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Ann was born October 22, 1946 of missionaries parents in Lima, Peru, South America. For 40 years her parents served with the South American Indian Mission deep in the Amazon Jungle reaching the Campa Indian tribe for Christ. In the early 1940"s the Campa Indian was a savage warlike tribe. When Ann's parents, Bert and Marjorie Watson retired four decades later, a flourishing Campa church, Bible Institute and medical clinic provided a continuing Gospel light throughout the Peruvian amazonian jungle.

The first pastor of the Campa Evangelical Church was the witch doctor of the Campa tribe whom the Watsons won to Christ. This man, who was once the leader of spiritual darkness of his tribe, was converted to be a herald of Christ.

At the early age of 5 years, Ann gave her heart to Christ on her mother's knee. As soon as she was able her parents involved her in the work among the Indians: Sunday school teacher (age 10), medical clinic and related activities. She learned to speak Spanish and the Campa dialect. Her musical talents include: voice, accordion, piano and organ.
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Ann's new book on Greek Grammar of the Bible, written in Spanish, is available at in Kindle and paperback formats.

Bob was born in New York City on August 1, 1946 of Roman Catholic Hispanic parents (father Portuguese and mother Porto Rican). At the age of 8 years old he moved with his parents to Florida where he came to know Christ at the age of 15 and then led his brother to the Lord about a year later. Bob speaks Spanish and Portuguese. His musical talents Include coral directing, voice and accordion. Bob and Ann met at Columbia Bible College and Seminary - both earned B.A. and M.A. - and were married June 6, 1968. During college days both ministered In Spanish ministries and in their last year of ministerial preparation they applied to CAM International to serve in Central America. By December 1968, Bob and Ann were in Costa Rica for a brush-up on the Spanish language and then moved to Panama in the spring of 1969 for two and a half years of service in church planting and evangelism among juvenile delinquents. In October of 1972 they moved to Guatemala where they are presently serving in various ministries.

Bob and Ann are working with SETECA, the theological university begun by CAM in Guatemala City for the preparation of men and women for ministry throughout the Hispanic world. There are presently graduates of SETECA serving the Lord in Central America, Mexico, USA and other countries. [ Note:  CAM is now known as:  Camino Global ]

Periodically throughout the year they host and coordinate Mission Exposure Adventures for visiting USA teams of young people and adults who wish to be exposed to and participate in missions. Throughout the years many have had their lives "turned on" to what God is doing overseas.

In their years of service Bob and Ann have had the privilege of serving in the following areas of missionary activity: church planting, evangelism (open air, high school, children), administration of missionary radio, production of Christian literature, Christian education at the Central American Theological Seminary and Guatemala Bible Institute, seminary teaching and ministry in Cuba, and missions exposure programs for visiting groups from the USA.

Bob and Ann have four married children and eight grandchildren.

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