the seminary, he and his wife Rosa have had several pastorates and founded a Bible Institute.

Last week José was installed as president of the same seminary from which he graduated so many years ago.

We are SO proud of him and thankful to the Lord for the tremendous encouragement that we have felt in regards to a disciple “done good.”

I have attached his picture.  Pray for him and his wife, Rosa.

Today Ann left for 2 weeks to assist our daughter, Teresa, who faces surgery today at 9:45 a.m. EST to remove a cyst with pre-cancerous cells on her pancreas.

I have attached Teresa’s picture with her husband, John, and their impish son, Cade.

Pray for Teresa’s health.

We count on you!

In His Grip,
Bob, for Ann also


Dear Partners in Ministry, [Jan 14, 2016]

We thank the Lord constantly for your commitment to Him and to the missionary effort around the world.

Three days ago the front page of Guatemala’s major newspaper carried a startling headline with eighteen pictures. They were of formal military officers who had been rounded up and charged with war crimes committed during the civil war (1981-1983).

What captured my interest was the photo of Edilberto Letona (Beto), a longtime friend of 32 years. In 1984 I arranged to have a concert in Guatemala’s largest military army base. Afterwards I was introduced to General Letona, the base commander.  Because his wife was a believer, he had a keen interest in the Gospel.

A year passed by and I was privileged to kneel with Beto and lead him to Christ. He has since retired from military service and, regretfully, he has pulled away from the Lord.

After seeing the headlines, I called Olguita, Beto’s wife, and shared my concern regarding her husband’s legal problems. She commented that this situation is of the Lord and is exactly what might shock her husband into repenting and returning to the Savior in whom he once professed. Pray for Edilberto Letona.

Once again the Lord has given us a link, a point of contact, through which we can brush up against people in all walks of life and share His message.

Your commitment to pray and your donations make our ministry possible.

Your missionary friends in Guatemala.

Bob, for Ann also

Dear Partners in Ministry, [Nov 5, 2015]

November 4, 2015 - After a very intense month of travel to Spain and Cuba, as per our last email, we are taking time for reflection on what the Lord accomplished in our midst.

Placetas, Cuba, is a town of 60,000 population in central Cuba, surrounded by crops of coffee and sugar cane. Transportation in the wide rustic streets is limited to horse-drawn carriages and bicycles.

One experience stands out. While Ann and I ministered in the local seminary, we were given lodging in the home of a lady named Lydia. We found her to be a very lonely grandmother who was pining away for her children and grandchildren who live in Australia.

After sharing the story of our lives with her, especially our conversion to Jesus, I sensed in her the desire to do likewise. She prayed to receive the Lord in her life. We advised the local pastor of what occurred and he promised to provide a Bible and follow-up. Her picture with Ann is attached to this email.

How do we win Cuba for Christ?  One "Lydia" at a time!

Thank you for praying for us and for Cuba!

In December we will be visiting our 4 children and 8 grandchildren!

God is more than good... He is awesome!

Your missionaries in Guatemala and Cuba,

Bob and Ann

Cuban Horse & Buggy  

                 Lydia                       Ann

Dear Partners in Ministry, [Nov 1, 2015]

From Guatemala on two countries shrouded in darkness...

In one month we were in two countries, Spain and Cuba... nations that are diametrically opposed to one another in many aspects. However, they share one overwhelming distinctive:

In Cuba approximately five percent of the eleven-million population profess faith in Christ.
In Spain only one percent of forty-seven million are members of an evangelical church.

In Spain we were commissioned to acquaint ourselves with the roots of the Spanish Protestant Reformation. We visited five major cities and discovered that the Hispanic Church has its roots in the sacrifice of approximately 2,500 believers who gave their lives in the Catholic Inquisition.

According to official statistics; in Cuba, ninety-four percent of marriages terminate in divorce. With this in mind, seminary leadership requested that Bob provide biblical teaching on the Christian home.  Ann taught a panorama of Bible history from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22. In one seminary, Ann gave faculty an overview of her doctoral thesis: The challenges of evaluation processes of teaching faculty in evangelical institutions. Continue to pray for Cuba!

Thank you for praying for the run-off presidential elections in Guatemala. Jimmy Morales, professed Christian and political-establishment outsider, won the election with a wide margin. Pray for him as he puts together his governing cabinet and confronts corruption and violence at so many levels in our society!

Check out this excellent article in Christianity Today online by Dr. Steve Sywulka, our neighbor and colleague, "Why Guatemala Elected an Evangelical Entertainer as Its New President."  The ironic twists and turns of Guatemalan politics are endless!

Click the link below to go directly to the Morales' article:

In His Grip,
 Bob and Ann     

Cuban Flag     Spanish Flag 
                  Cuban Flag                                                      Spanish Flag

Dear Partners in Ministry, [Sep 23, 2015]

The layered toga weighed heavily on our shoulders. The seminary chapel auditorium was jam packed with faculty, visiting relatives, and friends. The warm air was electric with excitement and gratitude as we listened from many the testimony of God’s faithfulness over the years of study and preparation.

Last Saturday was the Central American Theological Seminary’s annual graduation. Seventy-three students representing 10 different countries marched to the strains of Pomp and Circumstance.

Pray, as these choice servants move into countries around the world representing the Lord, our seminary and you, our supporters.

Truth is stranger than fiction… Did you know that Raul Castro, in his youth, was an altar boy in the Catholic Church?

Recently the Cuban leader accompanied Pope Francis at all his Masses during his tour of the island. Last May, while visiting Rome, President Castro declared: "If the Pope continues speaking like this I will go back to praying and return to the Church--I'm not joking."
Can it be that there has been a shift from atheism to religious servility?! 

Continue to pray for Cuba.  Next month, Ann and I will travel to the Island for another teaching opportunity.

For the most part, the general elections in Guatemala were held peacefully.  Runoff for the final outcome will be held in mid-October. The ex-president and his VP are still in prison along with many defrocked leaders of the previous administration.

Today I celebrate my 54th spiritual birthday!  The years slip by as He continues to give us strength and endurance.

In His Grip,

Bob, for Ann also

Dear Partners in Ministry, [Aug 25, 2015]

From Guatemala on turmoil in general elections….

When the calendar indicates that it is time for general elections, Guatemala is into a time of considerable turbulence and violence.

As of this writing the President and Vice-President have been accused of embezzling funds collected by the Guatemalan IRS. The VP is already in prison and members of the President’s cabinet have been resigning.

At the moment, no well-defined front-runner with significant personal integrity, is in sight.

General elections are slated for September 6th, so please Pray!

Pray that the unrest and violence will be contained and that our sovereign God’s will be done.  Pray that the elections results will not adversely affect the proclamation of the Gospel.

In His Grip,
Bob, for Ann also

Guatemala-City-Turmoil Violince in Cities Like War 

Dear Partners in Ministry, [Aug 3, 2015]

Recently, winds of political change have been sweeping throughout the Caribbean basin. After 59 years of animosity between the USA and Cuba, diplomatic recognition has been restored.

Cuba’s blue, red, and white-starred flag was hoisted Monday at the country’s embassy in Washington signaling the start of a new post-Cold War era in USA-Cuban relations. Secretary of State Kerry plans to visit Cuba on August 14 to preside over a flag-raising ceremony at the U.S. Embassy in Havana.

Restrictions of travel between the countries have been lifted. Although for the average Cuban, travel to the outside Cuba continues to be a remote dream. There’s also a possibility that the economic embargo will be lifted.

How all of this change will impact Christian ministry remains to be seen. One possible benefit might be the regular importation of Bibles and related material.

Recently, 40-foot containers packed with 84,000 Spanish-speaking Bibles arrived in Havana to be distributed among Baptist churches in both Western and Eastern Cuba.

A process of seeking permission from the Cuban government to ship Bibles required a great deal of negotiation between government officials and the Cuban Bible Society.

Pray for Cuba!    ...Ann and I will be traveling to this Island in October.

Bob, for Ann also


Dear Partners in Ministry, [July 15, 2015]

The little town of Evart, Michigan, forever has been etched into our hearts!

Twenty-two of some of its finest citizens – 18 teenagers and 4 adults – stayed with us 10 days for our Missions Exposure Adventure where our house rocked with their laughter, intensity of spirit and, at times, tears.

We traveled in Guatemala by car and boat to specific points of ministry. There the team participated in outdoor evangelism, children’s rallies, prison ministry, worship services, a work project, horseback riding up and along the side of an ancient volcano, and informal times of missionary instruction and music.

The Lord answered your prayers with excellent weather (in the midst of the rainy season), good health, protection as we travelled the mountain roads, and a deep working in many hearts.

Pray with us for the Evart team, as the impact of Guatemala 2015 will continue to influence them far into their future.

Attached is a picture taken in our living room.  I’m the guy in blue with white hair.

In His Grip,
Bob, for Ann also

Camino Global


Dear Partners in Ministry, [June 29, 2015]

Evart, Michigan ...  Have you ever heard of this little town with a population of 1900?

An Evangelical Free Church in Evart called Crossroads Community, will soon make its presence known this week in Guatemala (July 3-10).

Twenty-two of the members of this church, mostly teenagers, will be coming to experience our Missions Exposure Adventure  
                        Charlie            Trevin             Carly              Lily         
                        Micah              Wil                  Rachael          Mara
                        Zach                Joel                Madison         Mariah
                        Tyler                Rob                Morgan           Amy
                        Josh                Conner          Abby               Trisha
                                                                      Sara                 Jenny

Each day of the MEA is full of exciting and varied activities that are aimed to help participants become better-equipped Christians and more knowledgeable about world missions.  The carefully crafted itinerary provides ministry opportunities, a work project, and an intense exposure to the major issues surrounding missions.

A number of the MEA "alumni" on the missions field today claim that Guatemala was the experience that God used to nudge them toward a career in full-time missions.  Many others are presently serving in their local churches as enthusiastic members of missions committees, as promoters of greater missionary ventures, and as financial supporters.

Take the above-mentioned names before the Throne of Grace.  Join us in the challenge of world missions!

If you received this email, please take a moment and write back using the email address below.  Just mention the words:  Got it.  I'll pray.

Bob, for Ann also

Dear Partners in Ministry, [June 15, 2015]

Imagine having to be incarcerated in a Guatemalan jail for over 6 months for a crime that you did not commit.

Nelson Polanco, an 18 year-old believer was a taxi driver in his hometown in eastern Guatemala when he picked up two guys who turned out to be thieves. The police quickly swooped down and grabbed all three and put them behind bars.

Because Nelson lacked the money for a lawyer, no one was present to advocate on his behalf. In Guatemala a prisoner has no rights. He must pay for everything: a bed, “decent” food, and protection from physical abuse. For 6 months Nelson existed in a living hell. We prayed and finally he was liberated.

We invited Nelson to live on our property in order that we could provide restoration of body and emotional stability. Pray for this young man as we mentor him in the ways of Christ.

Pray for Guatemala. It is election year and life gets “dicey” in these parts. A missionary colleague, Dr. Gary Williams writes:

Maelstrom in Guatemala

Today, a long-time Guatemalan friend was shot and his son murdered in an attempted car robbery,
and in the ensuing gunfight our friend somehow managed to kill all three thugs.

This morning’s headlines trumpeted that 17 high-ranking government officials were indicted for fraud
that has led to the deaths of some kidney dialysis patients in the national Social Security hospital system.

Other corruption scandals in recent weeks have led to several cabinet dismissals, the vice president’s resignation, and massive protests calling for the president to step down.

Criminal violence and endemic corruption get worse each year in Guatemala. What good will God bring
out of this social and political chaos?

Thank you for being on our support team.

Bob, for Ann also

       Photo of Nelson Polanco with Bob Henriques

Nelson with Bob Henriques

Dear Partners in Ministry, [May 15, 2015]

This weekend Ann is in El Salvador teaching in a women's conference.

Her subject is Methods of Bible Study, based on the Inductive approach to Scripture.

Pray that the Lord will give her clarity of thought and that there will be receptive hearts among the participants.

I have attached a picture of Ann with her new publication in Spanish:
   A Grammar of New Testament Greek.

If you haven't received the latest report of my trip to Cuba, please advise and I can resend.

In His Grip,

Bob, for Ann also

Ann Henriques with her new book


Dear Partners in Ministry, [April 25, 2015]

From Guatemala on finding Roses in the wilderness….

A country western Christian song talks about finding roses in the wilderness. This is precisely what I discovered in my recent venture into the Big Island in the Caribbean.

You prayed and the Lord answered. Here are just a few examples:

*At the last moment my Religious Visa was granted which allowed me to legally give out tracts, and preach and teach the Word.

*Without any problem, I was able to enter Cuba with 30 pounds of meds, gifts for pastors, and teaching material.

*I travelled 3.5 hours northwest to a little town of Placetas where there are dirt streets and no taxis. The only means of transportation were horse driven carriages. After a meal, the clip-clop of these horses helped “settle down the food.”

*In the midst of sweltering heat I was able to teach four hours each day to 15-20 leaders of the Cuban evangelical church. The theme was: God’s profile of the Christian leader in the Cuban church 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1

Once again I was amazed at the resilience of my Cuban Christian brothers and sisters. In the course of our study, many aspects of their extremely difficult living conditions came to light --- despite political promises on both sides of the aisle.

Everyone agreed that many promises are relegated to the distant future. In the midst of it all, I discovered in my Cuban brothers and sisters that they are Roses in the Wilderness, fervently desirous of God and His Word.

Pray for Cuba! I have attached a picture of a man and his wife, attendees at the conference. In the midst of great trials and sickness they expressed profound commitment to the Lord.

Let us remain steadfast and strong,

Bob, for Ann also

Henriques Conference Attendies


Dear Partners in Ministry, [March 19, 2015]
Life in Guatemala demands the assistance of four people: a spiritual mentor, an expert auto mechanic, a trustworthy lawyer, and a medical doctor -- all believers, of course.

After 44 years in Guatemala, the Lord has given us all four.

Twenty-five years ago I met Alex Coloma, a young but accomplished auto mechanic. After observing his work, no other mechanic has touched my vehicles.

One day Alex said that, because of his need for money, he was going to travel to the USA (illegally) and earn money. I asked him if His God was bigger and stronger in the USA than in Guatemala? He finally admitted that the Lord was able to provide for his needs in Guatemala without the need to immigrate to the land of milk, honey, and dollars.

The other day I saw Alex (picture attached below). The years have past and Alex continues to thank the Lord that the decision he made years ago to trust and obey was one of the best he had made in his life!

Pray for Alex Coloma.

On April 10th I leave for a ministry trip to Cuba. After 25 years of multiple ventures to this spiritually needy place, it doesn’t get easier. Recent changes in international politics have made the Cuban landscape even more uncertain and complicated. Yet God continues to sit on His throne.

Pray for me as I will teach five hours per day in a seminary in Placentas, Cuba. Pray that my teaching will be an overflow of my walk with the Lord. Continue to pray for Ann as she struggles with the writing of her Ph.D. dissertation. 

Ann's Greek grammar book, written in Spanish, can be purchased at under the author name: Anita Henriques.

Thank you for upholding us in prayer.   

Bob, for Ann also

Alex Coloma

Dear Partners in Ministry, [February 13, 2015]

From Guatemala on statistics and prayer…

Did you know that presently Guatemala has a population of 15.9 million? Forty percent of the population is fifteen years of age and under. Our small congregation of three hundred has a super youth pastor in Lucas Ferro, a thirty-one year old Argentinian, who has a heart for the young people under his care. Weekly he ministers to sixty teenagers and young adults.

Pray for Lucas, his wife Paola, and their children (Tomás, 6 months and Soy, 2 years). I have the privilege of mentoring Lucas once a week.

There are an estimated 1,000,000 believers in Cuba today. That is approximately ten percent of the country’s population. In the last 20 years evangelical churches of many denominations have been planted and are multiplying at an amazing rate. Since the 1990s it is estimated about 10,000 churches have been planted – mostly in people’s homes, where it is legal to have religious meetings.

Recently there have been changes in the Cuban political scene that can dramatically change the Gospel’s impact for years to come. Pray for Pastor Miguel Gonzalez whom I have known for over 15 years; he is a key leader on the Island. I will be travelling to Cuba in April.

All is well in the home front. I am busy teaching and preaching, and Ann has a heavy load in the classroom along with making strides on her doctoral dissertation.

Thank you for being part of our support team. We count on you.

In His Grip,

Bob, for Ann also

Dear Partners in Ministry, [November 15, 2014]

Greetings from Guatemala!

Did you know that, second to baseball, soccer is a very popular sport in Cuba?  The Cubans were the first Caribbean team to make the World Cup, which they did in 1938.

I became acquainted with soccer in Cuba through my friend Yiosbel. Yiosbel had a rough beginning.  As a young adult he lived a degenerate life and went through a number of wives before he became a believer in Jesus.

He met a Christian gal named Tammy.  I discipled them and provided counseling before I was privileged to marry them in Havana.

In his spare time, Yiosbel today is an associate pastor and an avid soccer enthusiast.

He started a soccer team in his community, all with the purpose of reaching out to the lost.  Today, his eleven-man team ranks toward the top of their league.  Now, six of these players are Christians and two are ready for baptism.

I have attached a photo of Yiosbel with his team.  He’s the young guy with graying hair on the front row.

Pray for Yiosbel and his compassionate heart.  He scrambles to get the money to purchase uniforms, shoes and quality balls for his team.

In February, 2015 I plan to make another ministry trip into Cuba.  Pray for funds to cover expenses and, pray also that I will be able to meet other men like Yiosbel, lead them to Christ and disciple them.

In His Grip,

Bob, for Ann also

Yiosbel and His Team

Dear Partners in Ministry, [October 28, 2014]

From Guatemala on the fulfillment of a dream… 

Three years ago, the Lord gave Ann and two seminary colleagues the desire to edit a Greek grammar book that would provide a straightforward guide to the study of New Testament. Their goals were to make this book adapted to the Spanish language using the latest discoveries in Koine Greek. The authors, Ann (USA/Peru), Daniel Steffen (USA) and Nelson Morales (Chile) invested huge blocks of time and countless revisions in order to make this book a reality. May God have the Glory!

The following are introductory remarks by the publishers:
“The book Introduction to Biblical Greek responds to a strong need felt by all who have had the responsibility of training future church leaders in Spanish. Many in teaching positions have long felt the need to know more precisely and in detail the texts of the New Testament in its original language, Koine, or common Greek.

In a successful attempt to fill this gap, Ann Henriques, Nelson Morales and Daniel S. Steffen, teachers of the Central American Theological Seminary in Guatemala City, have prepared this introductory book that clearly and simply answers the questions among those servants of Christ who need to know the implications of the original in Greek.

The authors will provide instruction from the Greek alphabet to the declinations of the nouns and the conjugation of verbs; everything is explained in an affordable way to those who really want to become familiar with this language. In short, these professors, in one of the most respected theological seminaries in Latin America, have teamed up to present today the book Introduction to Biblical Greek, which will soon be recognized as the best introductory course to the study of biblical Greek.”

If you wish to have a copy of this book,
Amazon has it available for pre-order (it will be released March 24, 2015) in Kindle form ($9.00) and in paperback ($12.75)--both in Spanish, of course! Look under “Books” Anita Henriques.

We are profoundly thankful to the Lord and to you, our support team, for helping to make this dream a reality.

Bob, for Ann also
                                    Biblical Greek Book


Dear Partners in Ministry, [October 10, 2014]

It was a “down” moment five days into our time in Cuba.   One evening I felt a depressive wave overwhelm me.  I had just finished reading in 1 Timothy 4:1 about those that followed the doctrine of demons.  That was when I heard across the street the chant of Santeria.  This is a satanic cult that came to Cuba from Africa.  It was then I realized, once again, that we were in the battlefield for the souls of our beloved Cuban friends.

 Our ministry trip to Cuba could be characterized by a series of miracles:

 *After battling a stomach virus for several months, Ann recuperated from her illness in time to make the trip.  The doctor gave her the green light.

*We were able to legally enter the country with a large quantity of medication that will help many.

*The religious visas arrived on time!

*The last person left to allow us into the country was a lady dressed in military dress.  I held my breath.  She looked at our visas and asked to what religious group we belonged.  After hearing that we were evangelical missionaries, she smiled and said, “I am a believer also!  In fact, the Lord has used me in this position to lead three people to Christ.”  We were stunned.  The Lord has his very own in key places!

*Ann taught New Testament Greek and a course in How to Study the Bible.

*I taught a church class of 30 believers from three churches on the profile of Christian leadership. In the midst of sweltering heat, these believers could not get enough of the Word of God.

Thank you for praying and giving financially to make this ministry in Cuba possible.

We counted on you.

Bob, for Ann also

P.S.  The following photo is one of the pastor, his wife, and me taken after our last session.

Pastor & His Wife with Bob Henriques

Dear Partners in Ministry, [September 21, 2014]

We have a family crisis and need your intercession.

Ann is suffering from an intestinal bacteria that has debilitated her. A team of doctors wanted to admit her into a hospital for a 10-day observation period, but instead they have prescribed a series of meds...

This weekend was the graduation of our students at the seminary where a number of them received their diplomas. Our spiritual son, Esdras, marched along with the faculty. He is a teacher on the Online Internet campus.

It broke our hearts not to have been able to attend!

Next Friday we leave for Cuba for ministry. Ann has be strong enough if she is to travel.

As always, we count on your prayerful intercession.

In His Grip,

Bob, for Ann also


Phone Tampa & it rings in Guatemala
(813) 600-3635
Give us a call!

Postal Address:
Bob & Ann Henriques
GRO 26
P.O. Box 526150
Miami, FL 33152-6150

Dear Partners in Ministry, [August 15, 2014]

It was a moment to remember. . .

I walked through the narrow winding streets of San Pedro, La Laguna with several young people from our Mission Exposure Adventure (MEA).  The town is in the western highlands of Guatemala, hidden amongst volcanoes, fog, and jungle-covered peaks, along-side beautiful Lake Atitlan.

Our guides, Tzutujil Mayan Indians, were believers from our sponsoring church. They guided us to the homes of desperately needy people.  It was a morning of visitation.  When we went into the tiny house of one room, our hearts overflowed with compassion.  A lady of 90 years-old sat by herself in her Mayan garb.  She was lonely.

Also, she was blind and there was only one window to provide ventilation.  Behind her was a huge handmade cross in which a dead Christ hung.  There were dozens of pictures that depicted the face of a Christ with thorns and in agony.  Mixed in this wallpaper of pictures were the faces of Mary and St. Anthony.

Our Tzutujíl guide told us her story.  There was no hope for her blindness.  I asked Perry, a 16 year-old, to pray for her in English.  I then, translated his prayer into Spanish and it was re-translated into Tzutujíl.  Only the Holy Spirit was able to translate the final rendition of that prayer.

After 12 days with us, this group of believers returned to Columbiana, Ohio, thoroughly blessed as they were able to minister up-close in a transcultural situation.

Would you be interested in joining us next summer for our MEA?  Contact us...dates are available!

Today we have open house for 21 students from our seminary.  They represent 6 countries in the Hispanic world.  They ate everything but the kitchen sink, and now the house is rocking with laughter!

Pray for our daughter, Tammy.  She has problems with her thyroid.  A biopsy will be made to assure that it is not cancerous.  She has suffered so much in life.

At the end of September, Ann and I will be going to Cuba for ministry.  The Religious Visas have come in.  Pray for a meaningful ministry in this needy place.  The tickets already have been purchased, but we still need $2,000 to cover expenses.    If you are interested send your donation to: 

Camino Global
8625 La Prada Dr.
Dallas, TX 75228     Tag the check:   Henriques Cuba account  #062627.

Thank you for your continued interest in our ministry; we are counting on you.

Your brother and friend,

Bob, for Ann also

 Dear Partners in Ministry, [July 30, 2014]

I met him 25 years ago, a wisp of a young man who became my student at the Guatemala Bible Seminary.

He was from a poor family that lived in San Pedro, La Laguna on the shores of Lake Atitlan. I found him to be very bright intellectually, and he had a profound desire to learn from the Scriptures about how to become a life-long servant in God’s church.

His name: José (Chepe) Navichoc.

Chepe had poor health and a tendency to be depressed. He stayed with us for a week as we nurtured him back to spiritual and physical health. Later he graduated with high marks and married Rosa, a fellow student, who also came from Chepe’s hometown.

After all these years, Chepe and his wife came to visit; he had a heart overflowing with news of what the Lord had done in his life. He went on to graduate from our seminary in Guatemala City with a Master’s degree. In the interim, he has pastored 4 churches, started a Bible Institute and was invited to teach in his Alma Mater!  I gave him my class notes on the Poetical Books for him to use in his teaching.

His car was a “bucket of bolts” which could hardly make it around the block. The Lord helped us to purchase a nice vehicle for his ministry.

I give you this snapshot of one of our disciples.  All of this is possible because of your involvement in our lives and ministry. Chepe and Rosa thank you, and we do too.

Chepe & Rosa Photo

Also, for years a key ministry has been our Missions Exposure Adventure (MEA).  Again we are blessed to be hosting a group of 12 persons from August 1-11.  Please pray that each one will be blessed in serving and excited about missions!

In His Grip,

Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [July 1, 2014]
For the past 10 days we have hosted a group of 18 believers from Michigan. Our house was overflowing!  We love providing hospitality.

They came to participate in the ministry of Dr. Joel Van Dyke, a passionate missionary evangelist and counselor. His life is committed to reaching the “throw away” people of society: the gang members, street kids, prostitutes and homeless. 

Recently a report stated:

“Guatemala is a developing country with wide income disparities. Violent crime is a serious concern due to endemic poverty, an abundance of weapons, a legacy of societal violence, illegal drugs and weak law enforcement and judicial systems.”

In spite of this terrible reality, God is reaching out to save and restore these precious people for whom Christ died.

When you pray for us, thank the Lord for our home where we can provide hospitality to those who come to minister in Guatemala.

Recently, a church that has provided long-standing support has had to cut back it's giving by $170… Pray that this shortfall will be provided.

Once again, we are reminded that without your help and the Lord’s provision, we could not be in Guatemala.  Thank you!

In His Grip,
Bob and Ann

-- Phone Tampa & it rings in Guatemala
(813) 600-3635
Give us a call!

Postal Address:
Bob & Ann Henriques
GRO 26
P.O. Box 526150
Miami, FL 33152-6150

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [April 29, 2014]
Since we last wrote, the team of 13 believers from 1st Baptist of Sevierville, TN has come and gone. The Lord answered prayer with protection, provision, and an intense exposure to many aspects of missions. Hearts were impacted and lives were changed. Thank you for praying.

A recent mission's publication stated the following:

"The church in Cuba is alive and well. They do face some pressures, but there are churches throughout the country, most of which are packed for several services each week.

Operation World indicates that there are nearly 1 million Evangelical Christians, or 15% of the population in Cuba. There is great potential for cross-cultural missions.  (Link:   Operation World - Cuba

Pastors have said to us, 'We are tired of hearing the challenge to do cross-cultural mission. We want to do it. Please help us. They added that their number one limitation is the fact that unless permission is received from the government, we can't leave the country.'

We all prayed!

On February 2012, the government eliminated the requirement of a permission to leave Cuba. Our mission and others are in the process of helping the Cuban church connect their mission initiative with needs and opportunities around the world." 

All of this is the backdrop, to the teaching mission that Ann and I will do during the first part of May
We leave on May 2nd and return on May 12th.  We covet your prayers for this ministry trip.

Pray for His protection, provision and Spirit-filled teaching.

Pray for the Religious Visa to arrive on time.

Your missionaries in Guatemala and Cuba,

    Bob & Ann Henriques

Phone Tampa & it rings in Guatemala
  (813) 600-3635 --  Give us a call!

Postal Address:
  Bob & Ann Henriques
  GRO 26 P.O. Box 526150
  Miami, FL 33152-6150

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [March 27, 2014]
The elderly fellow came up to me in Spiritual Life class. He told me that in 1976 he was my student. It is amazing that 38 years ago he was in my class on pastoral ministry, and now he has returned to study again!

The statistics are in… At our seminary we have 1,141 students who represent 29 countries. Pray for material, spiritual and health needs. During this trimester that ends this week, Ann has had over 150 students and Bob around 130. Lots of blessings and lots of work.

In May, Ann and I will travel to Havana, Cuba, for a teaching ministry at the National Evangelical Seminary. As I read recently, “Far from being merely a classroom lecture, true Bible teaching is the overflow of one obedient life into the life of another.” May this be true as we teach our Cuban friends.

Ann will teach the basics of Greek grammar and I will talk about the profile of leadership as presented by 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

If you would like to donate toward expenses for our Cuban trip send your Gift to:

Camino Global
8625 La Prada Drive
Dallas, TX 75228
Tag your donation: Henriques, Cuba #062627

In two weeks a group of mostly adults will be with us from Sevierville, TN for our Missions Exposure Adventure. Pray for God’s working in each life.

Thank you for partnering with us as we teach and preach the Gospel.

In His Grip,
Bob, for Ann also

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [March 6, 2014]
It happened during a casual conversation with our handy man when he said that we should invest in goats.  They are easy to take care of and goats provide excellent milk (Vitamin A).  Presently behind the back wall of our property we have 6 goats, 8 ducks, one rooster, 2 chickens and soon to arrive, a pair of rabbits!

Here is what the Lord is doing in our midst.  Presently there are 45 students in Ann's New Testament Greek class and 45 students in her Methods of Bible Study course.  I team-teach with her a spiritual life course for which 64 first-year students attend.  It is so fulfilling to show these students what it means to pray without ceasing and share with them the disciplines of a godly walk. 

I also teach 80 pastors on the Panorama of the Bible.  From Genesis to Revelation, we are covering the Bible in 10 weeks.

Ann is editing a New Testament Greek grammar book along with 3 other professors.  Hopefully this will be the standard grammar textbook used throughout seminaries in the Spanish-speaking world.

Also, Ann is planning to send to the publisher her book on the Life of Christ and Harmony of the Gospels.  It has already been accepted.  The hope is that this valuable resource will not only be translated into Spanish but also into other languages like Marathi and Hindi of India, and Serbian/Croatian of Europe.

In May I plan to make a teaching trip to CubaFor over 15 years I have been visiting the island.  Pray for the funds necessary.

We have lost several long-standing supporters who, due to illness and retirement, have had to drop their financial help.  Pray for His provision.

In April, a team of believers from the First Baptist Church of Sevierville Baptist Church, TN will be with us for our Missions Exposure Adventure.  Pray that God will change lives.

Your brother and friend,

Bob, for Ann also

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [January 12,  2014]

The new-year started with a bang.

Visitors who have been to Guatemala have stood in awe at the fireworks display that illuminates the night sky on Christmas and then on Christmas Eve. Every home has a private display; millions of dollars are spent throughout Guatemala in fireworks that rival anything that is seen around the world.

As I heard the bombs go off, I realized that our God also has His own fireworks display. However, these will go off in the hearts of many in 2014 who will hear the Gospel in Guatemala, Cuba and other places around the world.

Next week, our teaching schedule will start. Ann will have several Greek classes. I will team teach with her a course in Spiritual Life. Also, 80 pastors will be in my Panorama of the Bible course.

In May, I will go to Cuba [see January 7th newsletter below], and in April we will host a Missions Exposure Adventure for a group of friends from the First Baptist Church of Sevierville in Tennessee.

Join us in prayer as we see the fireworks display in the hearts of many in 2014.

Your brother and friend,
Bob, for Ann also

  Dear Partners in Ministry,
[January 7,  2014]

The Cuban Church – an amazing example of resiliency.

As we move into the new-year, our sights continue to be in our ministry in Cuba. The Cuban church continues to amaze us. It is extremely resilient.

Revolution in 1959 moved Cuba from a dictatorship to socialism. Its economy faltered during the transition. There were hard times. People struggled. Churches were closed and pastors imprisoned.

Christian leaders thought that the church had come to an end. In 1965 the majority of the pastors were imprisoned. A large number of seminary students and young pastors were put in reeducation camps.

Despite the crisis, the churches remained open under lay leadership.

In 1991 the Cuban constitution was changed, making discrimination based on religious belief unlawful. The government was still reticent to allow construction of new church buildings. Officials said: "Open your homes."

This was of God because this law pushed the church back into the book of Acts when the church met in homes. Soon the number of churches exploded in a church planting movement seen in few other parts in the world.

Today, an estimated 900 churches and 6,500-plus missions and house churches can be found across the island. And the Cuban church is sending missionaries to other parts of the world!

One leader recently commented: “I found it surprising, almost shocking, to find some of the greatest expressions of faith within 100 miles of the United States.”

Pray for the Cuban Church, especially for an evangelist called Nicholas. He has throat cancer and is not expected to live much longer. I hope to visit with him when I make my next trip to Cuba in May.

For a week during Christmas, 14 of our immediate family joined us for celebrating the birth of our Savior. Apart from the babe in the manger, this was the best gift ever!

Ann and I begin 2014 with responsibilities in teaching at the seminary. Also, we will host a Missions Exposure Adventure in April. Thank you for your faithful prayers.

Your friend and brother,
Bob, for Ann also…

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [November 25,  2013]

From the Pearl of the Caribbean . . . . .

I reminisce with you regarding my recent trip to Havana, Cuba. The National Evangelical Seminary is located in the heart of the oldest part of Havana. Since the school is in the midst of construction, our activity took place in the midst of the rubble of construction material.

The floor is unevenly poured, masons are lugging buckets of cement and others are lifting up cement blocks from the first floor with ropes. Several fans are whining away because of the humid heat and, since the school faces a busy street, the noise of buses, trucks and vehicles of all kinds, adds to the cacophony of sound.

In the midst of all of this, my seminary colleague and I taught the Word to believers that represented 6 churches in the Havana area. Dr. John Tarwater has been in Guatemala only six months. He knows Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Spanish. He taught how to apply Biblical Ethics in a land that is a stranger to the concept of ethics. The Cubans were fascinated by his family life. John and his wife, Sheila, have eight home-schooled children!

I had the privilege to teach about the pre-requisites of Christian leadership, based on 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. This profile of God’s leader is vitally necessary for today’s church.

Once again, we were amazed that the Cuban believers struggled through the noise and heat to hear God’s Word hour after hour. They have an insatiable desire to learn and apply this knowledge to their lives and congregations. Throughout our time in Cuba, we also gave out Gospel tracts and visited homes.

By the time you receive this letter, Christmas will be upon us. “In the fullness of time” Jesus came. Let us express gratitude to the Lord for the numerous opportunities that we have to share the Good News of His coming to many.

Thank you for your partnership through prayer and for your financial help.

We still have ample space in our 2014 calendar for you to visit us for our Missions Exposure Adventure. Let us know of your plans.

Your friend and brother,
Bob, for Ann also…

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [October 13, 2013]

We  We have been surrounded by God’s goodness.  The Lord has given me longer nights of sleep and Ann’s health is excellent.

Pray for her as she initiates the writing of her dissertation.  This monumental task will take two years.  The topic is The Ethical Issues Related to Faculty Evaluations In Latin America.

We praise the Lord for the recent graduation at our seminary.  Ninety-three students received their diplomas from a variety of programs from certificates to Masters Degrees.  We are thrilled with many of these who have been our disciples during their time in our classes.

We continue to host Mission Exposure Adventures (MEA).  If your church or school would like to experience cross-cultural missions up close, please advise.  There are still some time slots available for 2014. 

Note:  Go to our Home Page and click on each of the three MEA links for information and colorful video shots of MEA experiences and the beauty of Guatemala.

November 15-24 I will go to Cuba with a seminary colleague.  Pray for His provision, protection and indwelling of the Holy Spirit as we speak and teach.

How would like to be a missionary of Camino Global from your own home—without having to raise financial support?  You only need a computer with a good Internet connection and a desire to win others to the Lord and disciple them.  Read on….

It is estimated that two million people daily search in the Internet for purpose in their lives.  Just imagine!  In the Internet there are 104 sites where the four spiritual laws are explained in fifteen languages.

One fellow missionary writes:  “At this time, our 170 volunteer missionaries are not able to keep up.  One interesting phenomenon is that more and more Catholics are responding to the Website with questions, including Catholic priests.  People tend to be more open over the Internet than they are in person, and they ask Biblical questions of Evangelical Christians with out interference from family members.

Go to This is a link to Global Media Outreach that has an application and screening process and gives orientation and training to all online volunteers.  Each volunteer is supervised for several weeks as they begin and can choose how many contacts to email contacts to email each week.”

You can now join the ranks of these online missionaries.  For further reference, email Scott Yingling at:

Your missionaries,
Bob, for Ann also

Phone Tampa & it rings in Guatemala
(813) 600-3635
Give us a call!

Postal Address:
Bob & Ann Henriques
GRO 26
P.O. Box 526150
Miami, FL 33152-6150

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [July 11, 2013]

What do the following names have in common?

Michael           Tyler               Selam
Jon                   Mary               Dakota
Logan             Jonathan         Michaela
Travis              Cody               Zack
Amy                 Jordin             Madeline

These young people and three counselors will be invading our home tomorrow for our Missions Exposure Adventure. All 15 of them!

Pray that God will impact these lives for His glory and for the cause of missions.

And especially pray for Ann, who besides purchasing and preparing food, has to continue teaching her Greek classes, and preparing for her doctorate. Her "plate is full."

Also, heavy on our hearts is Teresa. Our daughter has gone to the Mayo Clinic, and the diagnosis still is inconclusive. However, there is always hope in the Lord. When they returned from the clinic they found out that a fierce thunder storm had flooded their basement, and as they were leaving their car, a huge tree crashed down on their vehicle. As they say "when it rains it pours."

And don't forget to pray for CUBA!

Thank you for being a true Partner in Ministry,

Your servants,

Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [April 25, 2013]

Two days ago I returned from Cuba overwhelmed with the vitality of the church in this dark place.

I bring back memories….

Amazing worship bands made up of young people who play instruments with great dexterity….

Worship that is free and without inhibition.

Many churches full of professional people who serve the community and God with their talents and abilities….

Seminaries –14 plus – some with over 700 students --All desirous to prepare themselves for ministry.

One school even requires students to plant a church prior to graduation!

This is God’s story behind man’s headlines: The church in Cuba is alive and well!

By praying you have played a part of this amazing miracle in this dark place.

Thank you!

Serving together with you,


Bob & Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [April 10, 2013]

For months I have requested prayer for a religious visa to enter Cuba and now the Lord has answered. It arrived this afternoon, and we leave tomorrow!

Carlos Lopez, the president of the Seminary where Ann and I teach, will be traveling with me. Our itinerary will take us to visit three seminaries. We hope to encourage and provide assistance to each of these centers of education where future leaders for the Cuban church are being trained.

It's an important trip. We covet your prayers.

In His Grip,


P.S. God has provided all the necessary funds for travel!

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [March 17, 2013]

How would you like to face a comprehensive exam at doctoral level
 that lasts for two 8-hour days?

 It begins tomorrow, March 18 for Ann!

A key component in Ann's pilgrimage to obtain her doctoral degree is
 the evaluation of her comprehension of 96 units of study.  She has been
 reviewing about 100 books and numerous articles, plus 96 individual essays
 related to each unit.

The "kicker" is that only one question is asked, and she isn't privy to its contents
 until exam time!

Please pray that she will have a lucid mind and great recall to do a good job for 
the Lord's sake on both days. Pray also for the $2,000 to cover expenses for her doctoral program up to today.

The attached photo is that of our granddaughter, Meaghan, who recently visited us. By her side is her grandfather --- me.

In His Grip, Bob

P.S. Ann's degree will be a PhD in Theological Education related to seminaries in Latin America.

Meaghan & Bob

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [February 28, 2013]

Did you know that there is a significant presence of Spanish speakers in 125 countries around the world?

Camino Global (formerly known as CAM International) is committed to reaching Hispanic peoples through evangelism and leadership training. Through the combined efforts of American and Latin missionaries, our Mission has reached into Hispanic USA, South and Central America, and even into Europe in search of our target audience.

SETECA, the seminary where Ann and I teach, has joined in the search for this target audience. Presently there are students from 21 countries in the student body. We are privileged to have a number of them in our classes.

Pray for Ann as she faces a comprehensive exam for her doctorate (March 18-19); then she will begin in earnest to finish her dissertation. Also, she is on a team of three that is developing a Beginners Greek Grammar for Latin America.

Two ministry trips are planned to travel to Cuba this year--May and possibly in August. Pray that my Religious Visa will arrive on time.

Pray for our daughter Teresa. She has a kidney problem that has been undiagnosed for over two years.

By praying for us, you also are reaching into the world-wide Hispanic community.

Thank you.

In His Grip,

Bob and Ann Henriques

Phone Tampa & it rings in Guatemala
(813) 600-3635
Give us a call!

Postal Address:
Bob & Ann Henriques
GRO 26
P.O. Box 526150
Miami, FL 33152-6150

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [December 30, 2012]

From Guatemala on a Christmas contrast and an anniversary…

Tomorrow we take down our Christmas tree and store it away for another year.

During this Christmas season it was difficult for us to not make comparisons between our celebration and the one “celebrated” on the beautiful but dark island in the Caribbean.

Christmas in Cuba was banned for decades, yet today, the exuberance of this holiday returns (sort of)…. In the lobby of some hotels you see lights & colors and hear Christmas songs that are played over and over without end. Outside the houses of wealthier folk, people compete to see who can most-strikingly decorate their balcony railings or garden hedges.

But there is also house after house, thousands of them, without a single detail relating to this December holiday. This occurs perhaps because of atheism, or for lack of resources, or simply apathy towards the celebration. “Celebrate what?” many would ask!

Don’t forget to pray for Cuba’s leaders and for the thousands of churches throughout the Island that meet in homes.

Heavy on our hearts is the financial support that Cuban Sinai Albareda, still needs:  $1,200 per month. If the Lord should lead, you can send your support donation, one-time or monthly to:

Camino Global, FAM – Albareda, 8625 La Prada Drive, Dallas, TX 75228

At our seminary, Sinai is a brilliant student, teacher and an aide to the Dean’s staff; but he has his sights on Cuba for future ministry with his wife, Nicole.

In Guatemala we celebrated Christmas in complete liberty. However, when this time of year comes by, Bing Crosby’s song, “I’ll be home for Christmas…” gives us a melancholic and wistful moment. Guatemala is our home but we terribly miss our children and their children. This year, to fill that void, we invited two families from the seminary to join us. They, with their 3 children and one child from a poor family, decorated our tree. Memories were created, friendships strengthened, and the joy of Christ’s birth swept through our home!

Rejoice with us! December, 2012 marks our 44th year of ministry in Guatemala and Cuba! Thank you for your joining us in ministry.

In His grip,

Bob & Ann Henriques

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [November 16, 2012]

The students marched down the aisle one--by-one in five different Bob Henriques & Yaima Tapia at her Graduationservices hosted by our seminary, SETCA. All 115 came from 15 different countries scattered throughout the Americas and Europe---each one eager to serve the King of Kings.

The culmination, the moment that left us truly misty-eyed, was when Yaima Tapia stepped up to the platform to receive her diploma.

We met this dynamic young lady 5 years ago in Cuba, and after a year of struggle with Cuban and Guatemalan red tape, she finally made it to the land where her dreams were to be realized. Her time in Guatemala wasn't easy: cultural changes, personality clashes and medical issues made her trust the Lord more than ever.

In the process of 4 years of study we discovered what we suspected: her dream to become a strong leader in God's church was beginning to be realized. She was an exceptional student who graduated with high honors. An additional blessing to her aspirations was when she met the man of her dreams, the one who God had prepared for her to partner with in ministry. He is a Cuban American who loves the Lord and shares all of her heart's desires.

Good job Yaima! With the Lord's help you have met the goals of a lifetime!

Pray as they determine their next steps for the future. For sure, ministry in the their homeland, Cuba, is in the mix.

As you peruse the daily headlines, there is an untold story kept under wraps. Hundreds of house churches are being planted widely throughout the country of Cuba. It is absolutely exciting to reach this beautiful and dark Island for Christ.

With our help, your faithful donations, prayers, and the assistance that Yaima's mother's gave from the Canary Islands, she was able to pay her school bills.

Yaima and her future husband express a resounding THANK YOU!

Are there any more Cuban leaders coming from behind the curtain who will preach and teach in what is called the "Pearl of the Caribbean?" Yes! Sinai Albareda is presently at the seminary as a teacher, student, and an assistant to the Academic Dean. If you wish to donate toward Sinai and his wife's ministry, send your donations (one time or monthly) to Camino Global, 8625 La Prada Drive, Dallas, TX 75228.  Note: Camino Global is the new name of our mission: same vision, same doctrine.

Tag your gift as Albareda/FAM #101500.

In this time of Thanksgiving we have so much for which to be thankful, yet prayer challenges continue to persist:

  • Teresa has been slowly getting off her addiction to the pain control meds. The foreclosure proceedings are very complicated. Continue to pray.

  • Tammy's marriage has had a tentative move toward reconciliation. However, there is still much ground to be covered.

  • Tim and Trudy are raising godly families and all are in good health.

  • Ann's responsibilities in various committees at the Seminary and her forever struggle in acquiring her Doctorate degree continue to absorb much of her time.

  • Bob has preaching responsibilities at church, preparation for seminary courses, and he continues to struggle with diabetes.

  • Cuba continues to be an open door, but the approximate cost to the Island is $3,000 for two people (This includes air fare, lodging, transportation etc.) Cuba is a VERY costly place. A friend of mine said once to me to NOT be apologetic in making your financial requests known for God's work. I agree. Pray on.

  • Although there is much still to repair in regards to the plumbing problem in our house, the Lord is wonderfully providing the finances to cover expenses.

May we have a blessed Thanksgiving here in Guatemala and you in the homeland!

In His Grip,
Bob and Ann   

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [October 20, 2012]

It has happened several times lately around 3:30 a.m. as I stared into the night unable to sleep. My mind begins to recall all the painful stuff currently going on in our family…

One day we were in the kitchen and noticed that the ceiling bulb was half filled with water. “This can’t be good,” we remarked to each other. A couple of days later drops began to drip from other areas. Then puddles of water seeped up from the floor. To our horror we discovered that after 25 years, Guatemalan PVC pipe begins to split. A homeowner’s nightmare began to unfold before us that involved circumventing the old pipe and installing the new. The ongoing repair has left the house honeycombed with trenches and cavities in the cement floors and walls.

Our daughter Tammy, with a broken heart, shared with us that her marriage of 21 years is very troubled. Only God can change unyielding hearts.

Also, Teresa’s world seems to be falling apart since the court declared foreclosure on the house and property where she has lived with her family for many years.

As we struggle with these difficult situations in our lives, some mundane, others very serious, we have realized once again that our life in Guatemala is not that much different from what our friends and support team experience. Praise God that we also share with you the same resource as reflected in the hymn from yesteryear Tell it to Jesus, composed in the 1800s by Edmond Lorena, a pastor immigrant from Russia:

Are you weary, are you heavy hearted?
Tell it to Jesus alone…
You’ve no other such a friend or brother,
Tell it to Jesus alone...”

Once we began to “Tell it to Jesus” things in Heaven and on earth began to move about.

We were referred to an excellent plumber and mason and Humpty Dumpty is being put back together again. Soon you can come by and visit.  :-))

The court has allowed Tammy’s church to play an intermediary peacemaker role in her marriage.

Teresa’s husband has almost singlehandedly constructed a new house while taking care of his ailing parents and struggling with the lawyers that surround him. This young man is our hero!

As you continue to undergird us with prayer, keep in mind that Bob will be making a teaching trip to Cuba Oct. 29 through Nov. 6. Also, pray for funds to cover the unexpected $1,800 repair bill.

As you experience the “stuff” that happens in your life, don’t ever forget to Tell it to Jesus.

In His Grip,
Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [May 29, 2012]

MEMORIAL DAY: a moment to give honor to those who served our country in the US military and in other unique battles. 

The HENRIQUES FAMILY has left their proud footprint in the defense of the U.S. of A. 

My father BENTO, a Portuguese immigrant, dedicated approximately 7 years as a member of the US Merchant Marine before retiring at the end of WWII. He then became an honored citizen of his adopted country. 

My brother, JOE, invested 21 years as a chaplain of the Air Force National Guard. He retired with the rank of Lieutenant Coronel while at the same time, he was involved in full-time Christian service. 

His son MATTHEW is presently a Lieutenant in the Navy serving on a F/A Super Hornet, a carrier-based multirole fighter aircraft. 

Although ANN AND I haven't had the privilege of formally serving in a branch of the USA military service, we have shared with the aforementioned family members the same Supreme Commander in Chief: Our Lord Jesus Christ.

For 44 years our areas of spiritual combat have been in Guatemala and in the past 15 years we have ministered in addition to our beloved Cuba in the Caribbean where a conflict rages on behind the spiritual, political and social scenes. 

One of the greatest challenges in evangelism is what is called in missions: syncretism, a meshing of several religions. In this Caribbean Island, African animistic religions are mixed with mainstream Catholicism. Santeria, which identifies Catholic saints with African deities, is openly displayed in public. To make it more difficult for evangelical families, Santeria has been declared as the countries "folklore" religion and has forced students to adopt Santero practices at school. Many devotees are baptized into the Catholic Church and then cover their bases by being baptized also into their syncretic groups. Pray for the Cuban believers as they struggle with the demonic "cocktail" of syncretism. 

Pray for us as we are under significant stress. Ann's extensive load of study for her doctoral program, plus a full teaching load at the seminary (some classes are 2 1/2 hours long) are a drain on her energy. I also have similar classes coupled with planning for my next foray into the Caribbean island. Since Ann leaves for work at 5:20 a.m. and returns dead tired around 4:00 p.m.. This limits her in many areas. We need a time to rest and break away to visit of our support/prayer base in the USA. 

An additional prayer request is for a couple who we have discipled for 7 years. They recently have tail-spinned into disobedience, leaving a destructive testimony. This has broken our hearts. 

Teresa's kidney problems continue to be a debilitating factor in her life. 

On the other hand, Margie Watson's, coronation funeral service in Tampa, was bathed with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for praying.  [See photo of Margie at bottom of email for March 4, 2012]

My mother, Mariana, who lives with us is in great health considering that she is a soon-to-be 86 "young lady" in her golden years. 

As the spiritual conflict rages on around the world, the real battle is won when believers bend the knee in prayer and take us to the Throne of Grace. We just do the follow-up to these prayers. 

We are counting on you. 

Bob, for Ann also


  Dear Partners in Ministry, [April 8, 2012]

I can almost be certain that big Idaho potatoes are readily available in your favorite supermarket -- the big juicy kind that you can stuff with butter, sour cream, cheese sprinkles, bacon bits and chives. Some like them baked until puffed and golden. Yum! 

On my recent trip to my favorite Caribbean Island (March 8-15) I decided to find hospitality in a private home, lodging which is now deemed legal by the government, instead of the traditional 4-star, aging hotel. The room, on the second floor, was luxurious for Cuban fare with air condition and hot water. But the best part was the grandmother who hovered over me giving me the finest the family had. Breakfast always consisted of papaya, guava juice, bread, cheese and eggs. This was served on her balcony that overlooked the street below. 

On the third morning, during breakfast, I noticed an older fellow pulling by hand a heavy wagon full of potatoes and he stopped right below me. In an instant, apartment dwellers from all directions swarmed around the wagon and cleaned out his stock. This happened that morning numerous times. My hostess then gave me an insight into Cuban life. Produce comes to Havana from the farms on a very erratic basis. For weeks potatoes had disappeared from the market shelves. Now, for some mysterious reason, they were in abundance. Folks would then take their baskets overflowing with potatoes and share with family, neighbors, and friends. For 50 years since the beginning of the Revolution. Cubans have survived by living in community. Lesson learned! By the way, for supper I had a chicken leg and half of a potato! ☺ 

The best part of this story is that my hostess, Doña Emma Rodríquez, is primed for receiving Jesus as Savior. Every morning, before I would leave for teaching and visitation among the churches, she would hear Bible stories that she had NEVER heard before. After a long day of ministry, I would return to the apartment and find her new Bible in her sitting area opened to a different passage. PRAY for her. I see in my mind’s eye the beginning of a new house church. Her family already has links with friends in the Christian community. Her children are mostly medical doctors. Through your prayers we can usher her into the Kingdom. 

Last month on March 1st Ann’s mother, Marjorie A. Watson, quietly passed into the presence of the Savior. For almost 4 years we had the privilege of taking care of this precious saint in our home in Guatemala City. Two Guatemalan ladies, who dearly loved Marjorie, hovered over her 24/7. 

When she first arrived, and the terrible Alzheimer’s disease still allowed her to think straight, her continuous question was: “Why doesn’t the Lord take me home right away?” We would reply: “Because He has given us more time to love and honor you.” She is now in her Heavenly home reunited with family, friends and especially with the scores of Campa Indians that she and her husband Bert led to Christ during 35 years in the Peruvian jungles. 

Her Coronation Ceremony is planned for April 21, Saturday, 3:00 p.m. at Christ Community, Tampa, Florida. Pray that this celebration will honor the Name of Jesus and bring tribute to Marjorie’s name. We would love to have you participate with your presence.   (See April 5th email below for church location, phone, etc.)

In His Grip, 

Bob, for Ann also….

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [April 5, 2012]

A ceremony remembering the remarkable life of Marjorie Watson will be celebrated on April 21, Saturday, 3:00 p.m. at the following location. We warmly invite your attendance. 

Christ Community Church 
6202 North Himes Ave. 
Tampa, FL 33614 

//Office Hours: Tuesday thru Friday, 9AM - 5PM. 
//Phone Number: 813.879.2077 
//General Email Address: 
// Website: 

It wasn't a coincidence that as we were planning this program honoring the passing of our 90 year old loved one, a care-giver from Chantilly Bible in Chantilly, VA sent us the following YouTube presentation on the beginning of life, from conception to birth. This video uses the newest x-ray scanning technology and won the author the Nobel Peace prize. 

It is a mighty presentation of our God who is the initiator of life and, in His omniscience, He is acquainted with every cell of our bodies. He truly is the One who knitted us together in the womb. So, when we feel down, submerged in our self-pity and loneliness, let's meditate on Psalm 139 which points us to our one and only, true God. 

Link to video: 

In His eternal Grip, 
Bob Henriques

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [March 4, 2012]

From Guatemala on a Heavenly Coronation.... Marjorie Watson 1921 - 2012

In our home in Guatemala City, Marjorie Watson, Ann’s mother, quietly passed into the presence of the Lord on March 1, 2012. She is survived by 2 sons, Joel and Mike, and her daughter Ann. For almost 10 years she valiantly struggled with Alzheimer's as she slowly lost her memory and ultimately the control of critical areas of her body. 

She and her husband Bert were the quintessential pioneer missionaries. They invested 35 years ministering among the Campas, a primitive tribe in the Peruvian jungles. Using his unique building skills, Bert constructed their house elevated on columns along side of an Amazonian tributary. 

Basic supplies were flown to them over the jungle or came up river by boat; Ann’s brothers, accompanied with Indians, hunted for animals to provide a meat source and Ann was in charge of raising the chickens. Bert cultivated a vegetable garden and from “scratch” Marjorie cooked delicious meals. Most importantly, they translated Scriptures into the Campa language. 

With the help of local Campas, Bert would walk the jungle trails to make contact with scattered Indian families. A church was founded and the first pastor was the tribe’s witchdoctor, Tampinari, an elderly, nearly blind and unlettered fellow who had been divinely wrenched from the demonic evils of Satan. Bert would recite whole portions of scripture to him and Tampinari, with a prodigious memory, hid the Word in his heart and pastored his flock. Ultimately a Bible Institute was founded to prepare future leaders of the tribe. 

Ann’s enduring memory of her mother, which will be forever etched in her heart, is a picture of a woman profoundly in love with her Bible and her beloved Jesus. Every morning before any one else was up Marjorie was awake reading the Word and praying. At her feet Ann learned the Bible and became a believer. 

Marjorie’s desire to be with Jesus was incomparable. Time and time again she would ask us why the Lord kept her alive and we would answer: “You are with us so that we can have more time to love and honor you.” 

To the many who prayed and donated to their ministry rest assured that the Watson legacy forever lives on. Can you imagine the homecoming parade in Heaven prepared for Marjorie, her reunion with Bert and other family members, fellow missionary colleagues who preceded them and, above all, see her surrounded by the many Campa Indians who came to a saving knowledge of Christ through the Watson family ministry? All of this was possible because the church in America nurtured the missionary vision and sent these faithful servants into the Peruvian jungles! 

Memorial donations can be sent to the South America Mission, Inc., 1021 Maxwell Mill Road, Suite B, Fort Mill, SC 29708. These funds will cover a debt she owes to SAM ($2,086) and also, if available, $2,000 would help us transport her back to Florida. A memorial service will be held in her home church, Christ Community of Tampa; then she will be “laid to rest” along side her husband Bert. Details pending. 

In His Loving Grip, 

Bob and Ann Henriques

P.S.  Two attachments accompany this email.  One is a photo of Marjorie holding a Cuban baby who we helped travel from Cuba to Guatemala.  To the very end of her life Marjorie still had a missionary heart.

The other attachment is a blog presentation of her singing her favorite hymn:  This World is NOT my home.  Click on the following Internet address and scroll down to her recording:

Marjorie Watson with Cuban Baby

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [January 26, 2012]

It was a most unanticipated response when an elderly Cuban lady received my Christmas gift. Her eyes welled up with tears when she opened a box containing several strands of Christmas lights. Even if they had been available in the market place, their cost would have been way beyond her means. Without delay, she joyfully wrapped them around her tiny Christmas tree. 

Christmas in Cuba hasn’t always been an official holiday. Following the declaration of Cuba as an atheist nation in 1962, Christmas was removed from the official list of holidays in 1969 when Fidel Castro decided it was interfering with the sugar harvest festival. Authorities banned the public display of Christmas trees and nativity scenes, other than in places frequented by tourists. In honor of Pope John Paul II’s visit to the Island in 1997 the holiday was restored. 

Several years ago, when I was invited to speak in one of Havana’s largest Baptist churches, I stood behind a pulpit that was surrounded by 5 Christmas trees. Talk about making up for lost time! 

My December ministry in Cuba was awe-inspiring as usual. Thank you for praying. Five churches joined for several days of Bible exposition. These folk just can’t get enough of the Word. Since transportation is so difficult we would pick up attendees as they walked along side of the highways to where the conference was to be held. Love to have you accompany me in one of these treks
Pray that the biblical instruction will impact individuals and congregations.

Pray also for my next trip, March 8 -15. Finances are always an issue. I love filling my suitcases with giveaway meds, clothing, toothpaste, soap, condiments, literature for ministry, and depending the season, even Christmas lights! 

There have been several cancellations for our Missions Exposure Adventures for this coming summer. I will terribly miss my yearly challenge to young people on a career in cross-cultural missions. The Lord knows. 

Margie Watson, Ann’s mother, continues her valiant struggle to maintain her frail health. We are fortunate to have two live-in ladies who provide her with 24/7 loving hospice care. On the other hand, my mother, Mariana, continues to be blessed with a sharp mind and surprisingly good health. What an honor it is to have these two grand ladies living with us. 

While I was in Cuba Ann fell and fractured her left foot, hence a month of struggling with a cast. Despite the inconvenience, she was able to prepare for her doctoral seminar and her assigned Greek classes for first trimester. She continues to hobble up and down the many seminary steps. 

Continue to take Teresa before the Throne of Grace. There still hasn’t been a resolution to her severe kidney problem. 

And so we face the vagaries of life….trusting and obeying. Thank you for joining us in our pilgrimage. 

In His Grip, 


P.S. If you would like to join us in supporting the Cuban students, send your donations to CAM International, 8625 La Prada Drive, Dallas, TX and tag the gift for project #062905. 

Or, you could donate online at the CAM giving site: www.

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [December 7, 2011]

For those who have joined us for our Missions Exposure Adventure the name Juan Cocón, a Cakchiquel Mayan Indian, is very familiar. Who can forget making tortillas over a wok-type wood-burning stove in his humble adobe home? 

Bob met Juan 43 years ago, and their relationship as close friends and colleagues in ministry has not diminished over the years. He has been a mentor and model of faithfulness. 

Five years after losing his beloved wife to tuberculosis, John decided that he wasn’t cut out for the single life--especially as a 71 year old. Sooooo….recently he tried a novel approach in his quest for a bride: he elaborated a list of 10 available single ladies and approached them with the question: Will you marry me and join me in ministry? The 10th and last one on his list said YES! 

If you see John these days, you will find him beaming with a wide, satisfied grin. He and his bride (age 40), continue to reach weekly an average of 3,000 children with the Gospel in the public schools in the Cakchiquel town of Patzún, Guatemala. Pray for them. (See photo of John below). 

Ann’s mother, Marjorie Watson, hit a milestone the other day when she celebrated her 90th birthday. She reminds us of what one sage wrote: “The future lies before you like a field of driven snow; be careful how you treat it, for every step will show.” As we reflect on Marjorie’s life – her profound love of the Master and the 45 years of ministry with her husband Bert among the Campa tribe in Perú.  Her steps continue to inspire us to be forever faithful in spite of severe tests and sacrifice. Pray for us as we take care of this blessed saint and my mother Mariana (86 years old). 

Tomorrow, December 8th, Bob leaves for Cuba. The religious visa arrived on time! Pray for an effective teaching and evangelistic ministry and also for financial coverage. 

Seven years ago Ann had her last chemotherapy treatment for cancer. A recent blood test confirms that her body is totally free from cancerous cells. Praise to Him who heals. 

Teresa has had a relapse with her kidney problem. She has had follow-up counsel via Skype with her Guatemalan doctor. And life and ministry continue on.... 

Thank you for joining us. 

In His Grip, 

Bob and Ann 

P.S. If you wish to participate in the preparation of future Cuban leadership you may do by sending a donation to:

CAM International 
8625 La Prada Dr. 
Dallas, TX 75228. 

Be sure to tag your donation: SETECA Cuban students #062905
Or, you can donate online at:

John Cocon

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [November 11, 2011]

It was an unforgettable moment when the beat-up Toyota bus dropped me off at a muddy path in the outskirts of Havana, Cuba. A pastor friend had invited me to address a “small” group (50+) of church leaders and their wives for a 4-day conference on the Biblical prerequisites for leadership (1 Tim. 3, Titus 1).

I discovered that beyond the muddy path there was quite a large group crowded into an unpretentious, makeshift wooden structure. A platform allowed a better view of the audience but at the same time raised my head closer to a blazing hot tin roof. Throughout the days of teaching I constantly sprinkled my notes with droplets of sweat.

The desire expressed by these folk to hear the exposition of the Biblical text was extraordinary, 4-hour sessions in the morning and a couple of more hours in the evening. Many walked long distances even during the late night hours to soak in more of the Word.

Each session was prefaced with 40 minutes of spirited worship music, Cuban style. I have included an Internet YouTube link for you to sample the kind of music that prepared the way for the teaching of the Word. Click the link, fill the screen and turn up the volume. Clear the area around you for some serious tapping of your feet. Remember that around the world each culture expresses its love of the Savior with different rhythms and melodies. This particular hymn was composed and performed by a worship band from the Baptist Church of Morón, Cuba. It proclaims that Jesus is the Living Water. He is the solution to all the problems in life.

Great answer to prayer! I just received word that the Religious Visa was granted for my next ministry trip to Cuba - Dec. 11-17. This allows me to legally participate publicly in religious activities. 

Pray for the Cuban church. In the midst of significant strides for the advancement of the Gospel, difficult and hurtful events have occurred that try to hinder and discourage. 

Continue to pray for our daughter Teresa’s health. Her husband Jon wrote: 

“We sure will remember 11/11/11. Teresa had to be rushed to the E.R. last night because of her kidney condition. She had been doing so well for the last month but unfortunately a severe relapse occurred last night. This was far worse than anything over the last year as far as symptoms go. She had been off painkillers for a month but last night it took 4 morphine shots before she could even begin to cope. Pray that this is only an isolated incident." 

Please drop a note to let us know that you have received this email. At times we receive only a handful of responses after sending messages into cyberspace to over 450 folks. 

Let us know your prayer requests! 

We are counting on you. 

In His Grip, 


  Dear Partners in Ministry, [September 23, 2011]

Because of an unexpected cancellation, dates for summer 2012 have opened up for a Missions Exposure Adventure: arrival June 22, departure July 2. Any takers? 

During this past summer we hosted in our home 3 teams totaling 70 young people and counselors. What a glorious massive sleepover we had! Reports are trickling in of God’s working in lives. Come join us next summer! 

My time in Cuba was truly an adventure with God (more details forthcoming). The next trip is planned for the third week in December. Pray that a religious visa will be granted. 

Pray for the monthly funds needed to cover the seminary expenses for the Cuban students. Since the outset of 2011 we have had a $1,100.00 monthly shortfall in our support; monies that normally would go to these students. 

We continue with the privilege of providing Tender Loving Care for our mothers. Marjorie, Ann’s mother is in poor health. She has mini-strokes periodically; each seems to be more severe than the previous one. Mariana, my mother, enjoys good health at age 86. Her mind is quite sharp and she can still move about by herself. 

Here’s one for the books… For 10 months Teresa suffered excruciating pain from what was initially diagnosed as kidney stones. She passed them one after the other. The 17 doctors that Teresa consulted could not determine why her kidneys constantly malfunctioned in this fashion. They basically “gave up” on her. It was then when we got the Guatemalan connection in action. 

To make a long story short, Teresa is now with us in Guatemala for a month. Within 48 hours upon arrival our family doctor diagnosed her malady as CRYSTALLURIA, a metabolic disorder that forms calcium phosphate crystals. Instead of tiny round ball-shaped stones, her kidneys were passing flat crystals that were like shards of glass. OUCH! She has responded very favorably to a special diet and medication. Join us in prayer for her health. 

Today, 49 years ago, I became a believer in Jesus. Wish you could be with us for the party! Over the years God has been so good and merciful. 

In His Grip,


P.S. If you would like to join us in supporting the Cuban students, send your donations to CAM International, 8625 La Prada Drive, Dallas, TX and tag the gift for Project #060905.

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [June 1, 2011]

Did you hear the news? 

The world’s population will reach 7 billion at the turn of 2011-12. 

Experts in missions tell us that more than half of the world population has not heard a clear presentation of the Gospel, nor live close enough to someone who is willing or able to tell the Gospel story. For us, involved in full time missions, this is a disquieting and haunting reality. 

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest therefore to send out workers in His harvest field. Mt. 9:37 

Is Jesus' plea before His heavenly Father still valid today? 

In response to Jesus' prayer request, for over 30 years, Ann and I have hosted 10-day Missions Exposure Adventures that expose and challenge youth from America to the possibility of a lifetime career in a cross-cultural outreach either next door or around the world. 

This summer three teams will come--from Iowa, Texas and Florida. 

Pray for protection as we travel throughout Guatemala and pray for good weather (the rainy season is upon us). Pray especially for Ann as she is responsible for keeping the kitchen humming along with two meals a day -- all of this while maintaining her doctorate studies and teaching classes in Greek. I am married to an amazing lady! 

Whisper before the Throne of Grace the following names of the first MEA team from Walnut Ridge Baptist Church, Waterloo, Iowa: Nik, Kristy, Marina, Brett, Ben, Jonathan, Peter, Matt, Samuel, Cally, Natasha, Olivia, Ebony, Lucas, Jon and Joria

Visit the YouTube site using the link below to see a great video on our last team's activities/ministries: 

Here are other "front burner" prayer and praise items: 

  • Our daughter Teresa continues her 6-month struggle with kidney stones. She presently is on stone number 24. 
  • Pray that Cuba will eventually extend to me a Religious Visa so that I can continue my teaching ministry at the National Evangelical Seminary in Havana. Next trip: July 15-24.  
  • Ann has been given full "professorship" status at the Central American Theological Seminary (SETECA). Her main area of teaching is New Testament Greek studies and also a spiritual life course. PTL! 
  • Alzheimer's continues to take its toll on Ann's mother, Margie Watson. However, there are days when she does recognize Ann and we briefly see glimpses of a much younger Margie. On the other hand, my mother’s mind and body continue to be sound (at age 86!) 
  • Continue to pray for financial support for the Cuban students while they prepare at our seminary for ministry in Cuba. We are still lacking $2,000 monthly toward full funding. 

Remember that prayer is where the battle is fought; we on the field just do the follow-up. 

In His Grip,

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [February 16, 2011]

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer and financial support. The battle is accomplished when you are on your knees; we just do the follow up to your prayers. 

Here are some praise/pray items: 

  • The Lord has given us the indescribable privilege of teaching at the Central American theological Seminary (SETECA), one of the premier ministerial training centers in all of the Spanish world. Presently there are 2,794 graduates serving the Lord in more than 30 countries. The entering group of new students this school year (which began on January 25) is comprised of 18 nationalities, including Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Spain, Peru, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, France, Korea, Honduras, USA, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic. Between the both of us, we have been assigned 106 students for a number of classes. Pray that our teaching will be an outflow of our walk with Jesus. 
  • Three teams of mostly young people (high school & college) are in preparation for our Missions Exposure Adventure for this coming summer: Walnut Ridge Baptist, Waterloo, Iowa, Venice Bible Church, Venice, FL, Heritage School, Fredericksburg, TX. Pray that more laborers will be called to the fields whiten unto harvest. 
  • The little church that we helped start 25 years ago, San Cristobal Bible Church, is now overflowing to its max every Sunday service. The Lord has given us an unusually gifted expositor of the Word as preacher. PTL! We have started within the congregation a mini-seminary to ground the folk in the Word. Presently we have 35 teachers, all members of the church, who serve as teachers within our 300 member "Body." 
  • For several months I have been suffering from a debilitating sleep disorder -- possibly sleep apnea. Tests will be made on Mon., Feb. 21. This has sapped my energy and the "senior moments" come more often than usual. :-) 
  • Teresa continues to struggle with kidney stones; she is on number 14 as of this writing. Pray that the MDs will find the source and cure of this chronic problem! 
  • Here's an unexpected blessing: the National Evangelical Seminary in Havana, Cuba has bestowed upon Ann and me an Honorary Doctorate's degree. Although profoundly grateful, we are reminded of Paul's words in Phil 3:7 "But whatever was to my profit I consider loss for the sake of Christ." My next trip to the Island will be mid-May. 
  • The financial needs (tuition/board) of the Cuban students continue to weigh heavy on our hearts. If you wish to participate in meeting this monthly need, you may do so by sending a check to: 

CAM International
8625 La Prada Dr.
Dallas, TX 75228
    Be sure to tag your donation: SETECA, project #060905

In His Grip,

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [January 19, 2011]

Do you know of a church, Sunday school class, or college group that would like to experience a missions trip "with a twist" --- one that provides the opportunity to travel to Guatemala to experience cross cultural missions up close? Unexpectedly, a group that had been committed to the time slot, June 3-13, decided to change their summer plans. 

Over 30 years the Lord has used our Missions Exposure Adventure to nudge young and older believers to a life more committed to what God is doing in the world today.  PRAY that this opportunity will not slide by. 

Note:  Go back to our home page: http:\\ to learn more about these trips and to view a flash movie featuring former participants.  Click the MEA link and the MEA Flash Movie link on the home page. 

Here are a couple of pressing prayer requests and praise items: 

Teresa's kidneys are not functioning well. They are producing kidney stones, one after the other. Pray that her urologist will give her proper treatment. 

One item of praise: Tammy's health is much improved. Presently, she is having a problem with her spine but feeling well enough to be actively pursuing the possibility of a part-time job. 

Ann is thoroughly enjoying her doctoral studies, but returns home totally wiped out. Pray for strength and the funds to cover tuition and books. 

My last trip to Cuba was very significant. There is more and more indication that revival is sweeping through the evangelical church in spite of the dire political and living conditions. Sinai, our first Cuban student to graduate with honors, just returned from a month in Cuba after surveying possibilities for future ministry as a seminary professor with the goal of preparing future leaders. He and his bride will be welcomed with open arms. 

Thank you for joining us in this wonderful missionary venture!

In His Grip,

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [November 19, 2010]

Dear Prayer Partners,  

After several months of collective prayer, two days ago I received a Religious Visa from Cuban officials that allows me to preach and teach the Word during my upcoming visit (Dec 1-14). Very few of these are granted. I also go with a special license from the USA State Department that gives me permission for me as an American citizen to travel to Cuba for educational purposes. Pray for an effective witness in Jesus' Name. 

Pray also for the funds to purchase the visa, medicine, educational material and transportation costs for use while in Cuba. 

During the past summer months we hosted three Missions Exposure Adventures -- 40 young people and counselors were challenged to a deeper involvement in cross-cultural missions. One young man responded to God's working in his life after he returned home by writing: 

"I am Thomas Bolton. I came with the Grace Community Church mission team in June of this year. I thought you would like to know that I am attending Johnson Bible College this fall. I don't know if you remember or not, but one night you challenged the members of my missions team to attend a Bible college or seminary for at least our first two years of college. 

When I got back home I talked with my parents and prayed regarding this. I want you to know that I believe God has called me to accept your challenge. I am attending Johnson Bible College and am working to obtain a dual major in both counseling and Bible. I cannot wait to see what God has prepared for me at Johnson." 

God continues to use our MEA (through your prayer efforts) to expose the younger generation to missions! For the summer of 2011 we have one commitment and two more slots for others to join us. Maybe your church would like to experience a mission’s trip "with a twist." Contact us ASAP! First come first served...... 

Praise! Tammy is feeling stable and is looking for a part time job. The tumor at the base of her skull seems to be diminishing in size. Recently she visited us in Guatemala and did not need a wheel chair! Teresa is now having multiple health issues -- all at once. Do pray. 

Ann’s mother, Marjorie, turned 89 golden years today! My mother, Mariana, continues to struggle along. Pray of these dear people in our lives. 

Continue to pray for the funding of the Cuban students (two couples and one single) as they study in Guatemala for ministry in Cuba. They still need 60% of the amount required for school and living expenses. If you wish to participate with a one-time donation or a monthly commitment send to: 

CAM International 
8625 La Prada Dr.
Dallas, TX 75228

Be sure to tag your gift: SETECA Cuban students, project #060905. 

In His Grip,

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [October 6, 2010]

Dear Prayer Partners, 

Last Thursday, September 30, 1:05 p.m., my father’s valiant heart finally succumbed to Alzheimer’s, a savagely cruel disease. The Lord’s timing had it so that I would be the only one present as he slowly slipped into eternity. As he began his journey, I prayed with him and read the Scriptures. Bento Henriques

He came to America as an illegal immigrant from Portugal -- a stowaway in an ocean liner. Soon, he straightened out his legal status and joined the ranks of those who formed the backbone of one of the greatest nations in history. 

Father truly belonged to what Tom Brokaw calls The Greatest Generation, a tribute to those warriors who fought for America in World War II. During the war years Bento served the USA as a Merchant Marine. He loved the American flag, a symbol of freedom, sacrifice and new opportunities. 

Bento believed in the words immortalized by Emma Lazarus on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty.

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. 
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" 

Apart from his patriotism, father will be remembered for his willingness to freely assist others using his multiple gifts. He was a master plumber, electrician, carpenter, mason,mechanic and much more. Not only did he model before my brother and me how to be true Americans but also the value of a hard days work. Most importantly, he expressed on several occasions that his faith was firmly in Christ for the forgiveness of his sins. Already the Lord has plans for father to head up “work” teams in Heaven. 

Pray for our mother (84 years old) who has been profoundly impacted by the departure of her companion of 65 years. We are taking care of her in Guatemala with 24/7 watch care. Her health is fragile. 

My brother and I know that today father is enjoying all that Heaven has for him and someday we will be by his side with an exquisite bottle of vintage Portuguese wine, cheese, and bread prepared for a great family reunion. 

Hasta pronto nuestro amado padre….   

In His eternal grip, 

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [July 11, 2010]

It happened right smack in the middle of Guatemala City. The neighbors say that it started with earth rumbles under their houses. But then in a blink of an eye, with a huge slurping sound, a three-story factory, along with several residences, disappeared into a sinkhole so deep and wide that the Statue of Liberty (minus the pedestal) could fit comfortably inside. Fortunately, the factory workers had vacated the premises after a day’s work. Check out the attached photo. 

Huge sinkhole in Gatemala City

In three days a year’s amount of water fell on Guatemala. Tropical storm Agatha earlier battered Central America. Then storm Alex paid us a visit. In total, 107,000 are homeless, 167 dead, 63 bridges destroyed and on and on. Pray that God will use these natural disasters to bring many to Himself. 

On June 6 we celebrated 42 years of marriage; the same number of years we have served the Lord as missionaries with CAM International. In one week we graduated from Columbia Bible College, married and the next day flew to Dallas to join our beloved mission. God has been so good to us. 

We are in full swing into the season of Mission Exposure Adventures. Grace Community of Knoxville, Tennessee came first with 11 sharp believers keen on learning all about God’s missionary heart (see attached pic). In two weeks 17 will be with us from Emmanuel Bible from Springfield, Virginia, and then to wrap up the season, a team of 15 from Webster Bible, Webster, New York will be at our doorstep. 

Grace Community Church team

As many as 90% of career missionaries from North America have had a short-term missions experience in their past that has nudged them on to full-time service. As we partner together, we are participating in this so important venture. Pray on! 

In His Grip, 
Bob and Ann 

P.S. As of this writing, funding for the Cuban students seminary education is at 30%. If you wish to participate in the preparation of future Cuban leadership you may do by sending a check to: 

CAM International
8625 La Prada Dr
Dallas, TX 75228. 

Be sure to tag your donation: SETECA Cuban students #062627. Or, you can donate online:

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [June 3, 2010]

Vignette one….

I knew something was amiss when, as I stepped out of the immigration booth, a policeman requested me to relinquish my passport. No other passenger was signaled out to do so. He assured me that I would see this document again at the custom’s center. The interrogation and scrutiny of our suitcases that followed took 4 hours. Throughout this unsettling process I had ample time to share my faith with the polite gentleman who handled our case.

Although everything that we carried in our suitcases was permitted according to official entry documentation, all of the work manuals for Greek and English instruction and a small bag of meds for a clinic were taken away from us. It broke our hearts… The Lord knows the time, money and energy invested in this material…..

Vignette two… Question: How to teach a language when the students don’t have textbooks? Creativity helps. Using two small white boards and dry erase markers we were able to make significant progress. We went back to the times of the one room school log cabin when the students faithfully and laboriously copied what the teacher wrote on the blackboard.

Vignette three… It happened after lunch when Ann felt a sharp pain around the stomach area. This continued throughout the night until daybreak when medical personnel rushed her to the hospital for acute appendicitis. Her very capable surgeon said that it was caught just in time. In the whole country only one hospital is available for “folks like us.” The admittance fee was $2,000. Once again our very capable Divine Healer and Provider stepped up to the plate. We are trusting that our medical insurance will help defray some of the costs. Ann is now recuperating well.

Pray for funds to also cover air travel, lodging and lost didactic material. Another chapter quietly closes in another foray into this needy place. Plans are for our return in November. Pray On!

Upon our return, Guatemala was hit with a series of natural disasters: a volcanic eruption, Tropical Storm Agatha which provoked the opening of a giant sinkhole that swallowed a 3 story building whole. As a result of these disasters more than 180 people are reported dead.

On a rainy night a friend called and told me to stick my hand out the window and feel the “rain.” To my surprise it was sand falling from the sky --- hot sand! Guatemala's Pacaya volcano (15 miles from our house) was erupting lava and rocks. The country's capital was covered with ash and sand (3 inches in some places), forcing the closure of the international airport.

On the heels of the eruption, Tropical Storm Agatha slammed into the Guatemalan coast near the border with Mexico. Dozens of bridges were destroyed by raging rivers and more than 110,000 fled their homes destroyed by mud slides.

It happened in a blink of an eye, in downtown Guatemala City, a 3 story factory disappeared into a sinkhole over a 100 feet deep. The workers had just closed up for the day. A porous limestone base and a broken sewage system are to blame.

Life is NEVER boring in these parts as we adventure for God and His Kingdom.

In His Grip,

P.S. Continue to pray for the funding of the Cuban students: ID number for donations for them through CAM: SETECA, Project #060905 CAM International, 8625 La Prada Drive, Dallas, TX 75228

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [May 6, 2010]

It took 2 years of planning, 18 committees (with sub-committees), 675 registered participants representing 31 countries, 15 top mission leaders from throughout the world of missions who provided leadership and instruction in seminars (35 of them) in the afternoons and stirring God-filled messages in the evenings and great music from our student body.

Mix all of the above and you get one of the most significant missions conference in recent memory in the Spanish speaking world. The driving force of the conference was summarized in the words: CROSSING NEW FRONTIERS.

Last week our school SETECA (Central American Theological Seminary) was the site of this much acclaimed missions event. I wish that you could have heard the testimonies of our alumni who serve in extremely hostile countries, mostly in the 10-40 window, among Muslims and other ethnic groups. The world has never been more hostile and antagonistic to the Gospel, yet doing miracles "behind the scenes."

Pray for the follow-up in the lives of all who dedicated themselves in Crossing New Frontiers for Christ. We hosted 9 conference participants in our home, mostly Panamanians. The house rocked!

Tomorrow, May 7, Ann and I travel to Cuba, for a week of teaching at the National Evangelical Seminary. Pray that we will minister through the power of the Holy Spirit.

My last trip led me to interview several leaders in the Cuban evangelical movement. One brother shared the goals his church has for 2010. By the end of the year he envisions 100 new home churches in a large sector of Havana. The men's group has committed themselves to disciple 100 men on a one to one basis. This same church just commissioned and sent forth 2 young ladies as missionaries to India! Amazing!

And to think that you have been a part of the above through your faithfulness in prayer and giving. Thank you....

Pray for protection as we travel and pray especially for the funds for airfare, lodging and the textbooks that we donate to the Cuban seminary students. (total approx. $2,000)

In His Grip,

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [February 12, 2010]

A year's end in review....

They marched proudly in step with the cadence of Pomp and Circumstance – all 34 graduates that form the class of 2009 of the Guatemala Bible Seminary. As Ann and I watched along with fellow professors, there were tears as we reminisced over the years that many of these young men and women were discipled in our teaching ministry.

Already we have heard good reports of the beginnings of their formal ministry throughout Guatemala and in other countries. Pray for the Class of 2009.

My parents (Bento age 92 Alzheimer’s, Mariana age 83) have joined Ann’s mother (Marjorie age 88 Alzheimer’s) in living out their golden years with us in Guatemala. They live in a “circle of love” with many helpers who provide for them 24-hour, tender, loving care. What a privilege and honor the Lord has given us!

In a couple of hours I leave for a 13-day trip to Cuba. Pray for a problem free entry and that the Lord will use me to encourage many.

All of the above is possible because of your faithful participation in prayer and giving.

Thank you.

In His Grip,

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [February 3, 2010]

A shiver of excitement raced through me as I read a recent email from a pastor friend from Cuba. 

He wrote: “On December 27 I was privileged to address a crowd of 3,000 with the Gospel of Christ. Over 200 made professions of faith.” Extraordinary! 

In the midst of all the political/social/economic/spiritual challenges Cuba faces, this is God’s news behind the newspaper’s headlines. Pray for the Cuban population as the economic spiral downward has created a severe scarcity of basic needs. I will be travelling to the dark Island Feb. 12 – 24 in order to meet with colleagues at the National Evangelical Seminary and also visit the parents of the students who study in Guatemala in preparation for future ministry in Cuba. 

I go with some trepidation because of recent events. Please pray for protection, wisdom and that my presence will be a blessing to all I meet. 

Heavy on my heart is the funding for the Cuban students (two couples and one single) who are studying in the Central American Theological Seminary in Guatemala City. Although some commitments for support have been made, there still is a monthly shortfall of $3,000. If the Lord should lead you to participate, send a note of your intentions to: CAM International, 8625 La Prada Drive, Dallas, TX 75228. A tax receipt will be extended. Important: tag your contribution (one time or longer) with the project number: #060905

Other news worthy of praise and prayer

  • My parents (mother age 83, father age 92) have joined Ann’s mother (age 88) in living with us in a two-apartment condo that we constructed for them on our property. They are surrounded with 3 fulltime ladies who faithfully provide oversight and loving care. My father also struggles with Alzheimer’s. What a privilege it is for us to honor and love our parents in their golden years! Praise Him. 

  • Two of our sons-in-law need employment. Tim, our son, is also apprehensive in regards to his job.

  • Continue to pray for Tammy. Her neurologist, who was one of few MDs that understood her complex medical situation, passed away recently. Her health is in a fragile stability and needs our prayers more than ever. 
“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

In His Grip,

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [November 26, 2009]

Thanksgiving Day...

Here is an additional item for your praise time as you sit with family and friends before the abundance of an American Thanksgiving meal. 

Recently almost half of the GBS student body was divided into 4 missionary teams. They traveled to Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama. The Nicaraguan team returned bubbling with significant news: in conjunction with local churches, approximately 100 Nicaraguans received Christ as Savior. 

Soooo.....through us as their profs and through the missionary hearts of these precious young students, YOU as a partner in our ministry have reach into the hearts of many. Praise the Lord! 

This afternoon at 1:00 we will share our Thanksgiving meal with a number of CAM colleagues, several of whom are at the moment in a "single status." We will thank the Lord for all that He is and all that He has graciously and abundantly showered upon us during this past year. 

In His Grip Forever, 
Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [July 27, 2009]

Ann writes: 

"On July 1, 2005, I discovered a lump in my left breast. Today, the daunting chemotherapy and radiation sessions that followed seem to be a distant blur. Can it be that 5 years have already slipped by? My last visit to the oncologist last month was so encouraging when he said: "so far all is well." 

A dear friend of mine, who encouraged me on as she went through her own struggle with cancer, lost her battle last month and is now with the Lord. Why her? Why me? Why not? 
God is good and He knows what is best for each of us! 

With the onset of the cancer treatment I had to drop out of the Doctorate program. Now I am considering returning to the complete this course of study. Praise God for His wonderful grace! 

Tammy! Our precious daughter Tammy! Her health has been anything but stable during the past 15 years. Tomorrow she will have a pacemaker inserted in her heart to try to control the arrhythmia that has been draining her strength for months now. The procedure is scheduled for 8:00 a.m., Tuesday morning, July 28 at Nova Hospital in Fairfax, Va. 

Pray for a quick recovery and a return of strength. Once she recuperates from this surgery she may be able to have the pacemaker in her stomach turned on again to aid her digestive system. It has been a LONG time since she has felt really good! But, she knows God is in control.the full 

One more item for your prayer time: four of the Cuban students who are presently students at GBS still have not received their temporary resident visas from Guatemala's immigration service. For almost a year the paper work has been snarled in governmental red tape. 

Pray on! 

In His Grip,
Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [July 4, 2009]

The 4th of July usually is a “down day” for me as I miss enjoying with fellow Americans all the hoopla that accompanies this great day. 

However, this year we had 15 fellow American missionaries join us for a potluck around the grill. We decorated our porch with red, white and blue and shared with our colleagues our citizenship commonality. 

My brother Joe and I treasure this day. Presently, Joe is serving as one of the pastors of Mclean Bible Church, Vienna, VA at the Tysons Campus ( ). In a letter to his staff he captured, in his singular way, one of the reasons why the Henriques brothers have a profound love and loyalty to the United States of America. 

I have attached his letter along with recent pictures of Joe and our father, Bento.  Enjoy!

In His grip, 

Saturday, July 04, 2009 

Dear Tysons Staff, 

I love the United States of America for many reasons. My 21 years as Chaplain in the United States Air Force/Air National Guard contributed to that love and loyalty. But for the most part, that love came from my father, an immigrant from Portugal. He came as a stowaway in the early 40’s, became a legalized citizen via seven years of duty in the Merchant Marines, and went on to be yet another example of an immigrant who came to the land of opportunity with nothing and turned into a model citizen of integrity and industry. 

My father, 92, and my mother, 83, now live with us. Recently, I gave my father a small American flag. He looked at it for a couple of minutes and then said with deep feeling, “There used to be a time when this flag wasn’t mine, but, now it is.” Dementia has slowed his thinking process, so, after pausing for a little while longer, he continued, “It may be a small flag, but, it is still beautiful.” He carried the flag in his front pocket for days after. 

I write these things to encourage all of us to love our country. Love should be the result of deep appreciation for its constitution rooted in biblical thought, for education available to all, freedom of thought, a democratic process, and opportunities for work, entrepreneurial or otherwise. 

We are citizens of heaven – the land that we love above all others – but, we are also citizens of earth, saints who are in Christ and also in America. Pray fervently for the Lord’s truths to permeate our culture and society. Pray earnestly for the hearts of the fathers to turn to their children, and, most importantly, that many will turn their hearts to the Lord. 

Happy Fourth of July! 
Joe Henriques

Bento Henriques

Joe Henriques


  Dear Partners in Ministry, [June 17, 2009]

They have arrived! All 20 of them, mostly teens from Wichita, Kansas -- to experience our first Missions Exposure Adventure of the season.

Take these names before the Throne of Grace so that the Holy Spirit may work profoundly in their lives, especially in terms of world missions. Today we visit Pavon Prison, one of the most populated in Guatemala.

Joey Dan Justin Jeremy K.
Jeremy Dave Jacob Annie
Andrea Julie Cora Mandy
Alexis Rebeca Ashley Laura
Victoria Lydia Leta Anna

Several days ago Grammy Watson (Margie) fell and shattered the "ball" on her femur. Successful surgery was performed, and she is on the mend. Pray for the painful therapy that still is before her. USA insurance doesn't cover overseas and local companies don't take on folks over 60. But the same Saviour that provided for the Watsons all their years in the Amazon jungles will provide for this dear saint!

Hilda Aleas, the latest Cuban student to go through the gauntlet of Cuban and Guatemalan immigration paperwork and exorbitant costs, had to return to Cuban because of a family emergency. Pray for her mother who faces cancer. The process for Hilda's return to Guatemala would require the same long and costly process.

Pray for several family matters.... 

  • Teresa's John continues to be without work... 
  • Their son struggles with stomach problems. 
  • Tim is concerned regarding his tenure at Walgreens.... 
  • Tammy's health continues to be a concern to all...

We rejoice that we can count on you, true partners in ministry.

In His Grip,

Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [April 13, 2009]

San Pedro Yapocapa, Guatemala is a Mayan Indian town nestled between volcanoes Fuego and Acatenango. Two weeks ago our student body and faculty "invaded" San Pedro with the Gospel story. Over 60 folk made decisions for Christ. Rejoice with us! 

On a much grander scale, a recent two-day Luis Palau evangelistic festival drew an estimated 425,000. Many came to Christ! 

Today great news came to us from Cuba. After months of bureaucratic red tape Gildita Aleas has finally received permission to travel to Guatemala. She is the third Cuban student to join our seminary this year. Gildita is a 37-year old single lady who has occupied the position of professional journalist in one of Havana's few news radio stations. 

This gifted believer comes to us with a number of abilities that will serve His church in Cuba for years to come. Pray for the provision of $2,000 to meet immigration costs, her airplane ticket, and entry costs for study at our school. Her monthly school bill is $350.00, which includes books, room/board and tuition. Pray on! 

VERY special news comes from Tammy. A follow-up CAT scan revealed that the tumor at the base of her skull has decreased in size! Pray for her as she enters Fairfax Hospital tomorrow, April 14, for a procedure that will implant a heart pacemaker. Her heart's erratic behavior has greatly limited her movements. Our courageous Tammy continues to rejoice in the stability and comfort she finds in her Lord. 

In His Grip, 

Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [February 12, 2009]

Ann just returned from a whirlwind 4-day visit with Tammy in Warrenton, Virginia. Tammy is home now but still dealing with various issues regarding her heart, stomach, brain tumor, and a nervous condition exacerbated by constant pain and nausea. 

Through all of this she has managed to maintain her hope firmly planted in the Lord and that He has a purpose for this difficult time. 

On Feb. 23 she will be admitted to George Washington Hospital in Washington, D.C. for 5 days of diagnostic testing. She has been deluged with encouraging cards and letters and is so very grateful for the outpouring of love and prayer support (Tammy Carrick, 7469 Ashley Rd. Warrenton, VA 20187) 

Map of Cuba

Tomorrow, Friday, February 13, Ann and I leave for another exciting eight-day ministry trip to the dark, but beautiful island of Cuba. Dark, because for decades this exotic island has been under the sway of Santaria -- a diabolic mix of African witchcraft and Roman Catholicism. Yet, a thriving evangelical church continues to be a powerful witness. 

For a couple of days now we have been packing four suitcases with give-away..... 

clothes and shoes 
discipleship material
toiletry items
Greek and English textbooks

Pray that our ministry at the National Evangelical Seminary and in the homes of our Cuban friends will be an overflow of our walk with the Savior. Also, pray that the funds for airfare, lodging and land transportation will be provided. Jehova-Jireh!  (The LORD will provide!)

In His Grip, 
Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [January 25, 2009]

Our beloved daughter, Tammy, has been in Fauquier Hospital in Warrenton, Virginia since January 9th. She was admitted with seizures and severe vomiting. 

The seizures have been controlled but they seem to be increasing and more pronounced. She is still having problems with prolonged periods of vomiting which may be a flare-up of the gastroperesis problem that required the insertion of a stomach pace-maker about 18 months ago. 

One praise item: While in the hospital, Tammy received a report from a recent MRI that the brain tumor treated with laser surgery 6 months ago appears to be shrinking and dying. 

This prolonged hospital stay has been depressing for her and an extreme hardship for the family, especially for Sean who is trying to keep the family responsibilities moving along and Brendan who suffers from autism. 

If you wish to send Tammy a Get-Well card with words of encouragement, she would love to hear from you. Her address is: 

Tammy Carrick
7469 Ashley Rd.
Warrenton, VA 20187. 

Pray that the cause of the seizures will be diagnosed and a corrective procedure be implemented. 

In His Grip, Bob and Ann  

P.S. Yuyo finally made it to Guatemala from Cuba! You prayed and He answered. The reunion between him and his wife  and 4-month old baby was a scene out of the movies. 

Yuyo & Yanelis & baby Re-united

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [December 25, 2008]

Christmas Day -  December 25, 2008

Dear Partner in Ministry: 

During the past 4 months extraordinary and unfamiliar sounds have been heard in our home: the cries and gurglings of a tiny infant. On August 27, Yanelis Bermudez, future student of GBS, travelled from Havana to Guatemala City. Three days later she gave birth to a lovely baby girl – named Salet. (see photo). Yanelis & her baby, Salet

I believe that the Lord placed this baby in our midst as a daily reminder of the marvelous mystery of the Incarnation: God in human flesh

It has been said that the Lord's "weakest moment" was when He became a human baby, a vulnerable and totally dependent tiny person. Ultimately, He became the perfect mediator, the One who was tempted in all ways possible, but without sin. Presently, the God-Man sits as a human being with a glorified body at the right hand of God the Father, so willing to help us just in the nick of time.

Amazing!  Today we celebrate the birth of THE baby. 

In deference to the 5 Cubans who are with us, we had Cuban cuisine for Christmas dinner:

Black Beans and Rice (Congri – with onions and garlic)
Roast Pork
(Lechón Asado - marinated overnight in garlic, pepper corns & cumin)
Yuca with Garlic (Yuca con Mojo – onions, garlic and the juices from the roast pork)
Tostones (Plantains -- green cooking bananas, sliced and fried twice to golden brown)
Dessert – Due to popular request: Ann's "world famous" Pecan Pie and Coconut Cream Pie. 


Absent from the table were our beloved 4 children, spouses, 8 grandkids, and of course YOU our faithful companion in ministry. But then, we were able to sing in our hearts: "I'll be home for Christmas, you can plan on me. Please have snow and mistletoe and presents on the tree… Christmas eve will find me where the lovelight gleams. I'll be home for Christmas even if only in my dreams.

In His Grip,
Bob and Ann 

P.S. NEWS FLASH! Yuyo, Yanelis' husband, just received the visa to travel to Guatemala! You prayed faithfully for 4 months and the Lord has answered. PTL! 

Give us a call!
Phone Tampa & it rings in Guatemala:  (813) 600-3635
Postal Address:
Bob & Ann Henriques
GRO 26 
P.O. Box 526150
Miami, FL 33152-6150

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [November 8, 2008]

 We left Cuba with heavy hearts.
Two hurricanes have created a severe scarcity of food for the general population.  News sources now inform that another Hurricane, Paloma, has strengthened into a dangerous Category 4 storm, with top sustained winds of 225 kilometers an hour, as it heads today toward central Cuba.
Cubans come from a resilient and innovative "stock."  In the midst of tough times they usually are able to make ends meet by resorting to creative alternatives, which usually means relying on a flourishing underground market.  This time, however, the government has implemented a heavy hand against such efforts.
Our friend Gildita Aleas gave us a snapshot of the daily struggle in Cuba.
As we gave her a couple of bars of soap and toothpaste, her eyes filled with tears of gratitude.  That very morning she had cut open her last tube of toothpaste and scraped out enough for one more time!
Pray with us that God in His providence will use these days of calamity to turn many to the Savior.
Our time of teaching at the National Evangelical Seminary was filled with great satisfaction as the students eagerly soaked up Greek and English grammar.  They count the days for our return (Jan. 11-17).  Pray for these "servants in preparation."
The Guatemala entry visas for two Cuban students (Gildita & Yuyo) continue to be delayed due to beaucratic snags.  Pray on!

In His Grip, 

Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [October 8, 2008]

It was like a slow moving horror movie: it struck fear in the hearts of 11.2 million Cubans.

Twin natural disasters – Hurricanes Gustav and Ike – in 10 days ravaged Cuba from one end to the other. According to reports, 444,000 homes were damaged, with some 63,000 destroyed. Plantains, citrus and other fruits, corn, yucca, sugarcane, rice plantations, coffee beans, poultry farms and the tobacco crop were flattened or washed away. The electric grid and telecommunications systems were severely crippled. 

For a poor country, the losses are staggering. Early estimates place the financial tab at 5 billion dollars. 

What intrigues us, who love Cuba and her people, is the question: What are God's purposes in all of this? Can it be that, like the devastating earthquake that struck Guatemala in 1976, He will use these natural disasters to revitalize His church and bring many to salvation through His Son? Pray for Cuba. 

Ann and I plan to travel to this Caribbean island Oct. 10 – 18 for ministry at the National Evangelical Seminary. Although we will not be permitted to visit the affected areas, we want to be an encouragement to many. Pray for $2,500 to cover ministry materials, travel and lodging. 

Meanwhile, on the home front, we have had our share of "hurricanes." 

  • Several weeks ago we were the target of check fraud ($2,500) 

  • Last week a lightening bolt chose our house for a direct hit. Computer equipment, telephones, television and the solar system have to be replaced ($6,500) The Lord gave and has taken away; may His Name be praised. (Job 1:21) 

  • Ann's mother fell, dislocated her shoulder, and fractured her arm. She is on the mend.
  • Tammy continues to struggle with medical and personal issues. 

But then, with the Lord, there is always a silver lining in the dark clouds…. 

  • After two years of prayer, two of the four Cubans for which we have prayed have arrived for study at GBS. The married lady gave birth 3 days after arrival! Pray for her husband, Yuyo, who is still waiting for his entry visa. For the moment we have 3 Cuban ladies staying with us – two tall ones and one very short. ☺ 

  • Last Saturday, 34 men and women graduated from GBS. Sinai (Scott) Albareda, the first Cuban to graduate after 4 years study, received the Distinguished Student Award
    along with academic honors! 

We are encouraged by your faithful prayer support. Thank you.

In His Grip,
Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [September 24, 2008]

"What god is great like our God? Thou are the God who works wonders; You have made known Your strength among the peoples" (Ps 77:13b,14) 

It is with great satisfaction and gratitude that we report that Tammy's gall bladder operation was a success! Somehow the doctors were able to circumvent her allergy to anesthesia. 

Once again our valiant daughter faced an impossible challenge while trusting in her Lord each step of the way. 

Thank you for praying, 

Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [September 21, 2008]

We received word today that our daughter Tammy is in the hospital with a severe gall bladder infection and gall stones. 

Join us in prayer!  Any surgery would be complicated due to her heart condition and allergies to medications and anesthetics. 

In His Grip, 

Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [August 25, 2008]

I just received a letter from one of the Mission Exposure Adventure participants from this last team (see 8-13-08 email).  She comments how deeply God used Guatemala in her life.  A career in missions might be in her future.!

Also, we were just notified that Cuba has given two of the three students a visa to leave the island to study at our seminary!  This is a Major Miracle!  Pray for Yuyo's visa to be granted soon.

In His grip,


  Dear Partners in Ministry, [August 13, 2008]

They "invaded" our home from Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China and from the USA. Fourteen young folk, intensely keen on missions, are with us to experience our Missions Exposure Adventure. Pray for the Holy Spirit's movement in the lives of:

Celia Anderson  -  Karen Chen  -  Anna Chen  -  Kristi Cook   -  Bethany Cook
Rowan Gillson  -  Rebecca Hung  -  Rachel Hung  -  Luke Kallberg  -  Naomi Kallberg
Ada Leung  -  Anna Lukachick  -  Jerry Simpson  -  Julie Wood

For over a year and half we have prayed that Guatemala would extend entry visas for three Cubans in order that they might study at our seminary. A week ago we received news that our request was granted! Now, the same miracle must happen in Cuba. Pray that Cuba will grant permission for Yaima, Yanelis and Yuyo to travel to Guatemala. The king's heart continues to be in Jehovah's hand.

Manolo Padilla has had a significant recovery from open heart surgery! When word swept the hospital that he was to be released from hospital care, medical personnel lined up to say goodbye. You may write to Mildred and Manolo at the following address: 

Mildred and Manolo Padilla
827 Meadowrue Rd.
Russellville, Arkansas 72802

Tammy's operation to eradicate her tumor with radiation went well. Full results will be known 6 months from now. She is overwhelmed with the many who prayed. Thank you.

Continue to pray for Ann's mother, Marjorie, as she struggles with the effects of Alzheimer's

As always we share our victories with you, and ultimately we'll place them at Jesus' feet. 

In His Grip,

Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [June 23, 2008]

Update on Manolo's surgery:   [See June 20 letter if this is news to you.]

Manolo's operation lasted 3.5 hours.  Six bypasses later the surgeon team pronounced that "everything went just fine."

One part of his heart is damaged, but the family was assured that there was enough of the "good part" for him to live a normal life.

The hospital personnel were very intrigued with this man who received dozens and dozens of calls and visitors from far places.   As doctors and nurses moved in and out of his room, all heard the Gospel story.

Pray for full restoration and for the funds to cover the bills (no insurance).....

Thank you for being on the front lines for the Savior. Prayer is truly where the action is; we on the field just do the follow-up. 

It was miraculous how the Lord provided one of the best heart hospitals in the West for Manolo. I have spoken to him daily and he is in excellent spirits. 

Friday Mildred became an American citizen... Manolo then was able to say that he was now married to a Gringa!   [Note: female version of the Spanish slang word: 'Gringo']

In His Grip,

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [June 20, 2008]

My trip to Cuba was filled with significant activity for His Kingdom. Thank you for praying. Entrance was more interesting than usual; three officials questioned me for over an hour before finally allowing me to enter their country. Our Heavenly Father stills holds the king's heart in His hand! (Prov. 21:2) 

The crack of the bat hitting the hard bal confirmed that I wasn't dreaming. I truly was a spectator to a semi-professional baseball game in the soutskirts of Havana, Cuba. The dusty field, ragtag uniforms, and antiquated equipment could not hide the expertise in which these young men raced around the bases and handled bat, ball, and glove.

What really caught my interest, however, was the action on the sidelines and in the stands. Players from the Green Angel team, not active on the field, were chatting with spectators and members of the opposite team about Jesus! Yuyo Bermudez, 29year-old captain and pitcher, organized the Green Angels as Cuba's only evangelical baseball team. They travel the island setting up games, especially in towns where no Christian witness is present. Scores have come to Christ over the years. Now Yuyo and his wif want to formally prepare for ministry at GBS.

Pray that Guatemala's immigration service will extend entry permits to Yuyo, his wife Yanellis, and the sangle gals, Yaima and Hildita. A year has gone by waiting for this visa.

Two nights ago, around midnight, Manolo Padilla (my spiritual son, soul buddy, and colleague in ministry of 28 years) had a severe heart attack. He is presently receiving care at the Heart Hospital of Arkansas. Next Monday afternoon, June 23, he will have open heart surgery and multiple bypasses. Mildred and Manolo are in the States for their "swearing in" as American citizens. They had just completed a ministry swing throughout the South where dozens of Hispanics came to Christ and many believers were strengthened in their faith. 

Also, Tammy's condition has stabilized after recieving a pacemaker for her heart (there's already has one in her stomach). The tumor, which is located close to her brain stem and a main artery, will be treated with radiation. Tammy says that her Heavenly Father is more precious to her every day. 

Pray for a miraculous healing from above for Manolo and Tammy. 

We count on your intercession before His Throne! 

In His Grip, 


Phone Tampa and it rings in Guatemala:  (813) 600-3635 - Give us a call!

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [June 9, 2008]

Life truly is a "box of chocolates" in which the Lord revels in manifesting His awesome power and grace. Here are a number prayer and praise considerations for you to take before the Throne of Grace. 

Our daughter Tammy continues to struggle with the quirky body the Lord has granted her. Tammy's husband Sean wrote this morning:

"Tammy is currently in the Neurointensive Care Unit at UVA Hospital (University Hospital of Virginia). The emergency room doctor told us that Tammy has a 2 x 2.5 cm mass in the medial temporal area of her brain that was putting pressure on the upper portion of her brain stem. The UVA doctors are trying to figure out a diagnostic path due to Tammy's allergies to contrast dye and their not being able to use a MRI due to her gastric pacemaker." 

Tammy is a most courageous person. She said recently that all of her "troubles" crowd her to the Savior. 

Ann's mother, Marjorie, is adjusting to her new life in Guatemala. We praise Him that none of our fears came to pass regarding her move and resettlement. Pray for our efforts (funds, workers) to build for her a comfortable dwelling on our property in Guatemala. She is a dear saint and deserves the very best during her golden years. 

Forty years and counting! Last Friday, June 6, Ann and I celebrated 40 years of marriage and the same number of years serving our Lord through CAM International in Guatemala, and of late, also Cuba. Praise Him with us for His mercy, protection, provision and His liberation of miraculous power to save and disciple many over the years. 

This coming Thursday, June 12 - 16, I leave for the Pearl of the Caribbean, the Island that is but 90 miles from Key West, USA. Pray for a trouble-free entry and the wisdom to accomplish His purposes. The Lord is working behind the scenes in this troubled part of the world. 

Did you hear the shouts of gratitude from the GBS student body? The news flashed through campus that Ann, their beloved prof, is returning to the classroom! She will be teaching during third trimester: The Life of Christ, Introduction to Biblical Languages, and Bible Exegesis. Praise Him with us. 

A "theologian of old" once said: "Life is like a box of chocolates" (meaning that in life you never know what you're gonna get.) For the believer, however, the contents of the box of chocolates is filtered first through the hands of the Savior! 

In His Grip, 

Bob, for Ann also 

P.S. Late word:  Tammy was able to have a CT scan with contrast dye at 4:00 p.m. today after having been pre-medicated 5 times more than the first time when she had an allergic reaction. 

The test did show a mass/tumor about one inch in diameter in her left temporal lobe. It is not an aneurysm, but it is a mass. The Radiology specialist will not have a full report for at least 24 hours. The Neurosurgery team is waiting to determine what the next step is going to be.

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [April 12, 2008]

Fidel Castro steps down as president of Cuba - Raul, his brother, takes the lead. 

    These were the headlines that went around the world.... But the following were the headlines that resounded throughout Heaven! 

    A Cuban friend emailed me yesterday with fantastic news. On April 16 - Resurrection Sunday - the Cuban Southern Baptist church, along with other like-minded Evangelical denominations, began a prayer movement asking the Lord that by 2010 a million Cubans will claim to be born-again believers (approx. 500,000 today).  Join us to this end. 

    Tomorrow I travel to Cuba to teach at the National Evangelical Seminary (April 13 - 23). What a privilege I have to play a part in the discipleship process of these highly motivated students. The Lord is lifting up a cadre of "soldiers of the cross" who will ensure the on-going vigor of the Lord's movement in Cuba and throughout the Hispanic world. 

    Pray for Holy Spirit empowering and for protection and funding ($1,500.00 airfare, lodging and supplies). Before every trip to Cuba I purchase for Seminary personnel and students: bath soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, spices for food preparation, clothing and medicine -- basics of life that are impossible to find or just too costly to acquire locally. 

    The past 9 months have been extremely stressful for us. Two of Ann's siblings died and then her beloved aunt, who was like a second mother,  passed on to Glory. Ann had accepted being the executor of her will. All of this, plus taking care of her mother who has Alzheimer's! As of this writing Ann has been away from Guatemala for 6 months. On April 30 she will return to Guatemala with her mother. There are two caregivers prepared to extend to Marjorie, Ann's mother, 24-hour care. We are in the process of building a house for her on our property. Thank you for praying. 

    Other prayer concerns…. Teresa will have foot surgery on Thursday, April 17. Also, Tammy has shared that severe headaches have returned. 

    Thank you for taking us to the Throne of Grace! 

            In His Grip, 

            Bob, for Ann also

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [Christmas, 2007]

In the space of four months the Lord called to Heaven Ann's brother Lee and sister Lynn. Please pray for their children left behind, especially for Daniel, Lee's son, who is suffering from severe depression.

We were privileged to go to Cuba three times for ministry at the National Evangelical Seminary in Havana. Bob's next trip will be January 6-16, 2008. Pray for Spirit-filled teaching and the finances to cover travel and lodging.

Our teaching and administrative responsibilities at the Guatemala Bible Seminary were filled with great satisfaction. Ann was able to leave the Academic Dean's office in great shape and in able hands. Classes for the new school year start on January 22nd. Pray on!

Two Mission Exposure Adventures, in June & July, challenged the hearts of many young people. Already plans are in the works for three more this coming year.

Ann's mother, Marjorie, will be traveling to Guatemala in February, 2008 to live with us. Pray for Ann who will be caring for her in Tampa until the time of departure. We are asking the Lord for wisdom concerning her house.

Our children, Tim, Tammy, Teresa, and Trudy (along with their spouses) are walking close to the Lord. They have blessed us with eight grandchildren.

Thank you for YOUR faithful prayers throughout the year. We couldn't have done it without you.

Our wish to you, fellow pilgrim and partner in ministry, is that

the wonder of His birth,

the example of His life,

and the purpose of His death,

fill your heart with joy and reverence

at this blessed holiday season.

In His Grip,

Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [November 3, 2007]

Do you ever get overwhelmed with the Lord's loving attention to our desires for the advancement of His kingdom -- even in the tough times of life?

Recently, Ann and I have witnessed this divine phenomenon.

Lee's memorial service was a God-filled event. Many came to give honor to a life given over to Him. Lee's children are receiving solid Christian counseling and loving relatives have surrounded them with care.

Cuba, as usual, was amazing.

We felt the prayers of many as we were nudged, without hindrance, through immigration and customs.

In typical fashion, the students at the National Evangelical Seminary devoured the studies in Hebrew and English languages.

I walked the streets of Havana in awe that the Lord would give us the privilege of sharing the Gospel story in this needy land.

Thank you for your part in making this possible.

In His Grip,


  Dear Partners in Ministry, [October 19, 2007]

Thank you for praying for Ann's brother Lee.

For two weeks now he has been unconscious (under sedation) and the doctors give little hope of recovery. They have counseled Holly, Lee's 21 year-old daughter (legal guardian), to sign the papers in order to turn off the life-support apparatus. Tomorrow, Friday, October 19 at 10:00 a.m., this will occur. You can imagine the incredibly difficult decision this has been. No medical insurance had been acquired.

Also, Ann's 93 year-old aunt had a fall and was hospitalized for three days, and her mother, Marjorie, continues to be quite disoriented.

Ann covets your prayers for emotional and spiritual healing for her family.

On the other hand, I leave on Sunday with colleague, Wayne Berger, for a teaching ministry in Cuba. Afterwards I join Ann in Tampa to arrange for her mother to live with us in Guatemala.

We covet your prayers.

In His grip,


  Dear Partners in Ministry, [October 2, 2007]

We have received word that Lee, Ann's brother, is not receiving enough oxygen and his prognosis doesn't look good. Partial kidney malfunction and heart problems complicate his recovery.

Thank you for taking this beloved servant before the Throne of Grace.

In His Grip,   Bob

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [September 23, 2007]

For the past four days Ann's brother, Lee Watson (age 57), has been in the Intensive Care Unit of St. Joseph's Hospital, Tampa, FL.

Lee profoundly loves the Lord and his joy in life is introducing the unsaved to the Savior.

Presently he is breathing through a ventilator. The prognosis is uncertain as he also struggles with a congestive heart, diabetes and a possible kidney malfunction.

Pray for his two children, Daniel and Holly. Especially pray for Marjorie, his mother; in April of this year she lost a daughter.

We are in the academic homestretch at the Guatemala Bible Seminary. On October 6, fifty graduates, ages 21 to 77, will formally move into the lifeblood of His church. Pray that they graduate well and will soon bring honor to the Lord and His body, the church. As academic dean, Ann faces two very intense weeks.

The dates October 21-27 are set aside for Cuba! Pray for personal preparation and the remaining funds needed. The Lord of the Harvest IS moving in one of the darkest parts of the world.

In His Grip,


  Dear Partners in Ministry, [August 28, 2007]

The revolution still lives on!

At least this is the official line from Cuban leadership after nearly 50 years of communist rule.

However, the story that never makes the secular headlines is the spiritual revolution that is sweeping Cuban society. Early on in the revolution, in order to quash the growth of the evangelical church, the construction of church buildings was banned.

Wrong move.

A key Cuban evangelical leader, whom I interviewed recently, confided that this prohibition has caused the church to return to its roots -- groups of believers meeting in homes. Today the house church movement has swept the Island, especially in the mountainous areas. Some place the number of "house churches" upwards to 17,000!

I went to Cuba recently to be an encouragement. Guess what? I was the one who was thoroughly pumped up with enthusiasm -- what strength, what passion the Cuban believer displays in the midst of daunting obstacles and restraints!

Many in Cuba live in abject poverty; the average monthly wage is around $15.00. One lady told us that she could trade her tiny apartment in Havana for a roomy two-storied house in her hometown in the countryside. "But how would that help? Even if I had money, there would be hardly any food to purchase!"

Hardly any money for food also means that there is no money to purchase Bibles.

In this past year the American Bible Society teamed up with several mission groups to deliver a landmark gift to the growing church: 200,000 Bibles! It's the largest shipment in Cuba's history.

Present immigration laws deny Cuban travel to Guatemala. Pray that this injunction will be lifted so that these young people will be able to study in our seminary in Guatemala: Yaima (single gal) and Julius and Yanelis (married). After ministerial preparation they promise to return to the Island for a life of service. The Guatemala Bible Seminary provides a selection of study options not available in Cuba.

Pray that the Lord will provide $1,500 to cover our last trip to Cuba.

October 20 - 27, 2007 will mark the next teaching opportunity in Cuba at the National Evangelical Seminary. Pray for our preparation and the funds to cover travel, housing and transportation (approx. $1,500). Over 40 students have applied for the 2007 - 2008 NES freshmen class. Praise Him!

A qualified replacement has been found to fill Ann's responsibility at GBS as academic dean. Praise!

The two Missions Exposure Adventures of June and July yielded much promise for missionary service among the combined 54 participants. PTL! The Lord IS providing workers for His harvest.

Continue to pray for Tim, Tammy, and Teresa and their health issues. We also include Teresa because she injured her ankle several months ago and the healing includes "screws and the cutting of tendons."

Thank you for your faithfulness in taking us before the Throne of Grace. We are counting on you.

In His Grip,

Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [July 24, 2007]


Tomorrow I leave for a week (July 25 - Aug.1) of ministry to Cuba which is so replete with problems yet so full of promise for the Lord and His Kingdom.

On this occasion I will be visiting fellow colleagues in ministry and the homes of Cuban students who are keen on coming to our seminary in Guatemala. Pray that I will be a source of encouragement.

Pray that the Lord will provide the funds for this trip ($1,500).

Also, pray that the restriction against Cubans traveling to Guatemala will be lifted.

In His Grip,


  Dear Partners in Ministry, [Dated 6-1-07 - Posted July 19, 2007]

Life lessons from Ann

Saying good-bye.  I didn't really get to say good-bye! When I last saw my sister Lynn in March I never dreamed that in two weeks' time she would be gone from this earth and possibly present with the Lord. On April 19th she suffered a massive brain aneurysm and was gone from us by April 24th. The Lord allowed my brother Lee and me to organize her memorial service which was held Saturday, May 5th. I am still trying to process this loss.

Letting go.  After 14 wonderful years as professor and dean at the Guatemala Bible Seminary, it is time for me to "let go" and give my responsibilities to others. It's not easy! In the future I might return, but right now I carry in my heart wonderful memories of students who have studied in my classroom and now serve in the ministry of His church. As of this writing there is no one to take my place as dean. However, one on my students will probably take over my Greek classes. Now that's a feeling of accomplishment! My last responsibility will be on Friday, October 6, as I hand out diplomas to this year's graduates.

Changing places.  We're not getting any younger, and neither are our parents! Bob's Mom and Dad and my mother are each in need of special love and attention from their children. So, this year is one of change for them and for us!

This month Bob and his brother Joe will be helping their folks re-locate to Indiana after having lived in Florida for 50 years. This way Joe and his wife Bonnie can help and minister to their needs while Joe continues his responsibilities at Moody Bible Institute.

Also, presently we are building a nice little apartment for my mom so we can bring her to Guatemala to live with us, probably in December. My parents served as missionaries in the Amazon jungles of Peru for 35 years until the Lord called my father home to be with Him in 1981. My mother has lived in Florida since then but we don't think it wise or right for her to be alone any longer.

Looking ahead.  This is certainly proving to be a year of change and transition for us, for me especially. Although I will no longer be full-time at the Seminary, I do hope to help out occasionally in special events and possibly with the preparation of materials for the Extension Program. Also, as I keep Mother company, I look forward to more time for personal study and writing. So far, each change in my life has been a promotion. God is good!

Our horizon looks rich for serving Him.  Bob will continue with his teaching ministry at GBS. Periodic trips for discipleship and evangelism to Cuba are slated for the future (next one July 25 - August 1) and our Missions Exposure Adventures will fill our summers for years to come.

Thank you for YOUR fellowship in the Gospel throughout the years!

In His Grip,

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [July 11, 2007]

Presently we are in the wonderful throes of another Missions Exposure Adventure!
Nineteen from Oakwood Community of Tampa, FL are with us to experience the world of missions "up close."

Pray for a profound working of God's Spirit in these young lives. Take the following team members names before the Throne of Grace:

Mike - Darren
David - Steve - Zack
Garrett - Margaret - Teresa - Haley
Nancy - Breawna - Katie - Ashley
Brittany - Abbey - Sarah

Traveling Guatemalan mountain roads can be daunting at times. Pray for protection.
Pray that Ann and I will have the strength to keep up with these youngsters. :-) Ann especially needs an extra dose of stamina.

Pray that Guatemala will resume issuing visas to Cubans.

In His Grip,


  Dear Partners in Ministry, [June 13, 2007]

According to the attending doctor, Tammy's surgery was a success. Thank you for praying! The gastric pacemaker implant should go a long way in quieting the severe symptoms of gastroparesis. Pray for a strong recovery.

A powerful earthquake shook Guatemala today, U.S. seismologists said, but there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries in the Guatemala City.

Because we were traveling in vehicles, the visiting MEA team of teens and counselors did not even feel the big "shake." God is working in lives. Bless for praying.

Continue to pray for the Guatemala/Cuba immigration policies to change.

In His Grip,

Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [June 11, 2007]

It's one of those "Home Invasions" that we love to see come our way. Presently there are eighteen folks (12 teens & 6 adults) camped out in home for the Missions Exposure Adventure. They came all the way from Kansas City, KS to see and experience missions up close. Pray for God's working in lives.

Pray that Guatemala will lift the present ban on Cubans travelling to our fair country. Three students are waiting in Cuba for government permission to attend our seminary in Guatemala.

Our beloved Tammy will have stomach surgery, today June 11, to implant a pacemaker. This should help food digestion. Pray for the Lord's touch in her life.

In His Grip,

Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [April 28, 2007]

Thank you for keeping us before the Throne.

Last week, Ann's sister, Lynn, suddenly suffered several brain aneurysms which left her brain dead. This is particularly difficult for us because Lynn has been so far from the Lord for most of her life. In fact, we haven't seen much fruit to indicate she was a true believer. Pray especially for Ann's mother, Marjorie, who in her diminished mental capacity, is having a difficult time accepting the death of her youngest.

This weekend, April 27-29, Ann is the featured speaker at a women's conference in Antigua, Guatemala. Seventy ladies have gathered for a weekend of healing and spiritual refreshment. Pray for Ann as she is burdened with her loss, yet invigorated with strength from above. Next week she travels to Tampa to be with family.

This semester, I teach a new course entitled: Philosophy of Christian Music. Pray that I will be able structure this course to meet stated objectives for His Glory.

In March, our teaching trip to Cuba was another resounding success:

  • In 5 sessions, 3 hours each, our missionary colleague Wayne Berger, was able to take his Cuban students from zero knowledge of biblical Hebrew to a reading understanding of a Psalm in the original text. ...Outstanding teacher and Outstanding students.
  • Ann added another session of New Testament Greek and I led studies in Christian leadership.
  • Continue to pray that Guatemala will soon lift travel restrictions so that Cuban young people will be able to travel to prepare for ministry at our seminary.

Pray that our hearts will remain tender and obedient to the Savior.

In His Grip,

Bob and Ann

Latest Prayer Letters

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [February 4, 2007]

“Did I hear you correctly?”


“Can’t believe it!”

“The Ukraine.”

“Where is it?”

“Somewhere in Eastern Europe.”

This is how the conversation went when Ann told me the exciting news that believers in the Ukraine requested accessibility to her DVD and manual -- How to Study the Bible when only the Bible is Available. Pray that impact will be made in a country where there is one evangelical believer per 20,000 people – less than 1% of the population.

Pray for our daughter Tammy. She was diagnosed with severe gastroparesis: a form of nerve damage that affects the stomach. Food is not digested properly resulting in vomiting and nausea.

The options are few and risky:

*submit to an experimental procedure which does not guarantee even limited    success.
*drastic surgery to eliminate 75% of her stomach.
*not do anything and end up dehydrated and malnourished (feeding tube).

The same God that released her from the wheel chair years ago still has His miraculous touch.

Our time of teaching ministry in Cuba in December was meaningful and so rewarding. The National Evangelical Seminary has invited us to return every 3 months (next trip: March 18-25). Pray for preparation and funds for travel. ($1,900.00)

Three highly qualified Cuban young people desire to prepare for ministry in
Guatemala. However, because of politics a huge obstacle blocks their travel.

Pray that a recent Guatemalan law will be rescinded which prohibits the entry of Cubans into Guatemala. Providentially, this law doesn’t affect Cubans already at our seminary.

In His Grip
Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [January 30, 2007]

Dear Partner in Ministry,

The Henriques household is brimming with praise for the Lord's greatness and mercy on our behalf.

  • In November we had an unforgettable family reunion - 10 adults and 8 grandchildren (see attached photo) all under the same roof for 4 days! Truly a touch of Heaven.
  • Pray for Tammy. She was diagnosed with severe gastro paresis, a form of nerve damage that affects the stomach. Food is not digested properly resulting in vomiting and nausea. Her options are few and risky:
    • submit to an experimental procedure which does not guarantee even limited success.
    • drastic surgery to eliminate 75% of her stomach.
    • do nothing and end up dehydrated and malnourished (feeding tube).
  • A second opinion will be sought on February 2. Pray! The same God that released her from the wheel chair years ago still has His miraculous touch.
  • Our time of teaching ministry in Cuba was significant and so rewarding. The National Evangelical Seminary has invited us to return every 3 months (Next trip: March 18-25)
    Pray for preparation and funds for travel ($2,000.00)
  • Three highly qualified Cuban young people desire to prepare for ministry in our seminary in Guatemala. Pray that a recent Guatemalan law will be rescinded which prohibits the entry of Cubans into Guatemala.

Thank you for the assurance of your prayers. Your "Partnership in the Gospel" (Phil. 1:5) is highly treasured.

In His Grip,
Bob and Ann

Bob & Ann's Grandchildren

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [Late December, 2006]

“We have just landed in the United States of America. This is a FREE country and may God bless you!”

These emotionally charged words were said over the PA system by the flight attendant as our plane from Havana, Cuba landed in the Miami International Airport. Tearful response and prolonged applause rippled throughout the passenger cabin.

You have to experience life in an atheistic communist country to fully appreciate the liberties we enjoy in the USA.

We asked you to pray for our teaching modules at the National Evangelical Seminary in Havana. All of our prayer expectations were abundantly fulfilled; our thanksgiving to the Lord knows no bounds.

Ann addressed the 4th year students and faculty with the rudiments of New Testament Greek and Bob condensed into 4 days a 3-month course in Principles of Bible Study. The faculty and students were like proverbial sponges.

The seminary has invited us to return every 3 months for continued teaching.

Pray that Guatemala will lift travel restrictions presently in force that do not permit Cubans to travel to Guatemala. Three Cubans (Yaima, Yanelis, Uri) have applied to study at GBS but cannot travel because of this injunction.

On the home front, Esdras and Sinai report of 175 decisions for Christ made during vacation Bible schools and Word of Life camps. Over 2,000 young people attended. Pray for follow-up activities.

Our young disciples have taken to heart the ways of Christ. Rejoice with us.

In His Grip,
Bob and Ann

P.S. Our visits to Cuba are made with the approval of the U.S. State Department.

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [Early December, 2006]

December—what a great month to reminisce on all that God has done for us during the past year....

  • The Oncologist continues to give Ann a clean bill of health.
  • Our Mission Exposure Adventure teams were greatly impacted by the challenge of world missions.
  • We were able to fulfill successfully our teaching and administrative responsibilities at the Guatemala Bible Seminary.
  • The funding for our "adopted" students (3 Cuban, 3 Guatemalan) has been pain in full for 2006.
  • By His grace, the teaching ministry in Cuba continues to be effective.
  • Our children: Time, Tammy, Teresa, and Trudy are walking in His steps.
  • Our partners in ministry continue to be faithful in praying and giving!

The Word
became flesh...
Master became servant...

Creator became a man...
Perfection became sin
So that

Old would be new...
would be life...
Slave would be heir...

Sorrow would be joy...
... And we would be His forever.   Anonymous

Blessings on your Christmas.

May the wonder that is Christmas wrap itself tenderly around your heart revealing to you the radiant beauty of God's most precious gift—the Savior, Christ the Lord.

Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [Oct 13, 2006]

In the past few days Benjamin Sanchez has been pinching himself over and over, as he asked himself the same question: Is this really happening to me? On Saturday he will graduate from the Guatemala Bible Seminary with honors, and because of his outstanding commitment to academics and ministry, he was offered the positions of Dean of Men and auxiliary teacher. To understand his amazement you must understand his past.

Five years ago Benjamin was a drunkard, without hope and without Christ.

After a botched attempt to go as a wetback to the USA, a hazardous venture that nearly cost him his life, he turned to his "friend," the liquor bottle. This only led him to several suicide attempts and estrangement from family and friends.

Then Jesus stepped into his life and broke the chains!

Benjamin joins 25 other servant leaders who upon graduation will move into the blood stream of the Hispanic church. Pray that they will enjoy years of fruitful service.

Mildred and Manolo, our spiritual children from yesteryear, are doing what they know best: winning Hispanics for Christ in the USA through their testimony and music. They called us from Atlanta the other day bubbling with joy with the news that 19 young people and adults had made solid decisions for Christ.

What amazed me were the number of countries represented by this small group: Mexico, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Panama. Its undeniable; the Lord has brought to our back door in the USA the "mission field."

In churches and homes Mildred and Manolo "break the ice" by singing the songs of the heart from each of the countries represented by those in attendance. Then they share how close their relationship was to the brink of divorce; but then the Savior stepped in and provided salvation. Since their conversion, over 50 of their immediate family have become new creatures in Christ.

The invitation is forthrightly presented and the harvest is then reaped. Join us as we rejoice with them for victories won for the Master's sake.

Also pray with us as we trust the Lord for $3,000 for ministry materials, travel, and lodging for our Cuban ministry. He WILL provide!

In His Grip,

Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [Sep 23, 2006]

Dear Partner in Ministry,

Mildred and Manolo, our spiritual children from yesteryear, are doing what they know best:
winning Hispanics for Christ in the USA through their testimony and music.

They called me from Atlanta the other day bubbling with joy with the news that 19 young people and adults had made solid decisions for Christ. What amazed me were the number of countries represented by this small group:

Mexico, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama.

It's undeniable. The Lord has brought to our back door in the USA the "mission field."

In churches and homes Mildred and Manolo "break the ice" by singing the songs of the heart from each of the countries represented by those in attendance.

Then they share how close their relationship was on the brink of divorce, but then, 22 years ago, the Saviour stepped in and provided salvation. Since then over 50 of their immediate family have become new creatures in Christ.

The invitation is forthrightly presented and the harvest is then reaped for the glory of Christ.

Rejoice with us! Pray as M&M have 3 more weeks of intense evangelistic activity in Georgia and Texas.

In His Grip,

Bob and Ann

P.S. Another cause for personal joy is that today, 46 years ago I became a believer in the Saviour!

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [Sep 18, 2006]

The enemy has given our Cuban students unusual attention these days...

Pray especially for Gabriel's spiritual walk with the Lord.

Cuba has been under the dominion of Satan for so many years that he must be furious at our attempt to prepare servant leaders for future ministry in the Island.

Pray that the Lord will provide for special financial needs that the Cuban students have. The Lord graciously provided for Sinai's expenses, however Gabriel has a $500 need.

Also, we are asking of the Lord for funds for Ann and me for year-end air travel, especially for our trip to Cuba December 1 - 8 (travel & housing). Approximately $3,500 is needed.

Join us as we bring these requests before our heavenly Father.

Now for some very, very special news!

CADE DANIEL PAYNE, 7 lb. 14 oz., was born on August 19, to our beloved daughter Teresa. Father, mother and baby (and dog, a bit jealous) are doing just fine. baby Cade Payne

Ann was able to provide assistance during a two week visit. As they say in some quarters: "ain't grandchildren the greatest!" This is number 8 for us. :-

In His eternal grip

Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [Aug 30, 2006]

On a shadow vanishing, an elderly MEA, and the “King’s heart is in the hand of the Lord….”

We had a moment of concern the other day when Ann’s mammogram indicated a suspicious shadow. Several days later her oncologist ordered extensive sonogram tests; we prayed, and would you believe that the shadow had disappeared completely!

Praise Him for continued good health.

Our Missions Exposure Adventure team of senior citizens thoroughly enjoyed seeing missions up close. Their energy level rivaled that of high school and college groups!

Pray that the Lord will use this missions experience mightily in the “golden years” of these dear saints: Gene, David, Robert, John, Marti, Janet, Merrille and Brad (24 year-old).

You have undoubtedly heard that the ailing communist leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro, now 80, has handed power temporarily to his ruthless brother, the 75 year-old Raul.

We wonder…..

Is this the beginning of the end for one of the last remaining communist dictatorships? Will firebrand, leftwing Hugo Chavez from oil-rich Venezuela try to manipulate Cuba’s future? Will the end of the Castro regime bring freedom and prosperity to this impoverished island? How long will it take for Cuban missionaries to invade Hispanic USA with the Gospel?

Several truths remain constant.

Castro will live as long as the Lord wants Him to live, “The King’s heart is in the hand of the Lord” (Prov. 21:1), and we are exhorted to pray for a “quiet and peaceful life” (1 Tim. 2:2) for the Gospel's sake.

Pray for the Cuban students who are preparing at GBS for a life of ministry in their homeland: Gabriel, Sinai and Hosanna.

In His Grip,
Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [July 11, 2006]

     The last sentence of the student's e-mail grabbed our hearts. "Thank you for the impact that Guatemala had in my life."

     This sums up what the Lord accomplished in the lives of the young people from Grace Baptist, Sarasota, FL. Eternity will tell the full story. Thank you for praying for the Lord's movement in hearts - His protection - His attention to details.

     Another encouraging word came from a Missions Exposure Adventure team that was with us during the summer of 2001. A leader writes....

     Curt will begin a master's degree at Trinity Evangelical Divinity Seminary in the fall. He is still committed to long-term missions work. Presently he is leading a team on a two-month missions trip to western China, in a predominately Muslim area.

     Britt will graduate with an elementary education degree in a year. He is interested in missions work and is in Turkey right now. He is in a serious relationship with a gal who is also interested in missions.

     Jessica graduated from Oklahoma State U. in May. She is going to Angola on a 3-month medical missions trip with SIM and is contemplating a medical missions career.

     Tammy, after graduation from college, married a fine young man and got a job as a high school vocal music teacher.

     Ginny also married and is working as a secretary at the Pregnancy Crisis Center.

     Brandi graduated with a degree in Family Sciences and wants to be a professional counselor.

     Austin is planning to attend seminary with his young wife.

     Michael has another year of college and is working at a Christian camp.

     Gretchen has been married for 18 months to a fine believer who is in real estate.

     Greg graduated with a degree in criminal justice and wants to be a worship leader.

     Daniel, Andy, and David are struggling with important issues in life. They need prayer and love.

     You have joined hands with us to motivate young people for Christ and the advancement of His kingdom around the world! Thank you.

     Two weeks ago great news came from Cuba:  the Seminary of the Americas in Havana has invited Ann to teach New Testament Greek to the student body. The first session starts December 1-8. Pray for spiritual preparation and travel funds

In His Grip,
Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [May 29, 2006]

Have you ever tasted the meat of the Santoni bird?

You probably have never heard of this critter, much less consumed it for food.

Ask this same question to a Campa Indian, a primitive inhabitant of the Peruvian jungle, and undoubtedly a gleam will appear in his eye and a dribble will flow from an overflowing salivary gland. This exotic, plump, quail-size bird is a highly sought after culinary delicacy for the Indians of the Amazon basin.

However, there is one hitch.

The Santoni bird makes its nest on the sides of cliffs that are impossible to scale with out special equipment. The Campas circumvent this problem by implementing teamwork. One brave soul volunteers to be lowered within reach of the Santoni nests. Obviously, the key to his success is his own bravery and the effort of the stalwart men who sustain the rope.

Baskets are filled and upon return to the campsite ALL the participants join in the feast.

Thirty-eight years ago, Ann and I were “lowered” into Central America to win the lost and strengthen the church. Throughout all this time the Lord has given us a profoundly committed support team that has “sustained the rope.” Thank you.

Ann and I are especially burdened for the tremendous need of career missionaries. The harvest is ready—laborers are few. Presently we have 47 CAM missionaries on the Guatemala Field.

The average age of our colleagues is 61!

Pray that the Lord will mightily use our Missions Exposure Adventures to challenge the younger generation for missionary service.

June 2 – 12 Grace Baptist, Sarasota, FL,
August 18-28 Word of Grace Church, Mesa, AZ.

And remember, ALL the participants in His ministry will join in the feast!

In His Grip,
Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [May 16, 2006]

On June 2 our first Missions Exposure Adventure group (Grace Baptist of Sarasota, FL) comes to experience missions "up close." Many of these young people have never left the shores of the United States.

Whisper the following names before the Throne of Grace. Pray that they may become "world" Christians--a world of over 6 billion people, of which 9 out of every 10 are lost and outside of personal faith in Jesus.

 Joel (leader)  Moriah (leader)
 Jerry  Kylene (leader)
 Jarred  Renee (leader)
 Brandon  Nicoll
 Daniel  Alisha
 Nick  Ashley
 Morgan  Amanda
 Christy  Lisa

Pray for Holy Spirit filled teaching in our ministry at the Guatemala Bible Seminary.
  Ann: Elementary Greek, Advanced Greek
  Bob: Christian Ethics, English

Two of our children face health issues:
has a stomach problem that has links to the pancreas.
is in her 7th month of pregnancy and still struggles with extreme nausea.

In His Grip,

Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [March 28, 2006]

What do you do when your lot in life is a quirky body that is continuously presenting you with health challenges?

Daisy Velasquez, one of the finest students ever to grace the halls of our seminary, has struggled with health issues since early childhood. Last week she had to return home because of a cancerous growth in her thyroid gland. An operation is not possible because she is allergic to anesthesia. Pray for His miraculous touch.

Within 48 hours of sending my email, friends of God and His missionary enterprise promised the funds to cover Hosanna and Pilo's room, board and tuition needs for the entire 2006 school year. Did you hear the Hallelujahs ripple from Guatemala to Cuba and back?!?!

I wish you could have heard the testimonies of the 14 Wheaton College students who received lodging in our home. Eternity will tell of the deep work of the Holy Spirit in their lives in terms of missions.

Is it possible to study the Bible without outside help from commentaries and other helps? Absolutely.

For the past several weeks, Ann has invested many hours in video recording and editing tagged for distribution in Cuba and the Hispanic world in general. She adapted my manual for Inductive Bible Study and accommodated the material into six 30-minute VHS tapes/DVDs for use among those with limited library resources. Rejoice with us and pray for long-range impact for His glory.

Here's another item of concern for your prayer time.

"Evangelical house-church leaders in Cuba fear that new regulations restricting religious meetings in private homes could severely curtail their ability to meet for worship.

Services that have not been authorized are banned, while anyone organizing approved services must submit details to the authorities --- including signed approval from the owners of the meeting place, days and times when services are held, and the number of worshippers. The full name and place of the residence of the pastor and details of his theological education must also be given.

Churches of a given denomination must be more than two kilometers apart. Foreigners cannot attend house churches in mountainous area, and need specific permission to attend churches elsewhere. Violations will lead to the church being closed and both the leader and the foreigner being heavily fined."

The next time you freely congregate with others for public worship, praise Him for your liberty. Pray for the evangelical cause in Cuba.

In His Grip,

Bob, for Ann also

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [February 12, 2006]

Here's a story that will warm your heart.

Years ago, Ann's parents ministered among the Shapibo Indians, a stone age Amazonian tribe in the Peruvian jungles. Recently, an Indian from this tribe, who is a strong believer in Jesus, received a doctorate from Stanford University in California. His goal is to run for the Peruvian presidency in 4 years!

It's amazing the potential that Jesus' disciples can have in society -- their ethnicity notwithstanding!

PRAISE the Lord along with us for the following:

  • GBS's 2006 school has started on a very positive note.
  • The Columbian students, who had great difficulty in acquiring permission to enter Guatemala, were finally granted visas. Praise Him.
  • The Lord has helped Rafael Vargas, our new director, fit gracefully and capably into his new role as director of GBS.
  • Funds were received to give our Cuban students a "jump start" in covering their re-entry fees for 2006.
  • Mildred & Manolo, our spiritual children of yesteryear, report that last week 23 businessmen made professions of faith in Christ at the close of one of their sacred music concerts.
  • Ann is serving with ease and energy a full slate as Academic Dean and prof (1st & 2nd year Greek, Book of Acts). The oncologist has given her a clean bill of health!
  • The Lord gave us 2 precious new grandchildren (Tim and Trudy) and another one is on the way (Teresa)! Attached is a picture of Trudy's baby. Smile along with us....

Join us in PRAYER for the following:

  • Can I share a burden with you? The majority of the married students at GBS face huge struggles to cover the basics in life. I am thinking particularly of Hosanna and Pilo, young servants who are aiming for a lifetime of ministry together in Cuba. A generous gift was received to cover a computer and some furniture. However, funds for daily food are scarce. Imagine! With only $300 monthly they can cover rent, tuition, books, food, medical and transportation. Pray for His daily provision.
  • GBS needs additional professors. Pray for qualified personnel.
  • Pray that as teachers we may live godly lives before our students.

In His Grip,

Bob, for Ann also

Abigail Grace Reinhold - Born 11-20-05 to Eric & Trudy, 5 lbs 15 oz

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [October 4, 2005]

On making s’mores, flooding waters and graduation jitters….

The other evening we treated our Cuban students to that old time American favorite – s’mores. Would you believe that they had never, ever seen a marshmallow before!

In the midst of the shouts of laughter, giggles, sticky marshmallows and gooey Hershey chocolate bars, we realized that this also was an important aspect of the informal discipleship that we enjoy most weekends with Gabriel, Sinai and Hosanna.

From the outset we asked you to pray that these future leaders of the Cuban church “grow in the knowledge of our Lord.” (2 Peter 3:15) Since April of last year we have witnessed profound changes in many aspects of their lives. You prayed; the Lord answered. Thank you.

Hosanna will marry a Guatemalan seminary student on October 7. They plan to continue their ministerial training and then go on to Cuba as missionaries. Pray for a marriage that will glorify the Lord and enhance future ministry.

Sinai (alias Scott) and Gabriel are delightful young men who are making top grades and are keen in putting God first. Pray for funds for their Christmas return to Cuba ($800 still lacking).

It rained and rained and then rained some more. Today our beloved Guatemala is hurting.

Flooding and mudslides triggered by Hurricane Stan smashed throughout Guatemala earlier this week. The rains swelled normally slow rivers into thundering, brown torrents that swept away bridges, houses, roads and trees across the region. Dozens of fishing villages on Guatemala’s Pacific coast were cut off by flooding, and deadly mudslides.

The death toll from 5 days of storms is more than 200 and still counting…. 1,000 are reported missing. Pray for the Lord’s mercy. May His Name be glorified through it all.

On October 8, the graduation march will soon vibrate throughout the GBS campus. Forty-three graduates representing 5 countries will move quickly into the bloodstream of His church throughout Central America and beyond. This is marvelous in His sight.

We counted on your prayers and you pulled through! Thank you.

In His Grip,

Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [August 9, 2005]

We feel dead tired, yet totally exhilarated in what the Lord is accomplishing in hearts through our Missions Exposure Adventure program.

Yesterday, the last team of the season has arrived --- all 18 of them. They hail from Webster Bible Church, Webster, New York. Pray for God's deep work as the missionary challenge is presented.

Whisper before the Throne of Grace the following names:

Mark   Jessica   Tim   Chris   Andy   Josiah   Amanda   Joey   Lizzy   Kyle   Caiti   Kim   Jenny
Adult Sponsors: Gina, Keith, Dan, Allison, Jay

Hosanna, our Cuban "daughter", is facing serious issues in her life. Pray that her passion will be Jesus and His work in Cuba.

Sinai (Scott) Albareda will return to Cuba at the end of this school year (Oct.) for a time with family and church. Pray for the Lord's provision ($1,000) for his air ticket and the documentation needed for his return to Guatemala in January, 2006.

On behalf of all whose lives will be transformed during these days, thank you.

In His Grip,

Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [Sunday, June 12, 2005]

What a great ethnic mix the Lord used in Antigua to proclaim His Gospel Saturday afternoon!

Seminary students from Panama, El Salvador, Belize, Guatemala, Cuba paired off with 17 teens from Wichita, Kansas. And then you joined the battle in praying!

At least eight professions of faith were registered..... Thank you for praying.

In His Grip,


  Dear Partners in Ministry, [May 28, 2005]

Ann's recovery from cancer remains strong, enough to pull her through a full day of teaching. She keeps a strict diet and doesn't miss her periodic blood and chest exams. Praise Him!

Pray as we prepare for the first Missions Exposure Adventure of the season from Wichita, KS (June 9-20).

Mildred & Manolo are facing a particularly harsh attack from the enemy. Pray that spiritual resources will be used to remain firm in Him.

Here's something that would make even Fidel Castro smile: Sinai Albareda, a Cuban student studying at GBS, made the high honor roll in his first semester (95 average). PTL!

I gave Esteban Pommier (second year at Moody Bible) my spot on the team that will be ministering in Cuba May 27 - June 3. Pray for Holy Spirit fullness.

Let's remain faithful,

Bob, for Ann also

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [April 28, 2005]

Cuba was awesome! Cuban believers can't seem to get enough of Bible exposition!

A newly founded seminary (Colegio de las Americas) invited me to speak to faculty and students on the Biblical requirements for leadership (1 Tim. 3, Titus 1). We went on for 5 hours straight. They then insisted that I return for two additional days -- each with a session going on for 5 hours!

Twenty-five pastors and wives were waiting for me at the Cristo Rey Church where in four hours we managed to travel in Bible survey from Gen. 1:1 to Rev. 22:6.

The evenings were full. I dined in the homes of believers and participated in home church meetings afterwards.

By the way, the brethren graciously provided me with transportation for the duration in a 1953 Chevy Belair. I was chauffeured for the duration in a romantic relic of the past.

It was a hoot! I loved every moment of it -- no matter that the exhaust fumes seeped through the floor boards or that the tired Chevy engine could barely carry us up the hills in Havana. In fact, several times we had to roll back to the bottom of the incline and gather sufficient speed to make it over the top!

Meanwhile in Guatemala, great things for God were happening. Our spiritual son, Esdras, was invited to be a translator for a 75 member medical caravan from the USA. Word of Life sponsored this outreach into Eastern Guatemala.

Get this! Over 2,000 patients were served in a week's time and 638 firm decisions for Christ were recorded. Pastors of local churches are presently doing follow-up. Esdras is floating with excitement.

And here's a huge answer to prayer. Gabriel Tagle, the third Cuban student to be accepted by our seminary, has finally received the go-ahead from the Cuban government to travel to Guatemala for ministerial preparation. We expect his arrival any day now.

Pray for the $150 needed to cover his monthly expenses and $1,000.00 for travel and documentation.
One further note. After fine-tuning our Internet service, the (813) 600-3635 phone number based in Tampa, is in optimum form. If we are not available when you call, leave a message; we'll get back to you. Guatemala is 2 hours earlier than Eastern Standard Time.

These victories for the Lord are shared with you. Thank you for praying and giving.

In His Grip,


  Dear Partners in Ministry, [March 18, 2005]

Today at 3:00 p.m. I fly to Cuba for my third ministry trip....

Pray for Holy Spirit fullness....

Great news! The Lord provided the balance due on Ann's medical bills from an unexpected source. PTL!

In His Grip,


  Dear Partners in Ministry, [February 13, 2005 - Sunday]

There are moments in life that are true milestones. Thursday was such a day.

Seven months have gone by since Ann discovered a highly cancerous tumor in her breast. Since that moment-- which we described as a "vast chasm yawning before us, a huge black hole" -- the Lord has proved over and over that He truly is our Shepherd.

The chemotherapy was devastating, yet the radiation surprisingly void of side effects.

Ann celebrated the last radiation treatment by giving each of the doctors and technicians a New Testament, accompanied with a hug and a word of written testimony.

She ends this phase in her battle with cancer with great energy level, and a trim 114 pound figure. She has resumed her full work load as prof and academic dean.

Now, we wait and pray as she adheres to a strict diet and periodic mammograms. Pray with us that all the "bad guys" have been destroyed.

One added blessing: all but $2,600.00 of the bills have been covered! Pray for His continued provision.

Rejoice with us! The Lord is our Shepherd.

Also, we now have a new telephone number (based in Tampa, Florida):

(813) 600-3635

This number has a magical twist to it. When the connection is made, you are talking to us in Guatemala! You only have to pay the call from your location to Tampa! Don't ask me how this works, just chalk it up to marvels of our technological age.

So now there is NO excuse..... : - )

In His Grip,

Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [January 8, 2005 - Saturday]

Have you ever heard of a Linear Accelerator?

It is a special machine that uses microwave technology (similar to that used for radar) to accelerate electrons in the form of a laser beam that kills cancerous cells in the body.

Every weekday at 2:15 p.m., Ann has a "date" with this apparatus: she reclines on a moveable treatment couch, the accelerator rotates into position and within 5 minutes the radiation is applied.

Pray that the 6 weeks of this therapy will have its desired effect. Thus far, no side effects have been noted!

Activity at our Seminary has started for the 2005 school year. Pray that the Holy Spirit will have full sway among faculty and students.

Just yesterday we heard that Sinai Albareda's final document was signed by the official that "releases" Cuban citizens to travel abroad. Humanely speaking, this type of permission is excruciatingly difficult to obtain, but then there is the God factor...... :-)  [also see Nov. 25, 2004, Dec. 10, 2003, and Apr. 4, 2003 emails below for more on Cuba]

Pray that funds will be provided to help us with his schooling and personal expenses. Sinai has such promise for God in his home country. He comes to Guatemala next Monday.

In His Grip,

Bob, for Ann also

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [December 24, 2004 - Christmas Eve]

Did you know that for 30 years the celebration of Christmas was outlawed in Cuba?

Celebrating Christmas in Cuba was officially banned in 1969 -- no trees, no lights, no nativity scenes, no church gatherings, no parties. The holiday was again made legal after Pope John II's visit to the island in 1998.

This Christmas will be a most memorable one for 208 Cubans who made professions of faith in Jesus during our recent evangelistic thrust. They will celebrate with the Lord of the manger living in their hearts!

Because you prayed, these dear folk will have the best Christmas ever! Thank you.

Our team from Christ community (Tampa, FL) also reached out to 40 pastors and wives with spiritual enrichment. My theme for a two-day seminar was Christian Ethics -- an intriguing and intimidating subject in a land where the opposite is the daily norm.

As Ann and I contemplate the rich spiritual legacy that 2004 has left us, we lift our heart in profound gratitude:

  • to the Saviour, whose presence and provision gleamed brighter than the grim darkness that at times swirled around us....
  • to our support team whose words of encouragement, persistent prayer and financial assistance enabled us to function successfully as missionaries in a foreign land.

We counted on you and you pulled through for us.

On Dec. 27 Ann begins her 6 week radiation treatment. She is at 70% energy level as she tries to pull out of the chemo. Ann constantly amazes me at her unshakeable confidence in our great God in spite of a weakened body. Continue to pray.

Thank you.

In His eternal grip,

Bob, for Ann also

  Partners in Ministry, [November 25, 2004 - Thanksgiving Day]

CUBA       [also see December 10, 2003 and April 4, 2003 emails below for more on Cuba]

What comes to your mind when you think of Cuba?

  • A tropical island paradise 90 miles south of Key West.....
  • A Land of salsa music and much-coveted cigars....
  • A treasure-trove of highly skilled baseball players....
  • Over 4 decades of communist-ruled society...
  • A dictator who has out-lived 9 USA presidents...
  • The target of a 40 year USA embargo....

Add one more thought:  A nation where the Holy Spirit is actively building the church of Christ!

On Saturday, December 4, I will be privileged to join 20 believers from Christ Community Church,Tampa, FL for a week of ministry in Cuba. The State Department has given special permission.

I will be preaching in several churches and leading a seminar for several dozen pastors and wives. Pray for a Spirit-filled witness.

The Jesus film will be shown throughout the week. Pray for the salvation of many.

Although a subsidy has been graciously provided, $900 is still lacking to cover my travel and related expenses. Pray for His provision.

While I am gone, Ann will have her last chemotherapy session. Pray for patience and strength. She has insisted that I take advantage of this unique opportunity to minister in Cuba. I have arranged that 3 ladies be by her side 24 hours a day during my absence.

Your co-laborers in His Vineyard,

Bob, for Ann also

  Greetings to you, our Partner in Ministry, [October 23, 2004]

Partner in Ministry.

On Oct. 9, the Guatemala Bible Seminary graduated 40 servant-leaders, many of whom where "snapped up" into ministries throughout Guatemala, Central America and beyond.

Pray for years of faithful service in His Kingdom.

Ann celebrated her birthday yesterday. I gave my bride 58 white and peach roses snuggled in the midst of "baby breath." The fourth (out of six) chemo treatments seems to have a moderate aftermath. PTL!

Pray for her and for the many who come to visit who, in turn, leave comforted and challenged spiritually.

An early Christmas gift sits in our garage -- a new van which replaces the one that was stolen! Praise the Saviour with us.

Ann's radiation therapy looms ahead of us.

Pray that diseased cells will be destroyed. Also, pray for the $1,200 that our health insurance will not cover.

As in the past, He will be our Shepherd and we shall not want.

In His Grip,

Bob, for Ann also

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [August 27, 2004]

CAM International   Guatemala

            "Your van was stolen!", my friend exclaimed over the phone.

            (Extended pause...)  I waited for the punch line to kick in.  It never came.

            Yesterday, fellow colleagues borrowed our 15-passenger Toyota van. When they returned to the parking spot, it was gone.  This faithful "friend" that has transported multiple teams of young people throughout the Guatemalan mountains to experience missions now probably sits in a "chop shop" to be sold for parts.  Since this van was the Lord's from the get-go, we look to Him for a replacement.  The robbers have no idea that they are messing with God's vehicle!

            Because Ann's cancer was classified as of high malignancy, her medical team has prescribed an aggressive 18 weeks of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiation treatment.  Militating in her favor is the absence of cancer in the lymph glands.

            "Clear the decks of normal activity," ordered the surgeon.  "All your concentration and energy should be focused on the battle of your life."  From one day to another, Ann stepped down from her duties as academic dean and professor of biblical languages.  Her doctoral studies were also set aside.

            A poignant moment for both of us was when I got into the car to go to the seminary -- without her.

Over the years we have ALWAYS shared ministry together.

            Already we see God's "silver lining" shining brightly.  Medical personnel have heard the Gospel story.  Ann's oncologist commented on her strong spirit and then inquired our purpose for being in Guatemala.  Then he remarked:  "You are acquainted with a Physician that knows far more than I about this disease."

            Ann's first encounter with chemotherapy has left her extremely weak and without much appetite.  When she can't even muster the strength to read her beloved books, I know that energy levels are at an all time low.

            Tammy's catheterization found an area on her heart that was racing at 130 beats per minute.  After this spot was "zapped," her heart returned to normal!  Thank you for praying

            In the midst of the twist and turns of our lives, God's work continues forward.  As we move into our golden years of missionary service, we are more and more convinced that our efforts should be concentrated on discipling the next generation.  Place the enclosed card on your refrigerator door and pray for these young people for whom Ann and I provide 100% scholarships.  [Note: Write or email Bob & Ann for their card at the address below if you are not on their mailing list.]

            Esdras Polanco is 18 years old who has lived with us since age 3 under the care of his mother (our house-keeper).  His dream is to become a pastor/evangelist.  In January, he'll be a student at our seminary.

          Jenny Polanco is 12 years old and also lives with us (Esdras' cousin).  She has a 95% average in her studies and maintains a strong testimony for Christ with her classmates.  She also desires to serve the Lord.

          Hosanna Tagle is 20 years old and is our first Cuban student preparing for full-time ministry at GBS.  CUBA FOR CHRIST is her profound aspiration.

          Esteban Pommier is a 21 years old Bolivian in his second year at Moody Bible. He is a lover of God and a natural leader.  He made the honor roll in his first semester of study!  A ministry in Christian commu-nications is in his future.

In His Loving Grip,

Bob,  for the both of us

Mail Courier Service:  GRO 26, P.O. Box 526150, Miami, FL 33152-6150


  Dear Partners in Ministry, [August 11, 2004]

Thank you for praying for Ann. Next Monday she starts chemotherapy that will extend for 18 weeks and then 16 weeks of radiation treatment. Because the classification of the tumor was of high malignancy, these treatments must be aggressive.

There is an additional item for which to pray. We have to pay up front before insurance will pay back. Pray for a medical loan to help with this.

Also, out of pocket for co-pay (20%) will be $4,600. As He has throughout our 36 years in Central America: YHWH-jireh (Gen. 22:18).

Our daughter, Tammy, will have a catheterization on August 25 to determine why her heart has not been functioning properly.

We feel the strength of your caring over the miles.

In His Loving Grip,

Bob, for the both of us

Note - Update from Bob on 8/13/04 regarding medical loan:  "Yes, bright and early CAM extended a loan to cover the chemo treatments. PTL!  Now, we are praying for the out-of-pocket expenses.  Blessings, Bob"

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [July 23, 2004]

Ann's oncologist reports that lab results indicate that her lymph glands have no trace of cancer!

He repeated several times that this is most significant. It is very possible that the cancer did not have time to move from the tumor to other parts of the body.

We are cautiously rejoicing. Thank you for praying.

In His Loving Grip,
Bob, for the both of us

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [July 20, 2004]

On Friday, July 16, we received the disquieting news that the initial pathology report had NOT been accurate. [See previous two letters below.]

Traces of cancer cells were present.

Ann's surgeon commented that in one in a thousand cases the initial report contradicts the final one. She falls into this minuscule margin.

On Saturday, a second operation was made to determine to what degree this disease has advanced. This coming Wednesday or Thursday we will be advised of lab results.

Pray for wisdom that we will know how to proceed from this point.

Although we have medical insurance, we are looking at approximately $7,000.00 out of pocket for the balance of the year. Pray that our heavenly Father will provide.

Friday, we felt like a vast chasm yawned before us, a huge black hole -- breathtakingly impossible to cross. Then this morning. a dear believer from Cuba emailed us Psalm 61:2-4

"I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I. For you have been my refuge, a strong tower against the foe."

We are forever grateful that you have joined us in our pilgrimage, even if it involves an emotional roller coaster.

Your emails and letters help us keep a smile and our heads up high. Thank you.

In His Loving Grip,
Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [July 15, 2004]

Did you hear the profound sigh of relief and shout of gratitude emanate all the way from Guatemala?

Ann and I are profoundly grateful to report that the pathological assessment regarding Ann's tumor was negative. A final report will be made on Monday which is not expected to contradict the initial evaluation.

Once again it was brought to mind that as believers we suffer not alone, but in community. Through the magic of email thousands participated in this miracle.

Thank you for praying, and for the many encouraging phone calls & emails.

Ann plans to continue next week her doctoral module and on July 23 twenty four believers from Cleburne, TX join us for our Missions Exposure Adventure.

Life and ministry continue on -- stronger than ever. Thank you Lord.

In His Loving Grip,
Bob and Ann

  Our beloved friends and colleagues, [July 13, 2004]

Over the years we have reached out to you for prayer support and strength.

This is one of those times.

Two days ago the oncologist confirmed an initial diagnosis of last week's mammogram that Ann has a tumorous mass in her left breast.

Thursday morning (6:30 a.m. July 15) surgery will be performed in Guatemala. A pathologist will be present to determine whether this tumor is benign or cancerous.

Of late, our emotions have been hovering close to the surface. Ann remains strong.

Psalm 31:14-15 has been a pillar of support for her:
  " But I trust in you, O Lord: I say, "you are my times are in your hands."

In His eternal grip,
Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [May 26, 2004]

Word from Asheville, N.C. is that Teresa's two-hour surgical procedure to remove a fibroid mass from her uterus was a success! Praise Him! Pray for her 4 week recuperation period.

Now, the attention of the Angels "on high" switches to another Henriques daughter in Virginia.

Today, May 26, specialists will use a catheter directed into Tammy's heart to determine why she is suffering from arrhythmia.

Your prayers have lessened our burden. Thank you friend.

In His Grip,
Bob and Ann

[Latest news on Tammy's condition as of 7/21/04]

Tammy's heart problem continues to be a concern. She feels very tired all the time. Medication has helped in the
heart beat but not completely.


  Dear Partners in Ministry, [May 25, 2004]

Today at noon our daughter Teresa will have surgery for a large fibroid mass in her uterus.

Also, we received word that daughter Tammy's heart beat has become erratic and extremely rapid (120-130 at rest). Because medication hasn't been able to stabilizethe situation, a heart catheter will have to be implanted.

Bless you for praying.

In His Grip,
Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [April 10, 2004]

Vignettes from the field…

1#  My heart jumped to my throat when the assailant disclosed the pistol tucked under his shirt. The incredulous was happening: I was the target of an armed robbery.

As I entered my van in downtown Guatemala City, a man accosted me and ordered me to scoot over and keep quiet. I did everything contrary to his demands. As I threw myself on him, I yelled with such vigor that the patrons in a nearby store emptied into to street to see what all the ruckus was about. Intimidated with the scrutiny of others, the thug and his cohort quickly disappeared into the traffic. Praise Him for protection. Under His wings….

2#  White beans, rice, 3 slices of tomato, a glass of Kool Aid -- far from gourmet fare, but in Heaven's eyes a banquet crafted in love. I was in Havana, Cuba having supper in the home of Rev. Fermin Tagle.

During the meal, Hosanna, his 20 year-old daughter, peppered me with questions about our seminary in Guatemala. Could it be that God wanted her to prepare for ministry in our school? What about the funds for such a venture since her dad receives only $11.00 in monthly salary? Permission to leave Cuba is only granted to a select few. After 4 months of tortuous yet successful legal proceedings coupled with the Lord's ample provision, Hosanna is finally with us. Pray that others will join us in providing for the cost of her education and personal needs. The fields are white unto harvest but…

3#  One of the most unsettling and troubling scenarios for a missionary is to have a chronically ill child far away in the home country, separated from the personal care and attention of parents. For many years we faced this with our daughter Tammy.

Today we rejoice because a new doctor has been able to diagnose the medical condition that has debilitated her health over the years (complex migraines with neurological involvement producing stroke-like symptoms on the left side of her body: trouble speaking, heaviness in walking and constant seizures). A combination of special diet, medication and physical therapy has restored her to 95% good health. Thank you for praying. The prayers of a just man….

We truly appreciate your participation in God's work. Thank you for joining with us as we continue to build servant leaders for the Latin American church. We consider God and you, our faithful supporters and prayer warriors, the real heroes responsible for our continuing ministry in Guatemala.

In His Grip,
Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [March 21, 2004]

Thank the Lord for the protection Bob received recently when he was the target armed robbery (foiled attempt!). [See April 10 prayer letter for details!]

  • After 10 weeks of legal procedures, GBS's first Cuban student, Hosanna Tagle, was finally granted a Guatemalan visa! Pray now that the Cuban government will grant her permission to leave the island, and that others will join us in covering expenses during her time of study at GBS.

  • Our Bolivian "adopted son", Esteban Pommier, reports of many blessings during his first semester of studies at Moody Bible. He revels in Gods daily provision, excellent grades and spiritual encouragement.

  • The Lord provided a new doctor who was able to accurately diagnose the medical condition that has debilitated our daughter's health over the years. Tammy' is now at 95% good health.

  • Our housekeeper, Blanca Odilia, is a walking miracle! She has returned to her daily responsibilities without adverse consequences of the bacterial meningitis.

  • Pray that Ann will have wisdom as she juggles Seminary duties along with her doctoral studies. She received 96% on her first major assignment. : - )

  • We need a significant time of rest. Any suggestions?
In His Grip,
Bob and Ann

  Dear Partners in Ministry, [December 10, 2003]


I have been "off line" of late because I have been in Cuba for evangelism with the Jesus film! Cuba was a life-changing experience for me.

Imagine living in a place where the system has you under scrutiny 24-hours a day. There is no private enterprise or privately owned land or buildings. Everything belongs to the State.

The average wage is $11.00 per month which, in purchasing power, only lasts for the first eleven days of the month! If you have the money you can purchase from the State per person per month: 5 lbs. of rice, 6 lbs of sugar, 1/2 bar of soap (every 3 months), 2 teaspoons of Cooking Oil, etc.

In spite of all of this the Cuban church is full of vitality and growing. During the short time we were there 200 made decisions for Christ. And for two days I held Bible seminars for 25 pastors and their wives; they were like proverbial sponges....

In Quiebra Hacha, a town one hour southeast of Habana, the communist cell block leader had been won to Christ by the local pastor. When this cell leader found out that the Jesus Film was to be shown within the confines of the church's tiny building, he insisted that it be projected in the main plaza (in the shadow of the Catholic church). According to the local believers this was a major miracle; a public showing of the evangelical message was unheard of. Practically the whole town came out to see the life of Christ.

You would have loved being with us.

Praise for Answered Prayer

Tammy called us today with good news. She reports that she is up and around -- even driving her kids to school. She stopped taking all the medications, and once her body purified her system she was on the mend. Thank you for praying; please continue. (See prayer request in October 8,2003 letter below for background.)

May you all have a blessed Christmas.

In Immanuel's Name,

Dear Partners in Ministry,    [October 8, 2003]

Our colleague Dan Anderson has returned to Guatemala! The Lord miraculously guided medical personnel to determine the reason for the massive hemorrhaging.

The whole seminary student body gathered at the school's entrance and greeted him in true Guatemalan fashion: firecrackers, hugs & tears of joy. Dan is loved.

On October 4 the Seminary graduated 30 young men and women primed for a life of serving Jesus in full-time ministry. Rejoice with us.

On the other hand, we received word that our daughter Tammy has had a severe relapse with her childhood syndrome; the original neurological symptoms have appeared once again.

Sean, Tammy's husband, writes: "I cannot tell you anything else other than the doctors have exhausted every medical test many times over and still have not a single ounce of clinical evidence to explain Tammy's malady."

Ann is presently by her side. Thank you for praying.

In His Grip,
Bob & Ann

[September 8, 2003]   Dear Partner in Ministry,  

National Elections -- "A festival of civic duty, a pacific celebration of democracy..."
    Sounds good doesn't it? Yet, that's not quite the reality in our beloved Guatemala. Since 1986 when a military dictatorship yielded power to a democratically elected government, Guatemala has enjoyed relative peace. However, old habits are hard to break. Election year is upon us again and the closer we get to November 9th the more contentious and threatening life becomes.

Pray for a "quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence." 1 Tim. 2:2

Missions Exposure Adventures...
    This summer the Lord sent us three teams of 53 quality people, young and older, who expressed keen interest in their walk with Christ and His Great Commission. We challenge them by "opening windows" into a world white with a ready harvest. One older gentleman expressed it this way: "Why didn't I hear and see these things 50 years ago?

Pray that the Lord will seal in hearts His good work!

Weakened and Battered....
    For the past year our local church has struggled with unresolved conflicts among several families. The cause of many of these conflicts was our pastor who, through carnal attitudes, slowly disqualified himself from spiritual leadership. Recently he, along with the worship leader, resigned from their positions. Several families followed suit, leaving behind a wearied congregation that struggles to continue on.

Pray for healing and spiritual restoration. We now are searching for new leadership.

A Flip-Flop on the Missions Scene...
    Guatemala is rapidly changing from being a receiving country of missionaries to being a sending one. There are now 14 missions agencies in Guatemala that have sent 101 Guatemalan missionaries throughout the world. One of the main targets has been the Muslim world!

Pray for Esteban Pommier, a 21-year old Bolivian whose dad is a prof at our seminary. We want to see this outstanding young man prepared for missionary service, perhaps as a student at Moody Bible Institute.

Academic Excellence....
    Who says that a grandmother can't continue to strive for academic excellence and receive a higher degree? Ann has been accepted as a PhD. candidate at the Central American Theological Seminary in Guatemala City.

Pray for academic discipline and the $9,000 tab.

In His Grip,
Bob & Ann

Bob and Ann Henriques
CAM International Guatemala
April 4, 2003

Here's a conundrum:

What does the faculty at the Guatemala Bible Seminary have to do with evangelical pastors in Castro's Cuba?

You say you want a hint?

98% of hundreds of Cuban ministers never have had a day of formal training in Bible exposition and Church Administration.

Give up? Here's the fantastic answer.

Colleagues in Cuba have begged us to provide VHS recordings of our seminary courses for the edification of the Cuban pastoral community. Since VHS players are a treasured commodity in this poverty-stricken country ($8 - $15 average monthly salary), friends in the USA have provided VHS players and TV sets that have been scattered throughout the Cuban evangelical community.

Recently, in the state-of-the-art audio/video recording studio at GBS, faculty members recorded seminary courses in abbreviated form for the edification of the ministerial community in Cuba. Master copies are already on their way to Cuba for their reproduction and distribution.

As the world's attention is riveted in the horrors of the Iraqi war, don't forget that God's program in other parts the world is still on time and moving forward.

As you pray and support us, you nudge forward the Great Commission.

Thank you. We are counting on you.

In His Grip,
Bob and Ann